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  1. :l Getting warnings... Apparently there was not enough characters in the last post sooooo..... This will probably be the last one for the moment as my other ones are too large .. Oh well, check these ones out.
  2. Happy Skele-Character! Sorry about blue lines but that's what you get when you use old schoolbooks as sketchpads
  3. A few more pics for those who like him.. Angry Skeleton Guy thing pic.. Commencing mini-dump
  4. Play this while staring at my character...
  5. Valve have actually said to game informer that the next installment of the Half-Life franchise is definetly not going to be the end of the story, instaed they're going to the continue the story for a longer amount of time.
  6. I just did! It's barely been an hour, you must have patience! You have a right to complain about no one replying when it's been a couple of DAYS with no replies. Patience! XD
  7. I thought someone might reply
  8. Hey Guys, I've just created a character in a 2d platformer I'm thinking of creating, I've only got one problem... I can't think of a name. What can you guys think of? Comments on him are also welcome. * EDIT * Other pics are available if you wanna check them out
  9. NOFX... Usually I'd be listening to some metal but... I like NOFX's lyrics
  10. Okay these games are always changing but... 1) Half Life Series 2) The Elder Scrolls Series 3) LittleBigPlanet ( It's what first introduced me into game creation ) 4) Brutal Legend ( Metal!!! )\ 5) G-Mod It took balls for me to put LBP up there... but I did it.
  11. Replaying The Orange Box for my HL2 fix and to set myself up for Portal 2. Also giving Oblivion Modding a go
  12. These aren't really obscure.. They're more cult classics but I love 'em: Shadow of the Colossus, Ico and Psychonauts
  13. I think a Uncharted movie would be cool... wait what's that? There is one! And it's starring Nathan Fillion?!... WHAT?! IT WAS GOING TO HAVE NATHAN FILIION BUT NOW THEY'RE STARRING MARC KILGOUR!!!! AND IT'S ABOUT AND ANTIQUE MAFIA???!!! WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  14. Heh, I'm a bit younger than you guys... my first game was Croc 2 on the PS1, I still love that game. I must've spent 5 years as a child playing that game, just couldn't get past the stone age levels. I came back to it at 12 and finished the whole thing in a week, It was a bitter-sweet moment because it felt as if the game would never end , still, I have some great memories of my Dad and I playing together, it was a real special feeling to complete a level together.
  15. Skyrim and Portal 2... Can't WAIT!!!
  16. Half-Life 1 had a giant tentacle monster. And Freeman's Mind would be nothing without it. But I didn't get a nerd crush on the tentacle monster
  17. Alyx is in Half Life 2 soooooo..... Half Life 2 wins
  18. Hey Guys, Location: New Zealand Occupation: Student Name: Daniel I'm an ex-ps3 fanboy, I finally got converted to PC when I got the Orange Box on Ps3 and became instantly in love with Valve's games, I had a choice... PC or Xbox and IMO Xbox isn't very good. I first found Freeman's Mind when I was browsing youtube for a playthrough of HL1 as I couldn't play it ( still had my ps3 ), first on the list was Freeman's Mind: Episode 1, I watched it and I loved it... usually I rewatch the season every couple of months but now a forum's up I'll be losing a lot more of my time on here :l I'm into Heavy Metal ( Megadeth, 3 inches of blood, Motorhead etc.), Punk Rock ( mostly NOFX ) and older rock ( Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Sabbath and such).
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