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  1. How can you possibly know all of this? how can you not
  2. universes can't interact... i fell over laughing when i read this. yes, yes they can. although a recognizable reaction could take billions upon billions upon billions upon billions of years so you wouldn't notice, unless you stabilized quantum entaglement which, as previously stated, would break the universes and time itself the laws of physics don't change when applied to another universe, although they do if applied to another dimension
  3. i played rs when i was twelve, almost three years ago now, but then i found steam... and portal.
  4. It's actually "Is that an MP5? It is! Now i can solve up to 800 problems a minute" +1 I want that on a T-shirt. there's an entire thread about that
  5. i think you mean "is that a sub machine-gun? it is! now i can solve up to 800 problems a minute"
  6. "when i was right to begin with" "you admitted that" "let people attack me" you can't claim your right without proof yes, this means it was unintended in the first place it isn't real time, what can you do to stop them happy now?
  7. Bluh? Xen isn't even in our universe. It's a border world sorta between dimensions. Basically, it's outside of space as we know it... if this is true then you can't travel there AT ALL, the only possibility is the folds in space-time, but this could mean he could be in a different time period, let alone universe... or they managed to make the entaglement between particles stable and broke the laws of physics, again.
  8. that wasn't funny im sure ross will continue as he does
  9. I'll represent the actual Nazi party you all know our policies, if you don't then you need to do history lessons
  10. DAMN STRAIGHT! i think that YOU are in the right and the other guy is the douche
  11. Freeman mentioned waking up in a trash compactor another time so it probably doesn't affect him as much. actually he says "again", this means he may have done it quite a few times
  12. xen must be pretty close to earth, teleporters work at light speed so it must be closer than the sun... unless you use quantum particle entanglement wich should work instantly, if you do though you can say goodbye to limbs and organs and hello 60ft in the air and teleported over an ocean
  13. [quote="QuakeIV"]Actually he gets pissed off at the guard later and takes the gun anyways. He says something about using it as a drop weapon if he murders someone. EDIT: NINJAS![/quote] what he actually says is "that's it, I'm taking your gun from you. i can use it as a drop weapon..."
  14. [quote="Maxbun"][quote="Twilight-Kun"]I think he should get his memory back after he exits the waste industry and sees the room full of Hound Eyes "Wait... *shockwaves* "Agh! I remember you!" *shoots* "Damn....what's next, large armored aliens?"[/quote] no i think if ross scott will do this *mister freeman u don't rember?* gman *who are u whats going on* freeman *you got hit in the head by....* gman *by who* freeman *by.....* gman *WHO SPIT IT OUT* freeman *MARINES JUST STFU* gman *pistol round goses off* *freeman wakes up where he was* *man now I know what happen last night* freeman *i got drunk and i had this dream...* freeman *marines starts shoting* *nope that was not a dream* freeman[/quote] no i do not like this
  15. [quote="LSD"]That episode where he goes back and forth trying to get the train car to work (and ultimately meets a concrete wall...), he sees it lying on the ground and decides not to take it for a reason i don't remember.[/quote] he leaves it for the guard, and then takes it when the guard pisses him off
  16. no more complaints i didn't even notice that episode 35 was GREEN! but machinima have let it out already, i think the delay was for e3
  17. why don't you just add another set: freeman's mind civil protection complaints about machinima etc
  18. if i made a topic complaining about this (as a joke), would that be too much? and how much farther will it go?
  19. frozt


    or you could just open the thread that says "you favorite quote" for both FM and CP and copy all of the posts
  20. YOU'RE ON THE LIST!!! or am i?
  21. ross's freeman often does stupidly heroic things on the sole basis that he has been down all other passages, but i would like it if he saved the world in order to be lazier in the long run, and then he can bitch about it all the way through hl2
  22. ross actually said it himself, he uses impulse 200 to lower his weapon, god mode for no damage and noclip for pull ups
  23. personally, apart from your awesome videos, i need more rep points (not for me, but to give to others) or, rather than giving t-shirts for donations, just sell t-shirts. simpler,easier. of course it doesn't really matter, it's not like it'll stop me watching your videos, nothing could.
  24. like it, stops mass rep spamming and makes people think twice about lowering someone's rep, once again GOOD WORK
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