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Birthday thread: Soundtracks

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I almost forgot, but Surgeon Simulator also had a great soundtrack, most of the tracks in the regular game were mostly synthpop stuff, but with the A&E expansion, they added more varied music in the form of Corridor and Space tracks, basically metal and piano interpretations of the original tracks


Here is a Youtube playlist of the music:



The best way to get the soundtrack would probably be just to get the game and expansion on Steam, as the Bandcamp versions seem to be lacking some tracks from looking at them. Also, when on sale, the game is dirt cheap.

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Hey Ross!


Here is the soundtrack to one of my all-time favourite games : Captain Claw




Now these are all in MIDI format, I've tested each and every one myself, there's no issues with the quality, everything should be perfect.

Also, as I frequently listen to this stuff myself, I'd like to point out the "gems" of this OST : Levels 4, 8 (I have a feeling you'll love this one), 12, 13 and 14. However this is my opinion so you may hate each and every one of those.


Also, I have another soundtrack I wanted to show you, however you said we should only send the good stuff, so I chose 2 songs. They're from The Grinch video game, played this one when I was a kid and, like Claw's OST did, these tracks stuck to me to this day. So here they are :





These are the songs I could think of on the spot. I hope you enjoy them.


Happy Birthday!!! :D

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Happy Birthday from Croatia!


This is an oldie and more for the Game dungeon and not for the everyday listening, but even today I really like the music in this game (I admit, it could be the "nostalgia factor" as it was one of my favorite games back then).


The game is Zeliard (1990) and the (in my opinion), best track can be heard

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UByzbk0k8s or entire soundtrack downloaded as midi here


It probably isn't what you expected, but I wanted to share it and to wish you all the best!

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I don't know if you've ever played Nightmare Creatures for the PS1, but this soundtrack came recommended after watching Youtuber Caddicarus review this game. I thought you'd like to listen.


This is played during the first boss fight against a giant, four headed sewer snake that spouts fire from each mouth.

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I'd like to recommend the American soundtrack to Dragon Ball Z.


Now, bear with me. I know you don't like anime, least of all this kind of stuff, but some of this music is really good. When they first brought the show over to the states they felt the need to rescore the whole thing, with the composer they chose being a dude named Bruce Faulconer, whose mustache is only rivaled by his mullet.


The soundtrack has a heavy synth/rock/industrial/metal/techno vibe to it, and it's all MIDI, so some of it sounds really video gamey. Here's a few I picked out that I think you might like based on what I know about your music preferences, as well as some of my personal favorites.














Just about all of the DBZ American Soundtrack has been released on CD over nine volumes. The rights to the music is actually held by the composer, and not the owners of DBZ, or even the localization company that commissioned the music. You can find them on Amazon, or eBay, or wherever by searching his name, Bruce Faulconer.


Every album has also been uploaded to YouTube in their entirety in the form of hour long videos for each, complete with timestamps in the description with names of each song. I'd recommend starting with these and deciding which albums might be worth picking up—that is if you're interested at all. Not every track is amazing. Some are really corny, and others feel kind of phoned in, but the ones that are good really stick out. I just cherry pick the ones I like most.


I hope this was helpful though. Happy Birfmas.

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Space Rangers 2:

(every song has a download link in a description) Favorites: "Awakening", "The Long Way Ballad", "Trash", "Fei 1"..

No! You beat me to it! I'd also recommend the music of:




Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss


Airships: Conquer the Skies



Raiden Project






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okay, some off the top of my head, I'm certain most of these aren't for sale in general.


pretty sure they haven't been posted but...here they are, some of my absolute favorites


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ-fb8LOBIc (Dark Cloud)- Wonderful soundtrack, and I'm certain this isn't for sale, or if it was it isn't now.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZOR0v-y6w (Dark Cloud 2 US/Dark Chronicle in JP)- Sequel to Dark Cloud, the more popular of the two, really fun and bouncy and almost twice as long! You could buy the Japanese CD for like 27 bucks off of Amazon but usually I've found the Japanese versions to have vocals...at least with words, harmonies don't count right? Anyway, can't go wrong.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBynE-ZfOes (Gradius III) Now, I'm sure many are familiar, probably you as well Ross, but this is an incredible engaging soundtrack for a space shmup. The other soundtracks in the rest of the series' including their own parody "parodius" all have awesome soundtracks.


