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  1. Mind series are more about whats going and how 'normal' people react so simply having 2 people talking could work, I'm a guy though, so trying this for me :\
  2. You have no idea how little time and effort it takes to make a Steam account specifically for hacking one game for 10 minutes do you? Hackers will do this, I guarantee it. You miss the point that steam can track this easily if you decide to do it through the same computer, maybe read the whole thing?
  3. You make a steam account, not a tf2 account so if they have ANY other games that they've bought, its unlikely they'll be spamming steam accounts to get back onto servers seeing as it is supremely obviously when you do that with steam.
  4. Likely because the purchase of new TF2 copies had slowed down enough that Valve decided it was time allow everyone to play it for free with some limits till they purchased in the Mann Co. Store thus increase profit from [email protected] by way of micro-trans.
  5. I'm personally a C&D person, just hiding out, waiting, watching.
  6. I love Engie because there is so much you can do.
  7. I'd bet its a woman and that its the/an Administrator.
  8. A) Unexpected. B)Much Rage is going to happen.
  9. It's too late for that! Haters every where! Listen to my call! The dark lies of Epsilon have shrouded your vision long enough! Join us in our crusade against the forces of evil and eternal night! . And with the great and powerful J.C. on our side, victory is assured! I'll join the Green Lan.... Wait a second, Oh you.
  10. ???? Anyways, Doomshepherd, we shouldn't go outside because there is a possibility something bad will happen? We shouldn't make firends with strangers because they could be criminals? Everything we do is a risk, stopping us from doing everything is very unnecessary. What happened, happened. Nonetheless humans can't live without sport because we are humans. All we are given in this life is freedom, sport disasters like that one will take freedom from some people away, banning sports will take freedom from everybody away. Do you really want to take everybody's freedom away so that everybody has guaranteed security? Guaranteed security in which they can't do shit because that is the safest way to stay alive? What is living if you can't have freedom? Living isn't security my friend. I believe security should go only as far as when the actions we do directly harm another person mentally. So if I punch you its ok? Also Soccer and Rugby have riot issues -.-
  11. Yes but, if Axeldeath played I would have to mic spam ponies just for him. And get Muted day 1.
  12. Fail troll, seeing as A) Valve told us they weren't showing anything at E3, B) it would be the biggest news at E3. FYI Common sense is a must for good trolls. Edit: Fix typo
  13. Did you know that those who appear to be really strong..really are the most sensitive? Did you know that those who spend all their time protecting others...sometimes really need someone to protect them? Did you know that three of the hardest things to say are: I love you, I'm Sorry & Help me.. ♥ Put this status if you agree!
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