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  1. TheKennyMaster

    My Little Pony:FiM

    Speaking of fanfics... Yesterday my friend bet me 20 bucks that I couldn't read the MLP fanfics "Cupcakes" and "Sweet Apple Masscre" and not cringe ONCE. So it was a deal and today I'm going to read them.
  2. TheKennyMaster

    Random thread

    Would you mind having a staring contest with my friend here? Why am I having goosebumps?
  3. TheKennyMaster

    The Post your desktop thread

  4. TheKennyMaster

    The Youtube Video Sharing Thread

    8N3dhccOXX0 Pretty damn good remix if you ask me. EDIT: Fixed.
  5. TheKennyMaster

    What are you eating/drinking?

    Half of a Watermelon
  6. TheKennyMaster

    Random thread

  7. TheKennyMaster

    How's the weather over there?

    99 degrees yesterday, 90 degrees today.
  8. TheKennyMaster

    Random thread

    fqyjOc3EpT4 Dat face....
  9. TheKennyMaster


    >YFW you get suprise buttsecked by the Spy.
  10. TheKennyMaster

    Random thread

    Must...Contain derpy self!
  11. TheKennyMaster

    Random thread

  12. TheKennyMaster

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    The Exorcist 10/10 Me and my friends decided to watch this movie at Midnight, with all of the lights off. ...When the movie was over, my Cockatiel was screaming at the top of his lungs, one friends was hiding behind the couch, and all of us didn't get any sleep. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. But that night was hilarious. XD
  13. TheKennyMaster

    What's the Avatar Above You Saying?

    Have you seen my keys?
  14. TheKennyMaster

    Username change thread

    Could I have my name TheKennyMaster back please?
  15. TheKennyMaster

    How's the weather over there?


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