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  1. "THIS JUST IN: Wives live longer than husbands because they're not married to women." -Colin Mochrie
  2. Accidentally banged my head and it really hurt, but then an old friend whom I hadn't heard from in MONTHS contacted me again to let me know he's alright, so now I feel better!
  3. John Wick 2 (or whatever they're calling it) - 9/10 I thought the first one was good, but that the sequel would just be a crappy generic mainstream action flick. Luckily I was wrong, and it turned out to be one of my new favorite action films! Amazing long shooting and fighting scenes, with creativity, good editing and great sounds and a pretty nice story too. It was really refreshing to see that they didn't committ the modern movie sin of shooting action sequences with quick cuts every .3 seconds, which is what I was really worried about. So if you like action movies, you have to see this one. Seriously, you HAVE to.
  4. Doublenature, congratulations and good luck! Small vent: I absolutely hate smelly cheese. My dad loves this stuff however, and our fridge is full of it. This means that if you open it for just a second the smell will fill the entire room. The ENTIRE HOUSE has a faint smell of disgusting cheese now and I think I'm going insane.
  5. After months of silence, a portal from the Nth dimension opens again. Out comes the UshankaCat, followed by an army of creatures that have made the UshankaCat their king. Psychotic Ninja is quickly defeated and the UshankaArmy fortifies UshankaHill for their UshankaKing.
  6. Well if it doesn't mean anything to you and you don't car about it, then it's perfectly normal not to worry about any of that stuff. (I too have no idea who the person in that picture is btw, or who the Kardashians are. I think Kanye West is a musician of some sort.) Am I weird for loving the sounds of rain and thunder?
  7. I like the style! The text is a bit difficult to read though.
  8. Left 4 Dead The biggest reason the older game is better than the sequel: NO JOCKEYS
  9. Absolutely not. In fact I'd say that's completely normal considering all the threats that all this new technology also presents. Hacking, government spying, jobs taken by robots/computers, the potential for failure when every little thing is depending on tech,... Is it weird that this is my dream car?
  10. Story of my life, mate. Not weird at all. I'm pretty sure that's quite common. Am I weird for genuinely enjoying ambient music?
  11. I have never had a craving for a banana split before, but right now the feeling is overwhelming. Strange. Very very strange. I usually don't even like those.
  12. No, we all get caught up in that "just ONE MORE video!" loop. (Wow, third page already! I didn't think this thread would even get this far!) Am I weird for collecting various hats and helmets? (In real life, I don't play TF2)
  13. Occasionally you'll stumble upon a really good channel on YouTube and wonder: "How does this person not have more views and subscribers?!" So here's a thread for the underappreciated people of YouTube. Post your favorite YouTubers that no one else knows about. Here's what I mean: my roomate the is a channel mostly dedicated to the "my rommate the XYZ" series, which are videos, usually between 5-8 minutes in length, that show the strange kinds of people you could end up having as a roomate. But besides that they also make a lot of other really funny sketches and skits that all have a ton of effort put in them, in writing as well as acting and editing. And despite all that they only have (right now) a bit more than 61.000 Subscribers. Come on, guys, we need to change that!
  14. Gas Guzzlers Extreme How did I forget how much fun this game is? Put on a good playlist in the background and crush your enemies in vehicular combat. Great stress reliever!
  15. 1. Vanishing Point on Playstation 1 2. Crunchy peanut butter 3. Smooth peanut butter 4. A mix of crunchy + smooth peanut butter 5. A slice of bread with peanut butter on it
  16. I'm finding his website oddly enjoyable. Except for the "Hell" part, as a German I'm just very confused.
  17. Minecraft + Serious Sam = Serious Craft You craft giant badass weapons to defend yourself against hordes of beheaded creepers running at you and exploding.
  18. Bad News: We can only teleport to Bavaria. *shudders* Good News: You won a million dollars!
  19. I found a bunch of my brother's old PC games, so now I have Soldier of Fortune, Hidden & Dangerous, Age of Empires II, the version of Half-Life, Counter-Strike 1.5, and Unreal & Unreal Tournament. So far I've only gotten Unreal to work though.
  20. Okay, I only know one way to do that, but it is a little complicated. (This First part you can technically skip, but I recommend doing it anyway) First you will need a handy little tool called "GCFScape" - that's one of the must-have tools for any modder. Now you will have to find the sound file. Go to your Half-Life Source directory and open hl1_pak_dir.vpk with GCFScape. In here you will find all the files and folders that aren't your base directory, including all sounds! Now you can't just replace/remove the sounds within the file, so instead make a new folder in the HLS directory called "custom". Within that one make a new folder, give it any name you'd like, e.g. "Machinima". This folder you can treat the same as the hl1 folder. This means that you recreate the same folder path of that sound you want to replace. Then find a new sound file that is just silence, which you name the same as the sound you want to replace (if you can't find a silent .wav just extract and rename sound/common/null.wav). So if you did it correctly, and wanted to replace, for example, the flashlight sound, it would look like this: custom/Machinima/sound/items/flashlight1.wav, and flashlight.wav would just be silence. When you start the game now, the new .wav you created will override the one in hl1_pak_dir.vpk, so in your case it will just be silent. Good Luck!
  21. It's only about 14°C outside, but the sun is shining inside my room, heating it up to about 23°C.
  22. That is weird, but in a cool way! Am I weird for feeling uncomfortable when my hands are warm?
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