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  1. Slightly. Though the mixed sensation of hot and cold must be refreshing. Am I weird for keeping a collection of masks?
  2. Nice soundtrack, love music like this. QoAzrdrt_vE
  3. Noxious


    Glad to hear you're feeling better.
  4. I made the 222nd vote. And I am a male, who identifies as a male.
  5. Noxious

    Discord Group

    I'm interested. Noxious#2591
  6. Selous Templar, have you tried telling your peers to stop harassing you about your shape? Just say you're working on it. Also if you're regularly taking pills, you should take them at a specific time of the day, every day. It's easier to get into the habit that way and it's harder to forget about it. ~~~ I'm so busy I don't have time for feeling. Does that make sense? I'm sure I feel something, just haven't had a chance to reflect on exactly what I am feeling.
  7. Noxious


    Hey AP_Pastor, go see a counsellor or someone. Like Selous Templar said, life is shit sometimes. But the negatives don't last forever. And you can try simple remedies for the anxiety, CBT, tea, medication, music.
  8. Fucking around on the internet when I should be doing work.
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