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  1. As a somebody living in eastern Europe in USSR style buildings and in a humid environment outside, i have a few things to say: 1) fighting mold is a neverending fight. The only way to get rid of it is to fix the cause of it. In most cases mold is growing because of a faulty ventilation. This can be common in older buildings - the ventilation shafts are often broken, full of dirt and other stuff, sometimes closed off by illegal renovation of appartments etc. It also can start growing when you tear out old windows (the really bad ones, where you can feel the wind coming in) and replace them. In such a case the bad windows actually give some ventilation. 2)3 days to dry your clothes? It seems you are living in very humid appartment. Probably 80+% on a daily basis. Living in such humid place is also bad for your health. 40-50% is optimal. 3) dehumidifiers work very well but this brings us back to point 1 - unless you can fix the issue, you will have to use the machine every day, multiple times a day to have a good climate. Think of this as a boat that has sprung a leak. The best way would be to fix the boat or get a better boat. Using a pump to get rid of the water in your boat is only a temporary solution that doesn't guarantee anything in the future.
  2. Fric

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    Which discord server are people hanging out? The one sort of recently posted on page 3? I only see a welcoming channel there.
  3. Hey boys and girls, Since I suck at making stuff up, I'm interested if anyone could help me with picking a new nickname I could use online and in games. My previous nicknames usually suffer from not sounding that good and often being hard to actually pronounce. I'm looking for something that is: easy (-ish) to remember; would be easy to pronounce in English over comms and such (!!!); even if the name is not that easy - it could be easily called in a shortened name that makes sense - e.g. Silverman or in short - Silver etc; would at least little bit stand out and is not too generic (e.g. John, Marine123, Warrior123 etc.); wouldn't be too game specific that only works in a single game or single style of games (e.g. JamesRaynor (makes sense only in sci-fi) or WarriorPriest123 (makes sense only in warcraft style games) etc.)
  4. Just a note - you mentioned Satellite Reign not being able to run at full speed. Its a known issue that the way the devs made the lighting effects it drains a lot of resources. Lowering the graphic settings might help. What's even worse - even the best systems after a prolonged play session start to drop in fps - restarting the game helps a lot. Your computer specs should be ok to run it.
  5. Heya guys, I just finished watched Man in the High Castle season two (which recently came out). I found this series very good and to my liking. Has anyone else watched it? Anyway - I'm currently looking for something else to watch. I might be interested in something similar - a Sci-Fi, something utopian, ideological etc. My guess that book adaptations have very in-depth potential (not sure how many out there though). I'm looking for something that has something more to offer than just something to pass the time, something where you have to think more, or there are some bigger meanings in there. Anyone can suggest anything interesting? Just some stuff I have seen sort of recently: Man in the High Castle Firefly Arrival (movie) Interstellar (movie) some other stuff I have seen/read that I liked: Dune (the old movie) Fahrenheit 451 (novel/movie) Gataca (movie) Equilibrium (movie, although more action base, seemed very similar to Fahrenheit) Children of Men (movie, action based, quite ok) Jericho (tv series, was quite ok) That's just some of the stuff that comes to mind at the moment.
  6. Nothing wrong with negative critique, but the key here is that it should add something, that people might not be aware of. Saying negatives about very old games, especially games like fallout 1 & 2 which are considered to be classics might not be the best thing. Ask yourself this - when people read/hear/watch this - what will they think at that moment? If someone who hasn't played will decide not to buy it? Will people disagree? Will people remain indifferent? Negative critique is mostly essential for newer games - you influence the buyers. If you read bad reviews, you might not buy it at steam sale....
  7. Yeah, well its in a way the same as other aspects that change overtime for the worse. Why make the product intentionally worse than it could be? Yeah, it might save them some time/effort, but as customers we shouldn't be ok with this. There are 2 main drivers for businesses - competition (someone else is doing a better job and has a better product) and demand (if people are satisfied and couldn't be bothered to demand better products, than well, you get what you get).
  8. watched this exactly when Ross made the first Deus Ex video.
  9. Well, its quite easy to apply common sense here - Historically since the dawn of agriculture people have improved their methods and well before modern machinery and fertilizer people already have realized the concepts of plowing and why its necessary, the already mentioned crop rotation (e.g. using plants from the legume family), fertilizing with manure from livestock, watering etc. etc. I think these concepts from history has proven itself... Has the modern agriculture changed? Yes, a lot. Have we used way to much chemicals? Yes, especially like 40 years ago or so - e.g. in USSR nobody gave a shit about the environment and sometimes for human health either (e.g. google "DDT", its a pesticide, but best known for killing birds and has been reported to increase cancer chance in humans), but its way down today, so thats good. Do we use too much fertilizer? Maybe, there is no correct answer. Does soil erosion happen with weak land use policy? Yes. Do we have to go back to the natural way than? No.
