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  1. If Ross wanted to create his own channel to host his videos he would have done it already. Just have a little patience, the wait between finishing and uploading is small compared to the creation of a full episode anyway. He also gets more views under machinima.
  2. I've always imagined that everything was thought, even if it sounded like it was being said out loud.
  3. Anyone else like me just prefer the classic look of things?
  4. NOPE.jpg A few years? Remind me again, how long of people been smoking pot? I'm all for legalising good ol' marijuana. The drugs war has completely failed and it's pretty much healthier than alcohol and tobacco.
  5. Should be sent to machinima in the next 24 hours, time to get excited.
  6. "Screw this I'm just gonna ram it. It won't accomplish anything but it should derail the train and that'll look cool."
  7. Yeah, I'm gonna miss his full on insanity for awhile until he remembers again but the Amnesia was a clever idea. I think it's because I'm used to his crazy jokes and humour whilst he is popping bullets into soldiers and aliens, it never gets old.
  8. Try updating your browser. I see, worked with internet explorer.
  9. Wait, where does it say 34 is done? To me 34 only has dialogue, filming and editing 1.
  10. I like the series how it is. I like that even though he is hostile to the USMC, he can go around, crack jokes and think funny stuff. Even though the place is overrun by aliens and the scientists tell him he's got to be the hero, freeman just wants to get out and the length of time doesn't really phase him, he entertains himself. Its funny how in a time of chaos, he just walks around black mesa like he owns the place.
  11. A lot. I've grown an habit of falling asleep listening to stuff through my earphones. It started off with music then it moved on to other things. Then, freemans mind came along. I usually just jam my earphones in and go to number one in the playlist... seriously, it keeps me entertained every night, I'm not complaining.
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