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This or that?

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Star wars, because i have never watched star trek.


France or England?

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Neither. I've tried both a COD and Battlefield game, neither held my interest long enough. On a side note, the only difference I can tell you between both series (from what I've seen and played) is one has bigger maps, and allows you to drive vehicles.



TT: Tall Tale games, or Traveller's Tales?

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Here's my reasoning :

"Classic Simpsons or Modern Simpsons? " < = > "What's more True, True or False"

So seems a bit redundant. I'm sane, not senile.


God, I'm sane.


Ketchup or Catsup?

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Warcraft III or Starcraft II




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I too am in favor of AMD processors, but only the Ryzens.


Warcraft 3 in general, SCII for better gameplay.


When in the dark: Backlit or mechanical keyboard?

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