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  1. Same thing happened when Doom's Guy Mind - Episode 7 was released. "This needs to be a series" was the most common comment at that time, too. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter who's "mind" we're talking about here. Ross could've done "Trash Can's Mind" or "Road Sign's Mind" and it still will be enjoyable and people will crave for more. Case and point - people love Ross' work, his approach and his humor, and, as a result, they will always ask for that sort of things.
  2. By the way, Ross, the track you used in this video is also called "Prison & City On Water Fight" by Mech (a.k.a. Mediastudio). Although within official soundtrack that was released on a CDs it's called "sWitch" with Stephen Rippy, David Rippy, and Kevin McMullan being mentioned as contributing artists. I'm not sure which title/artist is more legit in this regard, but it was a damn mighty fine choice for a music track, sir.
  3. Unheilig - Astronaut I prefer The Chase of Highway
  4. I didn't know anything about this show until this forum opened my eyes on the last week. I can't say I hate the show, though I definitely can't say I love it. For me it's just mediocre cartoon that is not worth my time. But, If some people like it, well... many people are fond of much worse things than that. The only annoying and irritating thing about this show is the fans. NOTE: I'm not talking about ABG specifically. People often makes conclusions about different sort of things judging it's fans. So, I think many people don't give a damn about MLP, or another show, or music, or whatever until the fans start to piss you off.
  5. Actually, it's impossible to come up with the ideal ''zombie apocalypse'' plan. It depends on several factors: 1)Zombies itself. Are they slow/fast; intelligent/dumb; zombie virus spreading through bite/by air, duration of zombification process etc 2)Location, where you live. It can be a megalopolis, but it also could be a desert, mountains or smth. 3)Sources of water/food/energy/weapons nearby. 4)Contamination programs. 5)Evacuation programs. If government starts to evacuate people, a doubt it would be a smart move to stay in the infected area. I actually didn't think about this stuff before, but I think in case of this scenario I would go in a place where the amount of people is pretty low.
  6. Riiiight... And what did you do with a meteorite? Do you take it? Someone else has taken it? Do you have any pics/photos of it? Or you just left a meteorite lying there, like ''yeah, hell with it, I don't care about another rock from space, I'll just leave it there and get back to my business''?
  7. The teacher, probably, meant something that is similar to animal or human reproduction.
  8. For me, it sounds like 28 Days Later + Fallout. Are you asking about virus itself, or contamination program, or classical government "nuke all zombies" plan? As much as I like to claim that zombie apocalypse could be fun, I really doubt it's possible. About virus controlling mind: alphabetagamma have a point. About nuclear "cleaning": it's absurd. First of all, if you have shelters/vaults, why do you need to poison earth with ungodly amount of radiation for hundreds of years, not speaking of destroying cities, infrastructure etc.? That's why Great Nuclear World War III isn't possible - it's not practical. Infected human beings/zombies without source of energy like food/water/HUMAN FLESH/BRAINS cannot exist longer than 30-45 days. Muscles need energy, and if healthy people are hiding in the vaults, than sooner or later all zombies on the planet will die from starvation. Yeah, that's irony.
  9. I'd say, legalize it. People, who don't want to smoke weed or take drugs, wouldn't do it anyway. So, they don't give a fuck about legalizing. People who are interested in the idea of having dose in morning will take them anyway. So, they don't give a fuck about legalizing either. The only thing about it, probably, crackheads wouldn't need a drug dealer because they could buy it from a local pharmacy. Same thing goes with cigarettes and alcohol. After legalizing, black market, drug dealers or whoever sell this shit will lose money. So, it wouldn't change quality of life or society a lot. And it wouldn't change my life at all. Plus, the government will gain another way to control and manipulate people. Everyones happy. So, yeah, why not?
