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Steam Name Thread

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I only have Steam on if I'm playing games, and I have no friends. Sorry, but no adding me.

bi ti ʤi ˈbulzaɪ

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Hey guys, there's an Accursed Farms group on Steam. Y'all should join up so we can find each other more easily.



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added u alyx

[82nd] Mr. Kochi Bracegirlde: You just blow that fife

[82nd] Mr. Kochi Bracegirlde: the 'if ye know what i mean' aside

Hooper: want to give your men a fast reload? BLOW ME FIRST

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http://steamcommunity.com/id/PsychoticNinja Here's mine, mainly play L4D1/2, Portal1/2, the Half-Life series, if I'm not on a Steam game, I'm either surfing the web (like now), on the PS3/PSP, asleep, or not home (I have A LOT of free time). You can add me if you want.

"We don't call them loot boxes", they're 'surprise mechanics'" - EA


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