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  1. Rock Paper Shotgun mentioned this article today, which talks about the recent contract issues with Machinima. If Ross is in a similar situation, it does sound quite bad.
  2. I'm sure we've still got those pitchforks lying around somewhere... Let's just hope Machinima doesn't do anything stupid. I hate to ask, but will you be finishing the downloadable versions of FM 43 and 44 soon or are those lower priority now? I can only feel happy if my FM collection is complete, you see... Anyway, I hope you'll have an enjoyable holiday and here's hoping that there's still much to come in 2013.
  3. Yes! The first T-Shirts have been sold! The empire will grow! In the end, we'll have T-Shirts for every single quote. Even one for Particle Bat! "I spotted the Particle Bat in ep. 37. I KNOW I'M NOT CRAZY!"
  4. Yeap, pretty much. Ketchup solves everything. +1 to that. Though I'm not sure if I'd eat headcrab, even with ketchup.
  5. I got into the bad habit of waiting until a downloadable copy becomes available before I watch the actual episode... so I still haven't watched this episode. The waiting has almost driven me mad to the point of going 'if it's on the internet, and it hasn't been updated in a month, it must be dead." Now, there are two ways of solving that problem: one is for me not to be stupid and just watch the dam episode. The other would be... well, I'll just hope for a bit longer.
  6. I was wondering why the poll was so overly enthusiastic but there were only ~5 people on the forums. I thought this might happen... 6 people is less than I was expecting though, I was thinking maybe 20-30. Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! (And if you decide to come to Amsterdam, at least one internet person will attend. Maybe. Maybe not : P.)
  7. Nope, that would be this. My foreigner brain was in doubt for a moment as to what you were actually referring to, but fortunately the video is not NSFW in that way.
  8. And after that patient for Ross to upload it here. My collection needs to be complete. : D
  9. I don't even have a catapult... and I can't jump that far, never learned to properly bunnyhop. Have fun though, wonder what kind of cult you're talking about. We going to conquer the world? Cause I'm in for that.
  10. Oh dear... it seems now that we are unable to use our pitchforks against Machinima some of us have taken them to the Farms! Don't worry Otto, most of us still just really appreciate all your hard work. Even if you're on vacation. Or have a life. Or any of the other possible reasons that it isn't all instantly finished.
  11. Why not have Freeman desire a Pan Galactic Gargleblaster? Or feel like having his brains smashed out with a large gold brick wrapped in a slice of lemon? To answer the OPs question: I predict a few guns, marines, a dam, helicopters, observational comedy, and awesomeness. Just a guess, gut feeling I suppose. Oh, And its 6X7=42. *COUGHS VERY LOUDLY* (because he doesn't know the onomatopoeia for that in English) My dear sir, have you ever read Douglas Adams? You know, the chap (deliberate, fake Britishness) that actually WROTE the novels? BEFORE the film was ever released (the film, in fact, was finished after his untimely death)? Did you presume a lack of mathematical ability on my part? I could go on, but since you impressed me with your accurate description of the Pan Galactic Gargleblaster, I won't. I suggest you double-check your mathematical skills as far as life, the universe and everything are concerned, though. In entirely unrelated forumings, still looking forward to the actual episode, confident in Ross' skill, and hoping that HE has, in fact, read the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. I still feel a non-obvious reference would be best (because that'll make me feel very good about myself).
  12. There seems to be a misunderstanding here... Mr. Scott of course has permission to go off-topic. Since there are multiple Scotts (and perhaps Scots) here, that can lead to confusion. I propose we give anyone that either has 'Scott' in their name OR wears a kilt on at least one occasion every two years the right to go off-topic. To avoid any non-Scottish off-topicness, that is. That should at least keep the WORST puns away. Unless they're on-topic bad puns. But there's not much you can do to keep bad puns away from the internet.
  13. Dr. Derpy Hooves Ph.D? Dr. Derpy Hooves Ph.D?! DR. DERPY HOOVES PH.D?!!?! Mr. Username, this choice of username over Username is a disappointment. I refuse to call you DDHPHD. But it's too late now, isn't it? I mean, I can hardly go around calling you 'username' now... people will think me mad! I think it's going to be Dr. Bubbles for you until I can think of something better. But don't you think that I'll even TRY to remember your new username, of which even the acronym is longer than most names.
  14. (...)I should stop roaming forums when I'm tired" And apologies.
  15. Yeah, that's the sentiment with most of my friends, unfortunately... I don't think that's true, it's more of a difference in how the game's built: Terraria's finished at some point, when you've beaten most bosses and got the best gear, while Minecraft lends itself better to playing forever and ever and ever... : P. That's why I never liked the latter, actually. On topic, since none of my friends wants to play it, is there anyone here that plays Terraria? It's just not really any fun by myself...
  16. I'm with Discord on this one... hoping for a not-too-obvious reference, a 'don't panic' or something involving 'question', 'answer' or 'meaning'. Something involving digital watches, fishbowls or 6 times 9 would be even better, but I don't know how much Ross is into Douglas Adams.
