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Last Game You Played

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League of Legends as Tristana with Username as Zilean.


I went 27-7 and used my ultimate to save lives.

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Democracy 3.


Played one game, and got assassinated before getting re-elected, then played again and got this...


I have a national surplus of 10 trillion dollars, no negative effects, two positive effects, a perfect GDP, no unemployment, perfect health, perfect education, no crime, minimal poverty, a maxed out military, it's a fully stable government with all the liberals hating me, (52% of the total population) and I have 94.6% of the population's support. (peak at 98.45%) Interestingly, I only did things I would do IRL if I were living in/running a country. (many of the policies are the way I have voiced them on here, and somehow this game fully agrees with them!) The in-game compass shows the policies as being 56.15% capitalist, and 7.44% liberal.


2 games total, and I have made a perfect government at 100% difficulty... Next up, making one at maximum difficulty.

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Elite: Dangerous


I keep switching between trader and bounty hunter. I have enough money saved up to do both roles pretty decently so I change whenever I feel the mood.

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Killzone: Shadow Fall.


The guys at Guerrilla games are assholes with that ending.



They did one of those endings where they make it seem like even when you beat the game you failed. Then they roll the credits for about 15 seconds, interrupt the credits and present to you the more favorable story close in the form of a mini level. I seriously thought they were gonna pull that bullshit, too.


Well played Guerrilla Games. Well Played.


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