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  1. So, for some reason this video chat for March has no sound for me. Anyone else having this problem? Every other game dungeon video works fine and all other YouTube videos are working, but I can't get the sound to work on this one. Okay, check that, for some reason your video chats don't have sound for me, all your game dungeon and other videos work fine but the March, February and January chat vids don't have sound.
  2. I actually started playing Union City because of this episode of GD. It's pretty cool so far, nothing like walking around in a hazmat suit killing zombies. I did have to go ahead and sign up for their site, just so I could save my games. Nice work, Ross.
  3. There's anticipation, then there's over 4 years and not even being half way through the game. The first episode of Freeman's Mind was 2 months after episode 2 was released, which is slower, Valve time or Ross time?
  4. maybe the 1% should all pack up and take their wealth to another country, that will show em. The 99%s don't want them here anyway, let's see how long all these social programs last when there aren't anymore rich people to tax. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
  5. Nice work Ross. He should have jumped then sued Black Mesa, though.
  6. It's been at least 2 weeks. The mystery episode was done before episode 34 was uploaded by Machinima.
  7. I also noticed Ross was kinda quiet at the start and got more vocal the longer the conversation went. I don't know if Ross had ever talked to them before or not, I guess that would have an impact.
  8. Listening to it now. They tend to talk over Ross a lot.
  9. I constantly see people posting this url on Youtube after every episode release because you always have morons commenting on the next episode taking 3 months or something. Don't think they ever pay attention to it, though.
  10. Superb episode Ross. Can't wait to see what you've cooked up for the mystery episode.
  11. I hate Machinima. There is no reason other than them holding onto the episodes to not release them right when Ross sends them in. Pisses me off, having episodes done and having to wait for earlier ones to be uploaded. We won't see the mystery episode until the middle of June they way Machinima is going.
  12. So, what's it been, almost a week for episode 34 now? I hate machinima.
  13. Isn't there a part of the Shephard game where he watches Freeman get captured and put in the trash compactor? Ross is nearing that part of the game.
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