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Dead Game News: Asheron’s Call, Ghost In The Shell, Hawken

Dead Game News is not dead! Bunch more games shut down that should have been covered earlier, but nobody else seems to be doing this job, so you’re stuck with me. Here it is, likely another episode coming for December. Next up should be Freeman’s Mind.

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I didn't even know dead game news was still going on. I left notifications on, but i didn't get notified.

it takes all colors to make a rainbow


except black

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It's fantastic that you're doing this, but you missed some important parts of the Asheron's Call's story. It didn't die. It was murdered. Turbine was explicitly making end of life plans for player servers. I personally saw the "Player run servers" link in the launcher notes, and it's said that they released data to help people create server emulators. I've read posts from multiple Turbine employees saying they planned to release everything and maybe do a full hand off. And...then Warner Brother's lawyers happened.







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Just a heads up how I plan to do subtitles from here on out:


Relatively short videos like Dead Games News and Freeman's Mind will be my priorities. Game Dungeons and other similar videos that are 20-40 minutes will be the least priority because they take a long time to do. With my other projects, this is how I have to do things. Game Dungeons will still be subtitled but they will be slower than short videos. My apologies. :cry:

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