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Hello Dragon Song. ^-^ Nice to see a new person around.

And in regards to what you posted in another thread, don't worry about your previous account. We don't deactivate/disable any accounts. (Only ban them >:D) A lot of people come by, make a few posts, disappear, and leave their account to rot. XD So no worries.


OT: Chilling, probably about to do some com work, go out to the shops later.

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@Jeb_CC: That's quite relieving, thank you ^^!


I'm currently just messing with the code of my site. I'm no programmer by any means, but I shouldn't mess it up too badly xD

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but I shouldn't mess it up too badly xD

Incidentally I said that earlier in regards to an application I'm working on and somehow managed to break everything. O_o Never been more glad that I take the time to version out. Coulda been very bad.


OT: Debating between 2 games to play. Have to decide if I want to go with the one that I can't zone out in, or the one that I can.

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Glad you had back-ups, mate. I certainly make them too (in fact, I'm a bit of a paranoid and make them for every single -big- change I make).


OT: Getting ready to see a friend.

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OT: Looking around for something to do.

Earlier I went exploring around DA, looked at the forum on there. First I was like; "Oh this is pretty cool. Lots of neat stuff here!" And then I saw the huge piles of hate and I just noped the fuck out of that one. I'm trying to keep my daily dosage of hate to a minimum lol

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Relaxing after going to a Furry Kigu/Onesie Party that was a blast!!! I got a little anthropomorphic with my kigu and was a sharp dressed hedgehog XD

:) Nice to know you had a bit of fun out.

Semi relatedly; I'm actually seriously considering making my own sort of fursona. Heavens forbid me joining a 'furry community' lol, nothing against it, I just don't do communities well. I came up with the idea when I wanted to draw some kinda vent art for my jaw disorder, and thought it'd be hilarious to draw myself as a snake/lizard because they're known for their jaw capabilities.




Now I kinda want to draw a full-body picture.


OT: On a Skype call with a friend from DA which is something I haven't done before. >.>

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@Zaraki: Thanks mate. ^-^

One thing you can do to find out if you have TMJD is by putting your two fingers in your ears, pushing forward, and moving your jaw up and down. If your jaw clicks, you have it. It does for me, sounds and feels horrid. XD Like my jaw is crackling and falling apart. Eghrh... >.>


OT: Just came home from a little bike ride out, figuring out what I wanna do right now. Play a game maybe? I dunno.

I would draw but I've been drawing way too much lately. XD And I made dis. ^-^ For funsies lol





Snakes are too cute

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