  10. Fav. color! [_] Red = loud [_] Green = stupid [X] None = freaky beast [_] Orange = gorgeous [_] Yellow = innocent [_] Purple = a little too happy [_] Black = emo [_] Brown = funny [_] Gray = skanky [_] Pink = preppy [_] Blue = sweaty [_] White = sexy [_] Other = hot What kind of bottom half are you wearing? [X] Shorts = cutie [_] Skirt/skort = skank [_] Corduroy = faggot homosexual [_] Skinny jeans = scene kid [_] Ripped jeans = emo [_] Cammo = cage fighter [_] Jeans = prep [_] Cargo = clown [_] Sweats = athlete [_] Boxers = brat [_] Booty shorts = female [_] Capris = Gangster [_] Nothing = hoe [_] Dickies = weirdo [_] Bikini bottoms = tiki girl [_] Other = sex addict What is your natural hair color? [_] Auburn = that every one wants to make out with [_] Blonde = with a broken heart [X] Black = with a sexy smile [_] Dark brown = with a hot boyfriend/girlfriend [_] Red = that likes to have fun [_] Brown = who loves to be different [_] Dirty blonde= with sexy eyes [_] Bald = with herpes [_] Other = with a nice ass Pick the month you were born on: [_] 1 = who ate [_] 2 = who needed [_] 3 = who killed [_] 4 = who shot [_] 5 = who killed [_] 6 = who smoked with [_] 7 = who farted on [_] 8 = who ran shirtless with [_] 9 = who got stabbed horribly by [X] 10 = who cuddled with [_] 11 = who slept with [_] 12 = who ran naked with Pick the day you were born on: [_] 01 = a french fry [_] 02 = a dog [_] 03 = a shoe [_] 04 = a toothbrush [_] 05 = Santa Claus [_] 06 = The Trojan man [_] 07 = Barny the dinosaur [_] 08 = a prostitute [_] 09 = a porn star [_] 10 = a bag of weed [_] 11 = a lover [_] 12 = a glass of milk [_] 13 = a horse [_] 14 = a lesbian [_] 15 = Michael Jackson [_] 16 = a pickle [_] 17 = a jew [_] 18 = a condom [_] 19 = an orange [_] 20 = a dildo [_] 21 = a homeless guy [_] 22 = a whore [_] 23 = my crush [_] 24 = an easter egg [X] 25 = a jar of honey [_] 26 = a homo [_] 27 = a bowl of cereal [_] 28 = the kool-aid man [_] 29 = a stripper [_] 30 = Paris Hilton [_] 31 = YOUR MOM Pick the color of the shirt you are wearing [_] White = because I love marijuana [_] Black = because im sexy as hell [_] Pink = because the naked cowboy told me to [_] Blue = because I have AMAZING boobs [_] Red = because I'm a pimp and your jealous [_] Polka Dots = because I hate my life [_] Purple = because I'm gay [_] Gray = because I got dared [X] Other = because that's how I roll [_] Green = because I'm good in bed [_] Orange = because I smoke crack [_] Turquoise = because I have a noodle in my nose [_] Brown = because I had to I'm a freaky beast cutie with a sexy smile who cuddled with a jar of honey because that's how I roll. Yep. That... thing is 100% me. Absolutely. Especially the part with the honey.
  11. Just finished Alice: Madness Returns. It's just mindblowing. Whoever likes the original game must play the sequel.
  12. Put on a fireproof costume. What would you do if you could live without sleeping?
  13. I'll disagree with you on that. Fallout 3 and HL2 great games for it's atmosphere and storyline with it's own setting. Changing levels like a gloves would be out of the place. DNF is not a serious game. It's all about humor, fun and gameplay. So, yeah, it terms of DNF, big variety is necessary for keeping gamers entertained. Because the storyline is not very complicated and thoughtful. It's like Serious Sam or Painkiller. It has dull storyline, but variety of levels, enemies and weapons still gives you a lot of fun.
  14. hakumen

    Did You Know...

    @Axeldeath Nice. But I think this show either for little girls or for REALLY lonely people.
  15. hakumen

    Did You Know...

    As I said before, I already googled it. So I'm pretty sure I understand what character of your favorite show resembles me. But I ask one more time. Why?
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