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  1. Correct me on this if I'm wrong. You mean the stuff he says after he says "That was awsome." Before he says "Woah. Radiation. Dead bodies. No." I think I might know if that is what your talking about.
  2. I really liked it. That would be frustrating, if it was reality, if every door led to the same room. My probably favorite part was when he was yelling at the bullsquids and the ending after the credits. Keep on going at your pace for now and don't tire yourself out. Keep up with the great work!
  3. Well, He used the magnum in the new one, episode 37. I guess that ends the questioning of when he will use it.
  4. Woah.....a little creepy there....XD I agree with that. For a person that hasn't played the game at all, I find the setting completely fine and the way Gordon responds adds to the experience of watching it and no knowing what's next. I also really like that he goes back to some of his jokes, like when he starts talking about Heather from Biology; I find that really amusing for lack of better word.
  5. I thought it was really good, it was a mellower sort of one but it also gave me that nostalgia sort of feeling again from the first one. He still finds that having a gun solves problems(I chuckled at the part where he said that having a gun would solve the problem of being lost 'cause if he found someone, he'd make them tell him if they didn't) and that nothing can stop him except for locked doors. Great job Ross!
  6. Actually, I think that Machinima was just having a sort of slow period. They seem to be putting out the videos faster than before and thier really isn't that much of a delay anymore between them. Like for example, 36 is already up and I definitely wasn't expecting that today.
  7. Oh good. I thought my computer was being wierd on me. I guess he hasn't had the time to update the chart.
  8. Make sure you don't shot gun the explosive barrels on a bridge that explodes the bridge and causes you to long jump of radioactive toxic waste...
  9. I agree totally. At least I'm not the only one that is feeling that way as well
  10. Mostly, I haven't really figured out how gradually I want it to be though. Oh ok, do it however you see fit. I know it won't be instantly so it'll probably be over episodes. It's probably going to be slightly funny(for us, frustrating for Freeman) when he remembers again 'cause he'll remember that they took all his stuff and put him in a trash compacter.
  11. What I'm wondering is.....will he get his memory back? I'm not complaining, I just kinda am wondering wether he might realize what happened later on. All and all, a very enertaining episode. It's actually reminds me of the earlier ones when he didn't know what stuff was( like the aliens) and wanted to know what he was going around him. I'm feeling nostalgia at the moment...
  12. Actually they do script parts of it out, just like Ross does. I know, I'm just trying to point out that they all(The mind's as well as Chell's) are a mix of scripting and adlibbing just like Ross's is. They didn't just slam it together; they actually put thought it it
  13. Actually, in the Meeting of the Minds 2, Ross says that it's about 75% addlibbing. So really he doesn't script everything out. I thought Chell was pretty good though, it's hard you know to make up a personality for a character who has none. Being the first try, it was alright(I'm actually sort of scared to look up other Chell's minds, I heard some of them were made by guys )
  14. Wow, you raved yourself to death. I'M SO PROAD OF YOU!
  15. Maybe it's just me but everytime I hear the word Ninja now, I think of the first Civil Protection episode. XD
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