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A Story About My Uncle

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Straightforward little plot. It’s the movement mechanics and fantasy world that really sell this game. Not super long but it’s constantly doing something new, fun, and visually interesting. Highly recommend. 

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The platforming is great and you can have a goat instead of the default grapple beam.

There's also a story but I didn't find it particularly interesting. It's rather short but that's OK, otherwise it would've gotten kind of repetitive.

Poor choice of name by the way.

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Bad title. But it doesn't lie. It is a story about someone's uncle!

Can't say I remember who the uncle was. Genious inventor. A bit tepid. Like weak tea left out too long.


Clever gameplay, gorgeous scenery. It is experimenting a lot and it is great for it.


I think they could've made the fairy tale store less textual. Give us more to figure out, keep the mystery going.


Overall, I would put it with The Unfinished Swan as the only two fairy tale book-style games I've ever personally played.

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I kinda consider this a little game that could, if you know what I mean. Great gameplay, to the point where my muscle memory applied it to different games. Story wasn't as profound or deep as it thought it was, I think it could have gone farther into the shallow or deep end and have come out better.

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