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  1. So I haven't been here in a long-ass time. Things have probably changed a lot since my last time here. I'll cut the pointlessness and get straight to the point. I'd be surprised if anyone here knows about this game. The music is from Lisa the Painful RPG, successor to Lisa (the First). The game takes place in an wasteland-ish world where there's no women around. The game's plot, setting and characters revolve around this one fact. While the soundtrack is a bit "gamey" for my taste I still think it catches the game's many themes. If you're into cruel, hard choice, emotion grabbing games, try it out!
  2. Only DSP can fail at a game this much,that's why he's the only LP'er that supplies hours worth of lulz.
  3. A:Australia.Because they have an awesome accent and they wrestle alligators! Q:What irritates you the most?
  4. And so that day,both Twilight Sparkle and Psychotic Ninja witnessed Bill's horrific shitposting. No amount of therapy could of fixed their minds,forever lost in the trenches of the shitposting...they will not be missed. I'll maek a great writer!
  5. Yes, a situation you have helped immensely by making a post here and nowhere else. swAdhHglBIU I'm not going to make a post somewhere else,because i have nothing worth while to say on those threads!
  6. Srsly,this is only active thread?
  7. Sin City I remember watching it as a kid,definitely one of my favorites.10/10
  8. A:Probably because Ross hasn't uploaded anything in a while... Q:What would happen if we cut the Earth in half with a meter wide knife? Q:BORING!What would you do,if someone came up behind you with a knife and said that he will raep you with it?
  9. Banned,because that's animal abuse son!
  10. Which is funny because it's actually the other way around, believe it or not. Not the ones i've been to.
  11. I'm back,and i'm still white.(damn it!)
  12. Someone keeps deleting my posts.Hmm...
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