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3kliksphilip is a very aimiable and helpful person for figuring out SourceSDK and modding with the Source engine.


0ldScratch is one of the best Lego animators on the internet, however he does not upload videos very often.


thePursuitBlog is a vlog by a Florida Youth Pastor who explains Christianity pretty well, and I enjoy his discourse. He's fairly representative of the average, quiet majority of Christians.

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Freddiew as my action guy, CorridorDigital as my VFX guys, Wheezy waiter as my vlogger, 5secondfilms as my daily video, Egoraptor as my favorite animator/voice talent, BlueXephos as a gaming channel, Jamesnintendonerd as a reviewer, Machinima (Mostly Ross's videos and others)

FloboFilms as a editor/Montage guy.

These influence me humor wise, Vfx wise, or just a goal to reach.

I want to be funny as hell, be a great voice talent/Editor. And direct short films.

Be a proficient machinima director, Review movies, and occasionally make some animations just for fun.

Just a goal, and I am setting it.

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I've got to go with communitychannnel. Very funny observational vlog with a lot of self-deprecating humor. It's highest subscribed in Australia for good reason.

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