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  1. What I imagine as death... It depends really. My question is, if you commit suicide, how would that work? Would you just wander the earth as a spirit? Or would you go to hell/heaven depending on the choices you've made? I agree for SURE, that suicide is selfish. Simply put, I think of death as, if you're good, you go to Heaven, bad, Hell. Quite childish I know. But that's my take on things. I'd also like to guess what the 5 senses would be like(Hearing, touching, smelling, etc...) on the sinful side and on the good side.
  2. Patience is a virtue, mai frandz. Skyrim is a possibility. :3
  3. Took the words right out of my mouth. tl;dr: If he's not speaking to someone or something, then it's usually his mind. But dialogue will happen if he's interacting with an NPC(Scientist, guard, etc...).
  4. That's creepy. That's how I got hooked too. I went on Gamespot and saw the video. It was a long time ago, so I looked it up on Youtube. Watched THAT a couple times, then I saw what you saw.
  5. Appears in Nihalanth's lair: "What. The. Shit. Is that a floating alien baby with ropes hanging on it's ASS!? I'm not having a good day". Blah, X( That wasn't good.
  6. I love both. They have their own personailities and I find that great. I prefer Mike, because his reactions to Dave's is hilarious.
  7. Saw this before. Aw, Azure Sheep. Good times.
  8. He'd probably just see it run towards him and he'd have a totally random reaction: "IS THAT A GOD-DAMN TESTICLE?! WITH LEGS!?!?" I can't wait for that. It's going to get interesting. Possibly hallucinate?
  9. 1. Pokemon 2. Guns 3. Food 4. iPhone 5. Jackie Cha- Damn it.
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