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  1. A method to the madness, Most of us have heard these words in the form of a question. However, in my Army years I would frequently here them in the form of an answer, reassuring us that there is always a reason that things are done a certain way, even if no one seemed to know what that reason was. I find these words fitting the question asked by this thread. Nothing happens without some kind of trigger, no cause without an effect and vice versa. Is it so difficult to believe that there is a reason behind it all? In short, the universe is such an amazing and complex thing, that I can't begin to imagine that it's all just one big mistake. Perhaps life doesn't have a meaning in the traditional sense but that doesn't mean that it is without reason. Rest assured, there is always a method to the madness.
  2. Released on September 28 2004, Evil Genius was a fun game that flew under the radar for most gamers. it's release was over shadowed by the well known Half Life 2 a little over a month after EG's release. While this game isn't that old, i have found that the vast majority of PC gamers have never heard of it. Basically it's an RTS / simulation style game similar to Dungeon Keeper. Basically, you start out with $100,000 in gold bars on an island of indeterminate location. You have build a secret base recruit minions and henchman to carry out your evil bidding and ultimately try to take over the world while defending your base against the forces of justice. Here's the Wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil_Genius_(video_game) The game was added to steam several months ago and is currently $9.99 USD. This game is not for every one so I advise you to watch some game play videos before buying the game. In my opinion it is a great game and a lot of fun so if you like what you see, I highly recommend it.
  3. I believe you, it seems like everyone's been getting sick lately. I guess it's just that time of year. Just drink tons of water and direct all your anger towards healthy people and you'll get better in no time.
  4. I'm not that educated on the subject however, I've always seen communism as something that looks great on paper but just doesn't work when the human variable is factored in. I don't think a communist government can work as long as there are people making decisions. I actually think that the exact opposite would work, where humans are governed by computers and policed by machines. Although even then some asshole in his garage would find a way to hack robo-prez and ruin it for everyone. Humans are competitive, corruptible, greedy and untrustworthy by nature and while I don't believe that that makes up the majority of the population, all it would take is the right man (asshole) in the wrong place (A place of power) to bring this house of cards crashing down. While I know that this is true of most governments I feel like a communist government is more likely to fail due to people screwing it up because of it's focus on equality. Sorry if this is poorly worded, I'm really tiered and about to take a much needed nap.
  5. If you have complex brushwork with multiple faces or displacement work that is invalid and you alter the light map grid on that particular object, it can cause Vrad to crash.
  6. Looks very nice, the texture work is very impressive. The only thing I noticed is that the floor lamps seen at 4:18 don't blend well with the rest of the map. I remember I tried to use that model once as a light source and had the same shadow effect, I just don't think that model is suited for that role and the texture doesn't feel like it belongs in the environment. Just my opinion, great work though.
  7. I actually do think of myself when I see this picture. I can picture that thing popping out of my sock drawer with a knife, I think I would shit myself.
  8. That's Dog's dumpster which might be a prop_dynamic if it has animations. Not that it matters now but I thought that I would mention it anyways.
  9. I recently bought the game but I just got it running last night. I'm running on an older system and those fancy particle effects are brutal but I finally got the settings balanced out and the game runs decent now although there is still the frequent drop in frames when the effects get heavy. So if your like me and you are fairly comfortable in you knowledge of PCs but are still convinced that yours is evil or you are currently running on older hardware that barely meets the minimum requirements your going to have a battle on your hands but in the end it's worth it. First impressions: The default controls are not the norm as FPS titles go and you will most likely find yourself rebinding your keys within the first few minutes of the game. That being said the game controls can feel a bit sticky and or clumsy at times and take some getting used too. After the intro / tutorial level the game starts of nicely and continues at a fair pace. There are plenty of side missions and tons of areas to explore. In fact, one of the unique things about this game is the level of freedom given to the player. for instance at the beginning of the first (post intro) mission you are given the option to chose what weapon your going to start with, whether you want to go lethal or non lethal and choose a close or long range weapon type. Although you don't have to stick to this if don't want too, the game is all about freedom. There is almost always more than one approach to every challenge. Meaning that you can hack the lock on the fence gate or pile up some boxes and climb over it, kill every guard in the room or sneak around them, there is enough freedom here to make this game worth replaying. The AI can be hit or miss, at times they will seem to be on point but there will be plenty of moments where they will behave stupidly or just plain disappoint you. It would have liked to see the AI have more human reactions to their situations. For instance, I just killed 5 out of 6 guards with out so much as being shot at and the last guard alive, while alarmed shows absolutely no concern for his situation. AI also seem to lack a sense of self preservation, it’s not uncommon for guards to funnel into a room that they know isn’t safe even after seeing their friends mowed down in the doorway. Overall, the AI is good but it’s not great which at times can feel almost out of place in a game so polished. In closing: Over all, I love the game. Messing with the enemies and the people on the streets is a blast and the freedom in the missions makes the game interesting and fun. I recommend you watch some let's play footage on youtube to make sure this game is for you, that's what I did. PS: Cheaters never win ; )
  10. Zaxxon table top, I found it in a box in my basement in the early 90's. I was pretty young at the time and thus I to this day don't know where it is or in what condition it is in. It's somewhere in the house, I only wish I had known how much of a treasure it was.
  11. chocolate covered ants, a chicken heart and a pig's eye. Don't really know which one is the strangest but the eye is by far the worst tasting of the three. The ants where a bit sour with the mix of chocolate. The chicken heart was very chewy but other wise good and the Pigs eye was nasty but the trick to eating an eye ball is to try and either swallow it whole or chew and swallow as quickly as possible. If the eye juices hit your taste buds it's vomit city. In case your wondering the eyes where done on a bet at a pig roast and I had plenty of beer to wash it down.
  12. Bad Company 2: Vietnam DLC last night, at least until EA's servers shit the bed around 4:30am eastern time.
  13. Killing Floor,I only discovered this game a few months ago and I have to say it's pretty fun.
  14. Alright, I feel like I need to toss in two cents here. There is no valid reason for this guy's actions. Religion has nothing to do with this tragedy. This man is clearly a psychotic individual who went unnoticed by friends or family and simply had to much time alone to develop paranoia and delusional thought patterns. It's not uncommon for people with mental illness to hide their symptoms and do so very well. I recently had my own experience with some one I know who went from perfectly normal to full blown schizophrenic within a few months, allot of the time people left alone with these kinds of issues tend to blame religion, government or other major factors in society and sometimes even the people closest to them for all their worldly problems and their failures. I remember one guy I worked with was convinced that if he could invent a new language, all the worlds problems would be solved. The point I want to make is that whenever something like this happens the first question on every ones mind is "why?" While I understand that, I feel like the longer and harder people try to answer that question, the more they justify the actions of one disturbed individual in the eyes of other just as disturbed individuals. There by increasing the chances of a "copy cat" surfacing and trying something just as crazy. Also I just get plain tiered of people trying to make sense out of a senseless act. As for this Breivik guy, I think they should be branding him as a lunatic, lock him up in a padded cell and keep him near comatose for the rest of his life or just kill him. Doesn't matter if they can prove he's insane or not, no sane person would justify what he did, there is no place in society for this man.
  15. Hardest game I ever played, Red Faction on hard difficulty. The game was challenging enough on normal but on hard it was dam near impossible. Though I have heard of people beating it on hard, I never did.
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