  17. Wondering why we actually have a twitter-what-you-doin'-thread... (is that a better joke? RoXxy? I mean, I left out the punchline, so now you need to come up with it yourself. It's an interactive joke, you see? Interactive=better, no? No? ...I will continue these jokes until... I don't know. *grumbles to self and reminds self that should not be roaming forums past midnight because it generally ends badly*)
  18. Now it makes more sense to me, even though sense is apparently not made (in general). I still can't believe that I'm actually surprised to discover, after years on this forum with people who I thought were all crazy psychopaths, that this place is actually full of crazy psychopaths. Very friendly and nice crazy psychopaths, mind you, which is probably the oddest part about it. How did you put it again? And then: : D Just wanted to say I completely agree (which means I'm probably completely nuts as well). We should have that second statement on the introductory page for this forum. THIS IS (Caps-lock warranting) MADNESS! : D
  19. Wondering how unoriginal it would be to say 'forum-ing around in this thread', deciding it really is a very unoriginal joke and then making it anyway because it's not as if I have anything better to do.
  20. Thanks! It was an interesting read (if somewhat subjective, as national history tends to be), and I have to admit complete ignorance of the Polish history. I'm no longer sure I want to learn Polish, though : P... how on earth can you pronounce (copy/paste) Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie w Szczebrzeszynie i Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie? When I tried learning some basic phrases in Italian when I went there on vacation I thought those were hard to pronounce...
  21. Da Fuq. (Long version: I had always thought Bronies were like Santa Claus, a nice story but it's not really true. Turns out, they are real and they live on Accursed Farms. How I did not know this is beyond me. How on earth can we have 273 pages of cartoon ponies on the forums of a machinima creator... if this is actually the longest thread on the forum I fear Accursed Farms is an even crazier place than I came to suspect in my past couple of years here. And I already knew this place consisted of people that want to blow up parts of the world, conquer it entirely or, which really is the weirdest thing, that are actually quite nice people. I'm still half expecting the internet to go "Surprise! Bronies aren't real! I can't believe you fell for that!" in a digitized, squeeky voice.) Those two first words are my contribution to this thread. EDIT: I just realised that using 'contribution' without an adjective makes the above statement completely pointless. So is this statement.
  22. I would be happy to help, but I think Kirkreng is a half German and one and a half person in total so he'd be better suited to the task... if he volunteers. If not, I would be happy to practise my German myself but it's not that great. I should be able to hold my own as long as it stays simple, though. If anyone knows a good way or place to start with Polish, I would appreciate that too. I really have to start at the beginning, though. Any simple booklets/mini-dictionaries or anything of the sort for foreigners? I'll probably search through some online bookshops...
  23. EDIT: Walls of text, Dutch, napkin is a synonym for Melon, cheese is Bad, chocolate is good. There, now it's (adjective of internet). Hi all old and new and goodbye Prohypster and others. I will try not to be such a Wall of Text posting melon in the future. Also will stay neutral in the Brony Wars until either side offers me chocolate cookies.
  24. I'm actually somewhat pleasantly surprised to see that we score over 10% on the femality scale (my spelling chequer corrects me there so the correct word is probably femaleness. Hang on, that was supposed to be ANOTHER bad joke but it apparently is...). Of course, we all know there are some... prominent members of the forums and the fair sex, but still I had expected less. Am trying to make it less, now by adding my considerable masculinity to the poll. ...and it still just counted as one vote. That's another bet my ego loses. EDIT: It seems gender is not as simple as I thought it would be here on the farms, so that may or may not invalidate my first statement. You're all forumites (gender: internet) to me anyway, except for perhaps Cake who is an enchanter.
  25. Well, it's a familiar problem, but I think most people wouldn't be offended if a foreigner made any mistakes in their language. What for me is a bigger issue is that I tend to want to correct mistakes, because I'm a real smartass : P. Now, I like to think that I'd be happy to be corrected, as that is necessary to learn any language, but I can see how continuously being corrected could be annoying. So I don't grammarnazi as often as I'd like. As for your first point, I tend to use dictionaries (online, too) but not Google Translate because it's usually unreliable to the point where it often hypercorrects people. I have had to write several presentations with classmates that just used GT... you know, when they make mistakes themselves, I can usually correct many of them or at least understand what they're trying to say and think of an easier way to say it. Not so with GT. (Und Martin, ich hatte mich entschieden nicht alle Fehler die man hier macht zu korrigieren (needed a dictionary for that word), aber weil du sagst, dass du Google Translate gebrauchst, aber trotzdem 'Was heißt du?' schreibst, wollte ich gerne sagen, dass obwohl ein Deutscher dich verstehen würde, er selbst 'Wie heißen Sie?' gesagt hätte. Entschuldigung für das Grammatiknazien : P) /Wall of text EDIT: Kirkreng, feel free to grammarnazi me in turn... I mean, I should leave the grammarnaziing of German to those who can actually speak it. But I felt compelled to do it just because of my Google Translating friends that have given me a trauma for life... (also, I think I may hold the record for the most use of the verb 'to grammarnazi' in a single post on this forum. I shouldn't be proud of that...) (Also, I will soon hold the record for longest post if I don't stop this soon)
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