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Ross's Game Dungeon: TrackMania² Canyon

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I worked in New Mexico for a while and the old version is definitely more accurate.

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Interesting! Most if not all of those map changes I would, again, put down to having to recompile map lighting every time they update something, and not having any standardized settings (which, by this point, they really should have; their internal structure was guaranteed to mean lots of turnover in any given game's team, so documenting "how we do things 'round here" for consistency's sake should have been a given).


One other thing I found interesting is that both versions of the grenade launcher feature fully-modeled bolts, whereas for most of the years I've been playing, it did not. To the point where, when they updated the model to include them, I almost immediately noticed. They must have been removed very early on, and I bet that's when most of the downgrades in this video happened.


Finally, they show actual real-time ripples being created when water is shot. I... wasn't aware the Source engine could even do that and now I'm wondering how. And why no subsequent games, even single-player ones, have had that feature. Maybe it was patched out for being glitchy and unreliable?

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On 9/6/2019 at 1:17 AM, Steve the Pocket said:

Finally, they show actual real-time ripples being created when water is shot. I... wasn't aware the Source engine could even do that and now I'm wondering how. And why no subsequent games, even single-player ones, have had that feature. Maybe it was patched out for being glitchy and unreliable?

It was available in the original version of HL2 as well... Never understood why they removed it until I played a mod that allowed me to make custom grenades, and overwhelm the physics engine with the number of physics entities. Physics ripples reduced the maximum physics entities to somewhere around half.

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On 9/6/2019 at 9:23 AM, RandomGuy said:

You might want to see this, Ross.


I think the original shine tends to be exagerated though, to me that looks like a stylistic choice, and the shadows being fucked up are probably from the map compile settings. Anyway Team Fortress 2 is a special case, a lot of problems are 99% due to the Source Engine being a buggy piece of shit, and Team Fortress 2 is also a giant mess. A lot of the problems in the video are mostly bugs, I don't know what's up with some of the textures though.


Also I can't say that I ever cared about that giant knife, it looked silly. A lot of these are just nitpicked bugs though, not really much of a graphical downgrade here. I mean most of the game still looks the same either way, it's not as drastic as TrackMania 2 was. Where the whole atmopshere of the game changed, the lighting in Team Fortress 2 is still fairly warm.


I feel like that video is mostly almost exagerated. Some changes are actually reasonable, the water ripples do look too realistic, and why waste performance on something you'd barely see anyway? I mean performance wise, it's probably the same, so that was probably a useless change in that case, but it looked like a stock Half Life 2 effect to me anyway. And the guns don't have physics seeing as you can pick them up. So why even bother having that in? Also the sappers being gone, I immagine that, they likely did that for either performance reasons, or because it just looked too cluttered. What destroys the performance in Team Fortress 2 are the hats, with particle effects, that's mostly it from what I've seen.


I don't know, the vibe which I'm getting from the video, is that I'm supposed to be outraged or something by these changes. I feel like a lot of these ARE just bugs though. Personally I was never a fan of YouTube channels like these anyway, they tend to twist information in weird ways.


Some of these changes are so minor otherwise, it's like, what's the point? Like whatever, I didn't even notice. It's not like TrackMania where I feel phisically ill from the new graphics. I'm sad that the sappers don't make a giant mess anymore, but I honestly remember things getting a bit clusterfucky when you sapped six buildings at once.


I've always been of the opinion that, I'd rather have things look more empty, and readable in a multiplayer game, instead of ending up with the clusterfuck that is Overwatch, where, 90% of the time you are mostly blind, from all the shit that's happening on screen.


I think Overwatch is the only game, where with every update, the gameplay has honestly gotten worse somehow though. I used to play it out of boredom, but man, they keep adding all these dudes with shields, and it honestly kills my enjoyment of the game. Every match is mostly my team turtling against the enemy team, and I'm frankly not getting any enjoyment out of it anymore.


Like I thought the game was bad, but there's this hero who I really enjoyed playing as, all the time, but it just got so tedious to play.


Anyway I don't know, Team Fortress 2 is, not what I would call a downgrade at all. It's nowhere near as bad as TrackMania.

Like some weapon animations broke, yeah well big fucking deal, we don't have the SUNSET anymore in TrackMania 2.





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Nice video. Coulda been neat to mention something about Canyon Platform, the classic TrackMania game mode which was added to Canyon in an update, and which Nadeo even later broke and never did anything to fix again.


I recall some fuss about the car handling in Canyon being revamped at one point, and people complained about it. I think I also preferred the original.





Ross, you said in your video that you didn't play the original TM games and didn't find them visually attractive. TMO has some cool handling, but I recommend checking out TM Sunrise and also with the TMS Extreme expansion. Its graphics are a significant step up from the first TM game's, and still look beautiful. Plus, the sense of speed in TMS is greater than in any other game.



TM Sunrise also has what I think are the best music and menu presentation in the series, and a lot of the coolest tracks. It also has 3 game modes: Race, Platform, and Puzzle. In my opinion, a TM game isn't a TM game without all 3 modes - even if Nadeo has been making Race-only TM games for longer than they made them with the other modes included.


Platform is my favourite mode. It has no timer but presents challenging platform-based tracks with checkpoints that a car can be respawned to if something goes wrong. Gold, silver, and bronze awards are given based on how many times the player resets their car at the most-recent checkpoint (which they do whenever they fall off the track, turn upside down, or anything else that prevents progress).



And some of the Platform tracks get really crazy (timestamped video):



TM Sunrise is Nadeo's peak as a developer, IMO, and the studio has been putting out mediocre and half-baked releases since being bought by Ubisoft. And to anyone who would suggest playing TM United instead because it has samples of the same environments as TM Sunrise: TM United isn't comparable to TM Sunrise, it's a much worse package, worse music, worse stages, worse presentation. I think it also has less content. Even importing the TM Sunrise maps into TM United isn't nearly as great an experience as playing TM Sunrise.


Because of the horrible Starforce DRM Nadeo put into TM Sunrise, to get TM Sunrise to work on a modern PC, either a virtual machine of Windows XP, Vista, or maybe Windows 7 is needed, or some other method. I've seen people get it to work using various methods. I've also bugged Nadeo to release it without Starforce on GoG, but they seem to be pretty stubborn in not doing that, so far.






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Yo I made a post for my Exploration Map. It's a big TrackMania 2 Valley map which you can explore at your leisure. No racing.


I don't want to spoil it, as it's fairly small. I mean, all the space is filled up. I did design some parts of the map, in order to slow down your car, whenever I was able to, in order to make the map feel bigger than it actually is. It's a trick I tend to use as much as I can, but I put some fast stretches too.



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i completely forgot about this, i mean LOOK AT THIS MESS, MY BRAIN WANTED TO FORGET

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On 8/31/2019 at 4:10 PM, Welfarewalrus said:

Has Ross heard about the theory that Apple updates their previous iPhones to be SLOWER after they release a new one?

I briefly worked for Apple's helpdesk call center and can answer this. Apple doesn't purposefully slow down their older iphones with the new updates. They just generally roll them out without giving any fucks as to whether the old hardware can handle it or not. This happened to the iphone6 during my first week out of training and iirc there was actually a post-update patch for it and I had to play damage control in the meantime. Granted the iphone6 was still pretty popular back then and I'm guessing they wouldn't do that for a lesser used phone.

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