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  1. I don't think either is better, you shouldn't even really be comparing the servers at all. Like Jek said, one is more related to AF, the other is more related to the community and group of peeps here. Telling us we should 'migrate' to the reddit server because it's 'better' is like telling a car driver to drive a truck instead. They're two different things and we have our preferences. I don't want to migrate, I like the creative freedom of the community server, I've never been able to jump into an unknown Discord server with a bunch of strangers and enjoy the company there, and I have very little to talk about in relation to Ross and his videos anyway.
  2. 1. We have rules laid out. X3 2. It's actually been a bit more active recently. 3. I'd rather it stay separate. This server might as well not even be related to AF because we never really talk about Ross that much. It's more like a 'we're a bunch of mates, let's make an easier way to communicate with each other' server.
  3. @Username: "Toxic and abusive staff", the one staff you deem so out of three others that you wouldn't label as abusive. Love the generalisation. XP And as Jek said, it's just run a bit differently I think. It's more chill, laid back. The roles are all over the place but it's such a small server it probably doesn't need to be strictly moderated. And the colours look so cute! ^-^ It's not really a server that's meant to be taken seriously, I mean you've said it yourself, it's more of a fan community. If you like the order and structure, then that's what the reddit's AF server is for.
  4. lmao Salt tastes nice though. In moderation of course.
  5. No, I refuse to ignore the mess. Is not even that much of a mess honestly. XD I'd say it's okay. I haven't seen the floor yet though.
  6. And it's not just the pace that concerns me, it's that there's really only so much you can comment on when it comes to commentating fights before things start getting super repetitive. :\ I'm worried that episodes are gonna be 20% actual acknowledgement of the scenery, and 80% just; "OW, THAT SHIT HURTS!" XD I mean, that's still pretty amusing to hear but I enjoy hearing what Gordon thinks of his environment and just general atmosphere of things more than I enjoy hearing him complaining about his injuries. lol But excellent episode as always, Ross! Keep it up.
  7. Haha, this is really good! Must have taken you an ass while. I couldn't figure out which part was my favourite till it got to the praising EA section. lmao Bravo.
  8. lol Locking this thread before another pointless argument happens. XD
  9. Oh yeah, I think that's a pretty swell idea! I'm surprised one hasn't already been made.
  10. I'm glad everyone in my house was out busy today whilst I was watching this. It's one of those "I'm just going to swap to the browser tab that has porn in it cause that's easier to explain" videos. XD Good job on this one Ross, entertaining as always.
  11. YEAH! FINISH THAT SEMESTER! XD Sorry to hear about all that shit you've gone through though, mate. But it'll all be fine. Just keep working hard, you'll get there!
  12. Jeb_CC

    Ross's Hair

    Rapunzel is correct. XP lol But I dunno, I feel like tripping over your hair is a very annoying inconvenience. And I would love to try super short hair, go complete tomboy. XD But then I'd have less hair to hide behind. Decisions, decisions... Will definitely do that. ^-^
  13. Jeb_CC

    Ross's Hair

    Wooh for hair down to my tailbone! XD But shit, that took me a while to grow. It was like, shoulder height 7 years ago, and occasionally I'd get it trimmed a little, but now it's super long. X3 But it's actually pissing me off, hair gets fucking everywhere. I didn't think of all the possible fuck ups that could come with long hair, like slamming the car door on your hair, or having to brush it every 2 hours for it to look good. >:I I'm gonna cut it soon, I dunno when, or how much, but I will. lol
  14. Unfortunately. And it'll stay like that for a while, just nobody really gives a shit about the rep system. XP Will lock this topic now.
  15. Well, now a lot of the people who like the post now comment "lol i liked the post get pranked" XD Really? Haven't personally seen that but sounds like a royal pain in my ass.
  16. I don't even think it's other users that like the comments, just a bunch of bots that like it and occasionally as well comment some bs like; "Wow, it works!" T.T
  17. Welcome back SelfSurprise! You've been missed. Hope things have been well. The forums aren't as active as they were before, since we made a Discord server and it's been far easier to talk and discuss things there. XP We would love to have you on there but if not, that's cool. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=8603
  18. @JC: How big specifically? lol I'm curious. XD OT: Getting my shit together.
  19. Let me describe to you the process of which I use to come up with nicknames. #1. Create list of things you like or things about yourself, can be nouns, verbs, adjectives, whatever. #2. Select a few and put them into a thesaurus. #3. Find some sick as synonyms. #4. Slap your favourite words together. #5. ??? #6. Profit. EXAMPLE Words; Silver, Flow, Curious -> Thesaurus -> Bright/Argent, Flood/Flux, Inquisitive -> Favourite words -> BrightFlux.
  20. For some disorders like Bipolar/Schizohprenia/Etc, it's easy to define as 'something is wrong'. If someone occasionally has the want to kill themselves which is a frequent symptom in those disorders, then it's most definitely a disorder and a problem. But IMO, ADHD, ADD, Autism feels kinda questionable to me. There ARE definitely some people I know who have those and cannot function/behave 'normally'. But I also know plenty of people who supposedly is diagnosed with these things and honestly, they seem completely fine - they can do their work, they can have a normal conversation, they get A grades at school. A friend of mine at school supposedly has ADHD but I'd known him for 7 years and couldn't pick that up until he told me. Which seems a bit bullshittery to me lol I think definitely psychologists are just slapping some disorders on people, just cause it makes the parents a little more satisfied with paying for the psych.
  21. Tbh, I am fine with pointing out that mass shooters/terrorists have some kind of mental disability that affects the way they feel empathy/sympathy/any emotions at all. But I don't think we should use that as an excuse to shit on people who are like that, but instead remind ourselves the importance of proper and moral education, helping those that do have those mental disorders. @BTG: Mental disorders are broad and vague, they're all different so yes, it is really a disorder. They're called that because they negatively influence our thinking/behaviour. Sure, everyone might have one, but these disorders can range from 'It hurts a little to' - 'End my life'. Sooo...
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