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Birthdays Thread

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So, I would like to pint out one of the most momentous occasions of this week: Doom Shepherd's birthday!


At least I think it's his birthday, he said so here, and that birthdays announcer thing in the board index is a little... generic... at this moment.


Happy birthday old man! Rock those decades. Go get some. Cake.

(I actually have no right to call you old man, you're just a few years older than me :lol:)



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My Birthday is totally going to be overshadowed by Episode 4 of FiM. LUNA! YOU BE A CRUEL MISTRESS!

Episode 4- 10/22

Srake's Birthday- 10/23



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Well, Happy Birthday Srake!


If you take the fact that it's your birthday,

+ no apocalypse on Friday

+ you were the first winner of the Super mega awesome accursed farms giveaway lotto

+ that German satellite that was reentering the atmosphere today has not landed on top of you yet.


I would say you had a pretty good year.


Have some cake!



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