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  1. Well im james and im also a pretty super person so therefore super james was the prefect name for me.
  2. Itll be back eventually. I think they are just fixing the sever problems. Edit: scratch that its back now!
  3. I love it! most likely the best video game series to be ever released!
  4. You have to lunch it off the website but I think the severs are down anyway.
  5. Indeed i plan to upgrade eventually
  6. Holy shit fire and sword is coming out in 4 days! this is the best week ever!
  7. Creaming soda all day, every day
  8. Mine is "Mah Boi xzr" i play xbox occasionally and mainly just play reach and red red redemption
  9. Well it is what this forum is about right.
  10. That is true but alot of people give them credit for games that they didn't actually make. Me included for the longest time.
  11. Ok well one of the best. Its really great considering its free also.
  12. In no particular order Valve Oddworld Inhabitants Trpwire Dice TaleWorld Also pardox is a publisher, just saying.
  13. Im pretty sure that g-man is actually a inter-dimensional drug dealer when you think about it. It would explane why he sold xen cyristal(meth) to black messa!
  14. Am I the only one that was disappointed with this one? I though it would be the best thing since cat leashes but it ended up just being really long and unfunny.
  15. Im replaying abe's exoddus at the moment. Its hard as balls trying to save every modoken!
  16. Minecraft is pretty good but some people really have hyped it way to much. I haven't played it since it went beta but I will probably start to play it again when it gets finished.
  17. Im really looking forward to Space Marine, Red Orc 2 and mount and blade warband. I also have alot of games in the mite be getting pile. Also while u buys a talking about fallout its Fallout: NV>Fallout 3. Also played fallout 2 and love it but I cant really compare it to the new ones because it is such a different game.
  18. Here is something a mate of mine predicted, I think its pretty accurate. Gabe descends onto the stage in a black latex suit from a crane Lights go out Whispers and hushes in the crowed Gabe says "We have a surprise for you... It involves a familiar friend" Gman's voice says "Mr Freeman... It really has been too long" Drums start to play faster and faster with flashing lights A large 3 appears on the screen Everyone goes wild with anticipation Gabe shouts "ARE YOU READY E3!?!?" Everyone screams in excitment "OUT NOW... ON STEAM... AS WE SPEAK IS...." "Three new half-life themed hats for TF2" Valve is shut down the next day.
  19. Most likely the shitty machinma I made about 3 years about that was about a halo grunt. I would post a link but shits embarrassing.
  20. My pc is piss poor at the moment i've got 3gb of DDR2 ram, a shitty celeron E1600 processer over clocked at 2.1GHz and ive got a Radeon HD 5450 graphics card. Ill upgrade as soon as I stop being lazy and get a job.
  21. Well this is the most interesting thing going on in the world right now. What do you guys think oh the situation going down in the middle east.
  22. Probably the best game ever made to be honest. Its pretty much minecraft meets battlefeild, heaps of fun. Here is a image explaing every thing about it Also here is the link to the site http://ace-spades.com/
  23. This is me, as you can see Im very sexy and cool.
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