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I'm personally a fan of LMDE... Stable, but stays up to date at the same time. Supports anything that would work in Debian, plus it has a more Windows-like UI. I use it on 2 of my personal systems.

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Ross: Ignore Ubuntu's stance.  They have announced lots of bad decisions before and had to backstep later, or never gone through with them.  It sounds like the people who made this decision don't play games (luddites I say!).


Keep using whatever Linux distro you prefer.  If and when you encounter problems then (and only then) consider changing to one of the almost-identical-distros-with-a-different-name-and-colour-scheme that abound.


On 6/22/2019 at 11:10 PM, Ross Scott said:

The GTA screenshot looks like a classic case of MSAA-only with no alpha texture supersampling.  The easiest solution (if possible) is to force full SSAA instead. Although this is assuming the wires are textures and not polygon models.  If that's the case, then it's some shader mess intefering with everything. 

The wires are indeed alpha textures on large rectangular polys.  I think this game is too old to be a shader-mess, it's more likely some fixed-pipeline variant.


There are a few more reg keys in the doc I link that could have an effect, I'll give them a try.


On 6/22/2019 at 11:23 PM, RaTcHeT302 said:

uhh well i had issues with 8-bit installers, or whatever they are called, not working on Windows anymore, so it'll likely have a major impact 


but maybe wine is somehow built with that in mind? i don't know, personally it has affected me before on Windows, I don't see why it wouldn't on Linux, but someone who has used Linux + Wine more in depth should look into it


16-bit.  Ie games and programs from around the Win1,2,3,95 era. 


There are quite a few, as even into the reign of Win98 many games would still use 16bit executables to provide compatibility with older systems.  32-bit executables gave programmers a lot less headache (no 64K limit, proper memory management done for you, etc) but it was a still a new option.


I believe Windows has dropped supported for WOW64 (16 bit support on 64-bit windows) completely now.  On 32-bit versions you might still be able to enable it manually?  But on 64-bit I believe you are SOL.


The Linux world is unfortunately almost as bad at the moment.  Wine supports 16-bit executables perfectly, but you also need your kernel to support them.  This is an optional feature when the kernel is being compiled, to change it you have to recompile your kernel (easier these days, but still not something most ordinary users will want to do).


Different distros choose different options to compile their kernels.  I'm unsure what Ubuntu does (try it to find out), but I know my distro (Void) has it disabled.  If you are lacking 16bit LDT then you will get messages like this when trying to run old 16-bit Windows programs:


$ wine esheep.exe


0032:err:winediag:build_module Failed to create module for "krnl386.exe", 16-bit LDT support may be missing.
0032:err:module:LdrInitializeThunk "krnl386.exe16" failed to initialize, aborting



Once upon a time 16-bit LDT was enabled by default in basically all distros, then some security flaws were found in it and as a result many distros changed their build settings to disable it.  I've heard that the problems have since been fixed, but few distros have bothered changing the settings back. 


After all, who cares about old software?  Pfft!

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On 6/23/2019 at 5:21 AM, BTGBullseye said:

I'm personally a fan of LMDE... Stable, but stays up to date at the same time. Supports anything that would work in Debian, plus it has a more Windows-like UI. I use it on 2 of my personal systems.

Ooh, thankyou for the suggestion.  The Mint installs on my folks' laptops are now ancient and I want something else to put them on.

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Posted (edited)

yes 16 bit installers, i don't know why i said 8 bit (guess i had win 98 in my mind), i forgot the exact number, but anyway, i had issues with Future Cop LAPD and some other games i can't recall right now, the PC release for future cop kinda sucks anyway, i'm just better off emulating the PlayStation 1 version


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