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Birthday thread: Soundtracks

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For me I'm an old school gamer going back some years. While my movie and TV soundtrack collecting started at least as far back as 1986, I do have an extensive Video Game soundtrack collection. Most titles you'd more than likely be familiar with and some you may not be. However, one of my favourite game soundtracks of all time is the Michael Land score to the 1996 game "The Dig" by LucasArts. It has beautiful atmospheric music for a point and click adventure game. I have played it for people that have never played a video game before and they love it. The actual soundtrack was released on Angel records and has been out of print for some time. However, I was fortunate to find a new copy sometime ago. If you don't have this already I'd like to talk about the best way to get this to you.




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You gotta check out these soundtracks!



It's an RC-car racing game released in 1999. I love ALL the tracks in this OST. I don't know a lot about music genres but I'm told this is "Dance/Electronica". It had extra tracks on the Dreamcast release.

Youtube playlist:


The OST is sold with the game on GOG. It comes with the PC soundtrack and the Dreamcast one. The dreamcast one is better because the pc one has tracks starting and ending at odd times without proper intros or outros.


Toy Commander

It's a game where you play as toy army vehicles performing missions in a suburban household. For the Dreamcast.

Another OST I keep with me every day. Always love it.

Youtube playlist:


Uploaded 4U: https://mega.nz/#!WcZXDCyZ!Z6oMXLyhdY6YtAIUsNmLi80h5FlXOK8mynVZ-GApZ9U



It's a sci-fi console shooter on a caffeine overload. You have this power armor that let's you jet-boost around a battlefield and fight giant Russian robots.

Youtube playlist:


The OST was sold as a 3 CD album. It's still available used online.. for like 50 dollars. I could share it, but I'm not sure if this breaks the rules or not; so I'm withholding the link for now.


You probably never followed the scene of Pinball, but this old Pinball machine from 1989 has one of the most FUCKING AWESOME tracks I've ever heard!

It's fuckin BLACK KNIGHT 2000


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Apologies for being a couple days late. I also apologize for posting a Youtube url source. It doesn't appear to be anywhere else, as far as I can tell.


The Dune 2000 soundtrack was mesmerizing, but of course to me and many others this track stood above many else -



Happy belated birthday, Ross!

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I've always thought the atmospheric tracks in Starsiege Tribes were cool, even if evidently nobody else did. It was on the short side and the tracks were on the game disc as unnamed redbook audio... and nowhere else. Even the explosion of file-sharing software and online archiving seemed to pass it by. The only place I think I've ever heard it in over a decade is



It isn't the type of stuff to break sales records and make headlines, but I couldn't even find information about the music anywhere. Every couple of years I was amazed that there wasn't a single page or document or word about the music at the bottom of the Internet rabbit hole. And I did check the manual, disc liner notes, plaintext files in the game directory, everything I could think.


Having said that, I think I can safely claim fairness in ripping it to mp3s from the disc. It was actually a long-ass time ago, can't even pinpoint when because the timestamps have gotten somehow messed up through the years. But the sound is intact and better than youtube. Enjoy, or don't, but given your sense for obscure gems I thought it worth the offer.


Here's a Mega link to the mp3s. I guess you indicated in the video not being much of an audiophile, so I'll say the quality should be well above par and leave it at that. For anyone wondering, I believe the encoding parameters were LAME alt preset standard.

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I wanna share one that's on the personal side as it's a soundtrack I ripped myself: Geist (2005) or "the other first person shooter on GameCube, you know, the one that wasn't Timesplitters"


I spent all of August last year playing through at about 5 fps on an emulator, dumping audio to re-splice into full cuts w/ track outros and everything. Tedious stuff and a lot of work, but a worthwhile labor of love. Up until that point as far as I can tell it was just speaker recordings on YouTube. You want obscure stuff, well there you go ;)


Anyway it's definitely your standard fare campy dramatic military orchestral score, albeit charmingly rendered in MIDI. Some of the more nuanced tracks suffer from that, but the ones where it goes all-out bombastic are unforgettable.


Here's a download in 256k MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j8p1k5hxao6907x/Geist+OST.zip Or a sampler if you need to be absolutely sold first


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I already emailed Ross about this, but I figured I'd join up to the forum to share this.


I'm a huge SEGA fan, and one of my favorite series from them is Jet Set Radio. Partly because it has fantastic soundtracks.


The issue is, while the main Naganuma soundtrack is easy enough to find, the WHOLE soundtrack is a little trickier.


So here's a link to a zip archive I made of the entire soundtracks to Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, and spiritual spin-off, Oliie King.


