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Freeman’s Mind! This is showing up about a month later than I intended, but I promise to keep at it either way. Since this is the first episode with any combat, there were actually a number of issues I ran into with the Source engine that eventually got ironed out. I may have a new obstacle in the next episode, it’s too early for me to tell yet. In any event, if anyone has experience with minor modding with the Source engine, you’re welcome to email me just in case future unexpected surprises pop up.

The bad news is due mostly to Armed & Delirious, but partially to Source, I think it’s no longer realistic for my plan to have two Freeman’s Mind this month (and have time to sleep, exercise, etc.). Work has started on Episode 4, but I’m afraid I’m back to a “when it’s done” timetable with the intention of getting at least one a month out. I’m still hoping to have the next one out early August however, but my time estimates are frequent evidence I wouldn’t have a very good career as a fortune teller.


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