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Birthdays Thread

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Forums aren't forever you know.... people come and go. And I will too, one day go... and all memory of me will be vanished.



Luckily I have made some kind of a contribution to this forum when I suggested and formed the Serious Topic Section. :DDDDDDDD

So maybe there will be a guy here in 10 years or so, and he will ask something like , "Hey, who created all these sections" and go on a mission to find out and then he might find a topic about "Serious topic section" in the support section where it all started. ;). And he will see my name there.... yeah....


lol, have I gone far from answering your question?

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Happy Birthday QuietGrave, even though I doubt you're still browsing the forums.



What ever happened to that guy, and am I the only one who remembers him? O_o


I remember him, I also remember him giving me a warning for mentioning the Flying Spaghetti Monster >_>

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It's my real, for real, actual birthday today. I just put 11th because they're close by and I'm just plane tasteless.


so yeah, it's my actual birthday today, on the 12th.

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happy birthday Hammy!

and Alyxx..

and Bjossi...

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