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  1. Hey Ross, recently I've seen some exoskeletons in development for VR that would translate full body motion into VR as well as provide force feedback when holding virtual objects or contacting virtual surfaces. They achieve this by suspending the exoskeleton in the air by a frame which allows the user to run, sit, etc without hitting anything in the real world. These exoskeletons would allow you to literally walk around in and touch worlds of any scale. Do you think this would solve all motion sickness problems? Would you get one if they ever become commercially available? P.S. I'm sorry that I haven't made any progress on your mouse, I've been busy. But hopefully one day.
  2. Okay Ross, I reworked the clay model, and I think I have a concept here that you're going to like. I made the whole mouse about a 1/4 inch longer and I curved the whole thing. This should place in into the "gradual slope" category. Hell yeah. Also I removed the ring/pinkie platforms and made them into scallops instead. This allows the right side grip points to be along side the fingers instead of behind them. What this also does is place the hand into a very natural resting position, as if just chilling on a tabletop. Another thing that changed is that the thumb control area was cut off and slid back a little into a better place. It was too far forward before. Overall I think the contour is very comfortable and hopefully closer to what you had in mind. Here are some pictures.
  3. Honestly I think it is pretty comfortable, but I'm pretty bias because the shaping was based off the R.A.T that I have been using for 5 years. It fits very well into my hand and feels pretty natural. I agree however that the ring and pinkie fingers could probably be less wrapped into the mouse, but this was done so that the thumb and pinkie form the "grip points" for finer movements (the movements done more with the fingers than the wrist). So, when I get the chance I'll smooth out the side arch and pull out the ring/pinkie sections. The pinkie will most likely still have a little wrap though, to maintain the grip point. Also, from your image I have assumed that you prefer to have the majority of your palm resting on the mouse, is this correct?
  4. Yeah, it is difficult to make something that would feel nice and ergonomic in hand without being able to actually hold it. So! I tried again, this time with clay, and I hope this design may be closer to what you are looking for. Also it turns out that our hands are almost the exact same size, so that was helpful. Anyway, here it is: Side w/ hand Bottom w/ hand Top w/ hand Front Side Top w/ size comparison The button layout is pretty similar to the last model I posted, however, the thumb spade has turned into a paddle button on the thumb rest, and the ring and pinky buttons are on their consecutive rests as well. And the ring finger also has an additional button behind it.
  5. Hey Ross, I have made a crude 3D model of a concept I thought of. I made it in Solidworks and unfortunately I am relatively inexperienced with this program, however, I think the rendering serves its purpose well enough as a visual aid. Behold! The uh.. Paw! And my proposed button layout: All fingers including the thumb have their own spade button. The things not drawn here may include: -More Buttons crammed in elsewhere (perhaps around the thumb spade or between finger spades) -LEDS, such as DPI indicator lights -Uh, other things Also, as a side note, if you download one of the images and re-size it on your monitor until it is roughly 5.5 inches in length, you can approximate the real world size of the mouse.
  6. Hey Ross, I can fabricate a custom mouse for you, given enough time of course. And by fabricate a custom mouse, I mean I would create a custom housing for already existing mouse circuitry, this circuitry being salvaged from a mouse of your choice, then I would create the housing and relocate buttons as needed or even add buttons (if you would like mirrors of buttons that already exist). So if this proposal interests you, we would need to discuss a few things, such as measurements (as Glyph mentioned) as well as your preference of material for the housing along with ideal button number/placement. And perhaps anything aesthetic you may want. I do not own nor have access to a 3D printer, so the housing would be made using traditional hand sculpting/carving, perhaps out of wood. And touching on money for a brief moment, you would only need to pay for shipping and the cost of the donor mouse. Only after you receive it of course. And then for the timescale, "you'll get it when it's done", I'm sure you understand how that works out. And that's all really. Uh. Bye.
  7. There was once three tomatoes in Mexican-held territory which was located around the border of new new microwave. They planned a mission for invading Earth, suddenly a pirate starship, piloted by Captain Figunaye, appeared in the twisted transistor. "Photon cannons, ready?" Asked the captain, "Affirmative, cannons charged", said the spork. "Fire at Will!". A big explosion and an implosion never happened, it was a lie. The mysterious starship "Destroyeetyall" was approaching fast from the planet of the mint mouth washers- Tomatojoe's dream ended. Pissed off, he slapped some dude into face because he was yelling "Medic! Medic! MEDIC!!!" But medic never went to Detroit. He was on a plane to Okinawa and he had no time or money for meeting Henry Ford because he needed anything but a bad-ass animated crowbar by animated I mean alive
  8. Banned for listening to the voices and disobeying them because they told you to disobey them.
  9. I am very skilled with my hands. (don't think about it too much) I work with flash and have a photographic memory. I suck at spelling (but, always manage to look at the list a few minutes before the test and memorize it. ) Skills: welding (like 4 hours experience) math (I guess it is a skill) ninja reflexes (I'm srs,bro.) (I don't know why I made a "skill" list to only put three things.)
  10. Convert to PNG. (PNG is lossless, but compressed) Unless you're talking about animations... yes animations
  11. I work with Flash. I might post gifs(?) later. wow, converting SWF to Gif looks terrible.
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