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  1. Nah, everyone knows his suit doesn't have enough pockets, so he's forced to carry a few guns in his mouth. That's why he doesn't talk.... Yeah I just copyed that from the TV Tropes WMG page.
  2. I remember seeing that texture pack in that ! Also I tried it but then switched back to Shadoku's RPG when my game kept crashing (then to The 16p RPG when that stopped updating).
  3. I wonder what's Gordon's reaction to Dog going to be like.... Also has anyone seen TV Tropes's ideas on what might happen if it goes into Half-Life 2?
  4. It depends on which one was the least stupid copy protection thing (like the install limit one) but usually I go for physical copies.
  5. Well it's either day 10 (from the post date on the first post) or day 11 (from blog post) and it's still not out.... Someone needs to tell Machinima even the phrase "good things come to those who wait" only goes so far.
  6. Now that's just silly. He obviously wired his computer to his head so he can send the video straight into his brain.
  7. Has anyone seen the Atop the Forth Wall review of the Doom comic?
  8. For some reason watching that reminded me of when I used to play Bad Toys 3D at school when I couldn't be bothered to play Tron or My Teacher's an Alien.
  9. Yeah but in the end that's pretty much the point of Let's Plays... well either that or what your seeing is a pretty bad case of Sturgeon's Law... I also make them by the way.
  10. Did you know about Jame Rolf wanting to make The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie? I don't really see how it can't make it into theaters (Like he said might happen in the video in the link) since Fred: The Movie (for a lack of a good example) had no problem getting in there over here in England and that was... well I guess you had to have seen it to wonder why it was made.
  11. I can't really remember but it was either Doom, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Oregon Trail (for Windows) or Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Master System II).
  12. Awesome, I can actually use it this time!
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