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  1. Although it's preachy most of the time, I would hardly say that it's up with Family Guy and Simpsons. It's not quite that level of train wreck. Not yet, anyway.
  2. I think the other noises that come in at about 1.05 could probably start earlier. It feels like there's a large empty gap where you're only hearing those two other beats and the lyrics.
  3. Karl


    I understand all of this but I keep getting a bugging urge to fall in love with someone. Not necessarily for sex, but I really want to try out all the mushy gushy blegh love stuff couples do. It just seems nice... This. Very much this. And I wish my roommates/friends would stop telling me it's not worth it. Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It's only worth it if you can find the right person, believe me. It's a lot harder than you'd think.
  4. If you already got the medigun from him with the 2 refined, shotty, and frontier, just stop now. You already overpaid it so just cut your losses here. The chances are very slim that he would give anything back. You could still ask him, but it's unlikely. I'm just glad you didn't give him the key
  5. Either way, you got scammed. Best not to dwell on it though so don't even worry about it.
  6. The Strange Medigun is worth about a key minimum price, so yes. You got jacked big time.
  7. Your xbox is broken, I imagine the original xboxs aren't that expensive just buy another one. 360s got backwards compatability that another alternative. I know my advice probably isn't that helpful, but idk how to fix it from inside or w.e. If you do buy an xbox 360 planning to play old xbox games on it, just keep in mind that most old xbox games work on it, but not all. Some of the vaguer titles wont work at all.
  8. A cheap yet extremely fashionable hat.
  9. Yeah the game is fun, but I'm not sure how people could consider it hard. With the regen hp system it's basically just shoot, take cover, rinse and repeat
  10. The Nine-Pipe is 6 keys clean and 3 keys dirty, Jek Jek. You're going to be EXTREEEEMEEELLLYYYYY hard pressed to find a deal like that.
  11. Yeah, don't really bother getting Oblivion if you think that's going to be an issue. It was definitely a very good game at its time of release, but it doesn't hold up as well as you'd think.
  12. So yeah, they added a 100$ ring to the Mann Co. store that you can give to other players to "Marry" them in the game. When you do so it's displayed as a message to everyone in the world. Just over the course of an hour playing, I got like 25 messages of people giving this thing to others. Whoever buys this is just silly.
  13. I wouldn't really say Fallout 3 and NV classify as FPS's alone. By your definition, sure, you're allowed to just run around and shoot things from a first person perspective. But it's got some RPG elements in there, along with also having the option of just running around with a big ass sword, or a ballistic fist or the like.
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