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  1. You should figure out how to "pin" that first tweet to your timeline. That will make that particular tweet always appear at the top of the Accursed Farms twitter feed so people know whats up. Kinda like a sticky forum thread. Otherwise it will just get buried under all the other tweets you'll eventually make over time.
  2. Sheesh, I can't believe we're this close to finishing. It doesn't seem real. I started watching this in the 8th grade, and since then I've gone through high school and graduated. I remember telling my friend about episode 10.5 after school one day and how it was just an April Fool's joke, but he didn't believe me. I remember when Ross moved all the way to the West Coast to work at the Machinima offices, and then moved back to Virgina like 10 seconds later. I remember the whole drama with Machinima and the switch to his current network. I remember theorizing whether or not Ross would switch to Black Mesa after the trash compactor scene. I remember him passing that part before Black Mesa even came out. Heck, I remember Black Mesa coming out. It all feels like it was just a few weeks ago but at the same time it feels distant. It's an odd sensation. I wonder how long it'll take him to get through Half-Life 2.
  3. He's mentioned these games several times, including the main character from the series making a cameo appearance in his latest Game Dungeon, but I'd love to see his take on the Legacy of Kain series. They might not be considered obscure or unknown enough for his videos (especially with the new free2play Nosgoth game released), since the videos seem to mostly be about promoting old forgotten gems, but its a very well-made series of games that are very near to my heart and deserve any spotlight someone is willing to shine on them.
  4. Just wanted to say that the Game Dungeons are my favorite content Ross puts out, that this was an excellent episode and I very much look forward to seeing more. Thanks for all the content Ross, it's well appreciated.
  5. I have a feeling Freeman will walk right past that hall and not even see it.
  6. I feel that this one is one of the better episodes. I laughed more at this one than I have most others.
  7. Gman appears at the beginning of Episode 1, not the end. The end is when Gordon and Alyx get in the train wreck after the citadel explodes.
  8. Hey look, the Balrog from Lord of the Rings is on the progress bar!
  9. That is impressive. Impressively impressive. Impressive enough to make me angry about my lack of skill at the game.
  10. Actually I change my mind. The hardest game I've played was Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey. Can't even get passed the tutorial levels.
  11. I am personally grateful for how fast he's working on these. That's not my problem, he's working plenty fast enough for me. My problem is there is such a delay between when he finishes them and when we get to see them. As others have said, they do upload other stuff and people obviously enjoy them because of how many views they get. It's just that they seem to have those on such a higher priority than Freeman's Mind and other works by Ross. Before Episode 33 came out, he had already uploaded 35 to them by the time 33 was released. It's like you're at a deli and they make you wait around for 2 hours waiting for them to serve you your sandwich when you can see it sitting on their cutting board, all finished and polished and everything. I don't have that much of a problem with it because I have a ridiculous amount of patience and can wait for it easily, it just feels kind of insulting, you know?
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