(Megaman Legends) My favorite megaman series. Also, "The Main Gate" is a super short looped song under 30 seconds played for about a minute and a half in that playlist video, but you could put that on loop and listen to it FOREVER and get so much done! Like many, I'm distraught the 3rd game got cancelled even after they made a demo. It had a HUGE level of fan involvement from voting on personalities of NPCs to mechanics, characters, and enemy designs. Talk about it being horrible to kill a game, this was dangled in front of all the fans and taken away. Though there is a fan made spiritual successor and a google or youtube search of "Homebrew Dash 3" will get you there. Seems pretty cool, very pretty and well done imo. Not out yet I think. One of the best "screw Capcom" projects. No English site up yet either but...it's moving along. A bigger rant for another time...so here's the happy music that DOES exist.

-download: http://www.legends-station.com/?page=mml1/music


(Megaman Legends 2) Sequel to MML, I haven't played it personally, though I've watched a playthrough, it's kinda hard to get unfortunately but hey, limited cartridges and all. Like the first, lots of ruins and old dungeons combined with city stuff and open nature songs in other areas.

-download: http://www.legends-station.com/?page=mml2/music


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFnwioqAbks (Super Mario RPG) My favorite game of all time also has one of my favorites...definitely top 3. Can't say enough about it. Just a fun, wondrous soundtrack that's just.so.good.


Bonus!: a group called "CrazyGroupTrio" did a piano cover of the SMRPG soundtrack and it's also super awesome, just discovered it searching for a link too! https://play.google.com/music/preview/B6cpfxn5g4fzoejgatusknejkae?utm_source=na_Med&utm_medium=hasem&utm_campaign=MusicPLA&pcampaignid=MKT-DR-na-us-all-Med-pla-mu-Evergreen-Jun2315-1-albums&gl=US&gclid=CMGopui2hMoCFcNAfgod8c0Mcg&gclsrc=ds This one is obviously for sale, but I'd buy it. :D


If I have any more I don't find in the forum I'll get it up here.

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Universe at War, it was a kinda overlooked game but it had excellent music. Each of the 3 factions had different sounding music to them. Rock, Electronic, and Orchestral.

Here's a download link to the free OST: http://www.gamefront.com/files/uaw+ostzip/;9300216;/fileinfo.html

Actually, wait, if I remember correctly you used a song from this game in the Civil Protection video Morning Patrol. So sorry if you already know this one.

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Happy birthday, Ross!


Someone already mentioned nervous_testpilot, the composer for Frozen Synapse and Frozen Endzone, but I'm gonna mention him again anyway, because he's just that awesome. I only own Frozen Synapse and I suck at it. I probably have more hours clocked into listening to the soundtrack than actually playing the game itself. Everything he puts out is awesome. Here's the link again:




The next soundtrack is from an anime. A few anime soundtracks have already been posted, so I figure what the hell, right? I really, really like the Psycho-Pass OST. Have a listen:




My personal favourite tracks are:


- Hou to Chitsujo (Law and Order)

- Sibyl System

- Inochi no Omomi to Songen (The Importance of Life)

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>>> Journey has a pretty unique and great soundtrack:






>>> Amnesia - The Dark Descent has this nice track:


(and also a lot of terrifying and scary ones :P)


>>> Payday has 3 decent tracks imo:





>>> Payday2 is not a good game imo, but some tracks from is are good.

I'm just gonna leave a couple examples:





Notable tracks: The Gauntlet, Breach 2015, Blueprints (Old Version), Blueprints, Death Wish, Wanted Dead or Alive, Sirens in the Distance, Black Yellow Moebius, Freeze, The Mark, Full Force Forward, Tick Tock, Razormind, Calling all Units, Mayhem Dressed in a Suit.


>>> Plant Tycoon is a great little game with 5 Superb and chilling tracks:



>>> Starbound has some great tracks:












>>> Myst 3: Exile has this decent track:



>>> Uru has a really really unique and awesome soundtrack:


Notable tracks: Beyond Gira, Out Of The Hive, Badlands, Gallery Theme, Convergence, The Well, Spore Me, The Vault

(if anyone knows some more music that is similar to this, please send it to me.)


>>> Twisted Metal has this cool track:


that is a remake of this Buckethead song:



>>> Samorost 2 This track is great:



>>> Samorost 3 OST is great:



>>> Machinarium soundtrack is Great!:


notable tracks: The Bottom, The Sea, Clockwise Operetta, Nanorobot Tune, Mr Handagote, The Furnace, The Black Cap Brotherhood Theme, The Glasshouse With Butterfly


>>> Ink has some great tracks: (this is a movie soundtrack)












>>> Bastion soundtrack is mostly awesome:



>>> FTL soundtrack is pretty good. Here is an example:


It also has the Advanced Edition Soundtrack for free here:



>>> Godzilla Unleashed has 4 great tracks imo:






>>> In Uchronia - Iron Squid & Iron Squid Chapter II:

These are not game soundtracks or movie soundtracks. These are Tournament soundtracks...