Every track is there, ordered and ready to go. Hideki Naganuma, Richard Jacques, Cibo Matto, Deavid Soul, Rob Zombie, Jurassic 5, the Latch Brothers, Russel Simms, everyone, plus official album art, and as a bonus, some songs that are edited or remixed for the games have the original songs included.


EDIT: Didn't realize I was posting an encrypted file. Fixed the link, should be good to download now.

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Happy Birthday! Here are your souls


Aquaria OST:


They all are pretty great. My favorite song is "Remains". Also I like "Light", "Moment", "Lost Waters", "Title", "Icy Waters", "Undiscovered Waters", "The Return", "The Traveller".

"Fear the Dark" is best one in the list, but it has words.

Game is good, too.


To the Moon OST:

I highly recommend playing the game before listening to the songs, as they create half of the game. Atmosphere is everything. Game is not very long btw. Also turn off your phone and prepare to play it in one sitting.

You can listen to the Main Theme, since it plays in main menu.


"Moongazer", "Born a Stranger", "Anya by Stars", "Main Theme", "For River", "Once Upon a Memory", "Tomorrow", "Lament of a Stranger".


Braid OST:


Probably "Tell It By Heart" and "Romanesca" are my favorites.


Knytt Stories OST:

Game is free, music is .ogg format.


Check the tracks here:



Cave Story OST:

Original is free, remake with better graphics is available to buy on Steam.


Favorites: "On to Grasstown", "Moonsong", "Access", "Cave Story" (main theme), "Labyrinth Fight", "Mischievous Robot".


One Way Heroics OST:

Game is available on Steam. No official OST is released. Soundtrack can partly be found here: http://windsphere.biz/a_music_mp3.shtml

or here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/266210/discussions/0/540739405754809884/

or on utube:

Favorite track is "ugly cygnet \ quiet" by windsphere.


Pixel Piracy OST:


Those songs are hilarious. They have words in them, but they are actually in the game.

"My Favorite Things Start with a 'P'", "9 Drinks", "Salty Dogs"


Shadowman has nice OST, but I think you already know it, since you used one of the songs in "The Tunnel".

Arcanum has some of the best tracks, but its a popular game.

JetsNGuns has awesome tracks too.

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F-Zero GX has one of my favorite soundtracks ever.

Never fails to get me hyped up.


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LISA game.


Work Harder, Men's Hair club, Die Die Die!, War Season, Forever Turbo Heat Dance.


Recommended in that order of priority and prestige, and what I think you'll like; the more aggressive songs.


If these catch your interest, the slower songs that are recommended are Beehive and Salvation (which is only found on youtube)






Also, the game is phenomenal, especially if you like a unique and unsettling world drowned in dark themes.



I've been listening to the game's soundtrack solely for almost a week straight after playing it. I've become a monster.


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Let's not forget our main man Jesper Kyd.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ttdJtEcSmA Freedom Fighters is about an american average Joe named Chris who gets forced into fighting the invading Russian army occupying Brooklyn. Kind of like Red Dawn with more explosions and gunfights. Russian chanting and propaganda theme everywhere. Even if you haven't played the game, I'd wager you've probably heard the music before.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpHgsuJsBeE State of Decay is when the Zombie Invasion hits Hodunk Podunk Pennsyltuckey in the middle of nowhere and a bunch of locals with hunting rifles and shovels need to band together and fight to survive. Lots of rural camping-esque theme to the musical scores.


I love video game OST simply because it's meant to be repetitive and in the background, and that's all I want out of music.



Freedom Fighters OST I've had on my machine for years, I can't remember where I got it, though it's definitely online still.

State of Decay though I actually managed to rip the music from the game's files. Ya can still buy them on Amazon or iTunes.

If I said you had a beautiful, when?

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I would highly recommend the soundtrack to Metal gear Rising: Revengance (Yes that is the name)


If you like rock this game's sountrack will likely fins a home in your heart. Tracks are available with and without the vocals can be found on spotify as well as generally bought.


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Some obscure songs:


Evil Islands: http://www.allods.gipat.ru/index.php?p=eimusic (favorites: "Attack", "Clash", "Battle", "Cool")


Horde - The Northern Wind, title theme: http://www.filedropper.com/horde-thenorthernwind


Space Rangers 2:

(every song has a download link in a description) Favorites: "Awakening", "The Long Way Ballad", "Trash", "Fei 1"..


You will probably like this one: Gish OST: The Rapture



Apparently it is a remix of the "The Silent Elk Of Yesterday" by Estradasphere.


Depict1 - Sly by Alec Holowka:


From the game Depict1:


(Game is interesting and short btw)


Ys - Oath in Felghana OST:



I think its also comes with the game itself, which costs less than 1$ on steam atm.

Favorite: "The Strongest Foe" which is played during the final boss.

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