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  1. is it just me or does anyone else think this scenario would make an awesome "that one time" recall for freeman to have during an episode.
  2. Ross is always complaining about delays in production and all the things he has to juggle while producing an episode, more so when they dont work properly. do you really want to delay episodes further by adding an extra step or two to the proccess and possibly more issues for him to deal with? I also think without some benefit production/quality wise and overwhelming support/demand Ross is unlikely to consider this as a serious option for Freemans Mind or Civil Protection.
  3. 20 degrees cooler/20% cooler. People are ridiculous. I'm a huge fan of the show and even I didn't even think of that. People need to chill out/ I see what you did there. I don't know how people can jump from degrees to percents. a degrees sign is just a percent sign without the slash and second circle. jokes aside i dont know how they made that connection either. really shows how many youtube viewers of FM dont read this site becasue Ross has stated before he isnt a pony fan.
  4. this has been discussed in other threads before and i believe someone did put together either 1 complete(at the time) or multiple several episode videos into a torrent. dont know what ever happened with it though. i also still have the project of one i was doing but am unsure if it would even be possible for me to do considering how finicky adobe premiere elements 8 gets with long/large videos.
  5. (normal voice)wait you dont mean the guy who told me to go to the surface and get help and ended up sending me into that (shouting)hell hole maze of cut corners, cheap materials, incompitent handling of (pause)everything and blatent waste of goverment money black mesa dared to call a functioning research facility do you? (breathes for a second. normal voice)granted i did eventually get out, but still its his fault i had to go through all that in the first place.
  6. Freeman actually said "but it lets you keep your teeth" reffering to the fact that methamphetamine addicts are often toothless or have very worn away and rotted teeth.
  7. i think hes asking if the audio in freemans mind is in 5.1 surround sound or standard stereo sound. then making suggestions for a 5.1 audio mix, specifically putting different parts of the dialogue in different channels in the mix and adding in bass channel effects for certain things like the lasers low frequency hum.
  8. the only reason i go to machinimas channel and come to think of it even know it exists is for/because of freemands mind.
  9. Right, there was no April Fool's Day episode last year, maybe there won't be one this year either. But if there will be one, I dont think he will just speak in another voice again, like in 27. unless he has another random idea like last years double feature or is really good at keeping work on a CP episode secret it seems likely this years April fools video(s) will be a FM one.
  10. 10.5 was his first FM april fools episode where freeman dies falling from a ladder, coincidentaly the scene featured as his new intro for episode 40. it was episode 27 where he talked like a pirate. since Ross already did an april fools episode of him using an alternate voice i doubt he will do it again as he seems to like to be original with his april fools ideas rather than repeat something hes done in the past.
  11. i found one for freemans mind and one for CP not sure how upto date they are though. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=768 viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1015
  12. i think what the OP was getting at was that there was a progress bar for ep 40 up that he hadnt seen during his previous visit, then posted this topic about it in excitiment.
  13. if you get a thing called vistacodecs you can play MKV and alot of other files in WMP that you normally cant.
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