Yes. They make soundtracks for tournaments. And it's awesome. (mostly for Starcraft II)

I'm just gonna leave a couple examples here:









>>> Killing Floor; I found 6 decent tracks:








>>> Kung Fury OST. Movie soundtrack.

Must see the movie if you haven't already



>>> The Day The Earth Got Mooned

Now here is something probably nobody heard about before:




download link here: http://jimmakesgames.com/mooned/

Take a look at the guy's other works who made this soundtrack because it is truely awesome.

link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC15wUxbJnbZzUTMQP831lqw


>>> Tekken Blood Vengeance has 4 good tracks:






>>> Cube has a pretty nice soundtrack:


You can download the tracks in better quality from here:


click on the tracks individually and then "Download via Last.fm" on the right side.


>>> Eufloria has a unique and neat soundtrack if you are into this kind of music:

gonna link a few tracks:



------------------------- You probably know about the following ones -----------------------

>>> Unreal Tournament 2004 has great music:




>>> Unreal Tournament 3 has some neat tracks:



>>> Black Mesa soundtrack has many great tracks:



>>> Red Alert 2 & 3 soundtracks have many many good tracks:



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Hey there Ross! I have some great soundtracks for you. You can even keep these!


DEFCON: This is a pretty good game with an eerie soundtrack. War Games the game I guess.



Darwinia: A pretty unique RTS game. Trippy as all get out though.



Brainpipe: I can't even explain this one. It uses loops in the game files to randomly generate the music for the game while you are playing it. Here are the loop files, but look up some gameplay to get a picture of what the game sounds like all together.




Even though you probably know of this one, It's still absolutely radical.


Titan's Quest is in my opinion, a VERY good "Diablo Clone". It is very well rounded, and has a kick ass OST!


Space Engine Isn't really a game. It is the ENTIRE UNIVERSE inside of a program. It uses NASA star charts to create a universe to explore with randomly generated planets. And It's OST is sooooooooooooo zen.


Thanks for the videos Ross, glad to repay you in some way!

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Happy (belated) birthday Ross!

A few of my recommendations have already been stated, but I will still try to avoid super popular games/soundtracks here. but really try Undertale



An RPGMaker game, but it is not a traditional RPG, but rather more of an adventure game with a cute protag, a mysterious atmosphere and

fourth-wall breaks.





This one is a turn-based RPG, but you might still enjoy it for how intensely surreal the game is. The OST is pretty fitting, being just as spooky and surreal as the game.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78bTMh1jwKI (I apologize, but the original tracks are not that much higher quality)


-Freedom Planet

The best Sonic game to come out since S3&K. The soundtrack is pure hype. If you play the game, however, play classic mode. Trust me.




A Japanese shoot-em-up with an interesting gameplay mechanic known as the "polarity system". The game IS a tough-as-shit bullet-hell, but the OST is undeniably great.


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Ground Control 2 has an awesome sound track to it.

Unfortunately it was never released as a proper sound track so the tracks have no names.


I'll give you the link for the youtube playlist, extracting the sound files is not in my expertise but I could find a way to get them if you find them to your liking.



It's got a bit of everything in there, techno, some rock and space opera!

Track 8 is my personal favorite.

It took six years to get a physics degree. Don't do what I did, try engineering or social studies.

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Red Alert 2 Soundtrack




-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJvPyH8WnMw&list=PLDC670C4F09073B27&index=4- This one is PERFECT




Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Motorsport 6 Great music














I hope you like what i like Ross! Happy Birthday!

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There was an indie game made in 2011 that you may or may not have heard of. It's called Sword and Sorcery, and the game was made with heavy focus on the music. It has a sort of epic chiptune style with hints of ascoustic.


I think you would particularly like the tracks "Dark Flute", "Lone Star, "The Prettiest Weed" , "Com64" , "Death To Everyone" , and "Confronting The Wolf". Sorry to bother if you're already aware of it.


Here's where you can buy/listen to the album: https://jimguthrie.bandcamp.com/album/sword-sworcery-lp-the-ballad-of-the-space-babies

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