  10. it's a minor inconvenience at best it's hardly a hindrance and it just makes the game feel less smooth, it's no reason for 50% positive reviews on steam Might be true (depends on the game) but limiting it from the DEV side is just lame and stupid. It has poor development written all over (or bad port). You are making your product intentionally worse than it could be.
  11. http://www.digitalstorm.com/unlocked/30-fps-vs-60-fps-gameplay-there-is-a-difference-idnum255/ Bigger fps - smoother and more enjoyable gameplay. Granted if you have always played on lets say ~30fps, than you might feel its nice and there is no problem. BUT you can always hear that when someone switches from a regular 60hz monitor to 144hz one, you won't be able to convince him switch back. One might say fps is a matter of preference, but its only partially right - you might own an old gaming rig and run games in low settings, but surely you would like to buy a new rig and be able to run with ultra graphics and run it with good fps and no hickups. So limiting games to 30 fps is bullshit. P.s. A great analogy would be Ross' 3D rant - he has seen good 3D (60 fps and more), but today's movies are with "meh" 3D (30 fps).
  12. Whaaat? This game company is still alive? Jesus...
  13. Let's just say that this sounds even less plausible than all those indiegogo, kickstarter revolutionary technology scammers (if not scammers than just people who simply have no technical, physics, chemistry etc. knowledge) that even get publicity in the press - e.g. Thorium fueled car, solar roads, triton artificial gill, self-filling water bottle etc. etc.
  14. Did you pirate it by any chance? Weren't you like a broke ass student with no money who pirates games, music and movies? Now I see you are an expert in thermodynamics and physics? Aren't you afraid that the evil corporations will kill you? Oh and the part that you lost it 10 years ago somewhere in the house and haven't made another one since is the best part. Thanks for the morning laugh though. :D :D I'm really not sure which one is true - your one of the biggest trolls of this forum or are you just sitting in the basement with a tin-foil hat.
  15. This doesn't really run contrary to what I was trying to say, you're working in order to have a voice at the table, which takes money now. I would argue Congress is largely detached from the average voter and instead is only affected by groups like yours. Some of these DO represent the interests of common people, many of them do not. Lobbying is basically the legal corruption if you ask me... Often it has nothing to do with the actual people and improvement of their quality of life.
  16. Well tbh fallout 4 was a bit of a dissapointment - it really felt at times that they were making the game with attitude "Well, the modders will make it cooler anyway, so don't bother too much"... But otherwise true - modding significantly increases the playtime. Doesn't matter if those are small mods or total conversion mods...
  17. I mean, yeah, It might impact a bit sales and stuff but 1) its seems to be only temporary; and 2) they still make a lot money, so they don't really give a fuck about your boycotts.... Another example Tmartn and prosyndicate and their gambling shit - even though their gambling business is probably done for (and they might actually get some fines/compensation if not jail time IRL) their youtube channels are operating as if nothing happened. Even though at first people were like up in arms and calling to boycott them and dislike all the videos etc. The "detective work" made a huge blow, but the boycott part afterwards was with little significance.
  18. From what I see boycotting generally does not work... I mean, it could work with some small business - e.g. he does something really stupid and cannot continue, because his revenue was already small and he could barely make it. Just a few examples: everyone was up in arms about the shit move about react video licensing - Fine bros are still very much in business; EA or anyone else big makes a shitty game - guess what, still going forwards, probably made money from that shitty game as well; loads of people are talking against G2A (which they deserve imho) - still in business and will be; more locally: few years ago we had a terrible accident when a supermarket collapsed - 54 people died (including rescuers), the supermarket chain CEO came out with such bad attitude - it was a PR suicide (he was later fired) and the ongoing legal proceedings are filled with bad press and both the supermarket chain (who reportedly deactivated fire alarms like 30 times that day and didn't evacuate) and the architects/builders are just looking for legal loopholes and ways to get out of this without any consequences. Guess what - I recently read in the news, that this supermarket chain's turnover last year was growing. Even bad publicity is publicity... I mean I bet even if e.g. DICE started publicly murdering puppies and kittens and putting it on youtube, Battlefield 1 would be a bestseller hit this autumn...
  19. Although Pillars of Eternity was funded by kickstarter I would hardly call it an indie game. It was made by big devs and publishers, so not sure why its on the list... The game itself ofc was awesome, don't get me wrong!
  20. This is kinda weird for me.... I mean - I saw the The Mechanical Apartheid trailer for the Manking Divided and I was totally hooked, that trailer imho was movie quality.
  21. While, in part, I agree that "hype culture" is getting out of control, Hello Games did lie. A redditor compiled a list of all the things that were advertised that didn't end up in the game: My guess is that they initially planned for a much smaller game but all the critics and news outlets started the hype, Hello Games were overwhelmed and started to follow the hype thinking they could a lot more to the game at some point. In the end - they probably couldn't keep track of what they have said. Do they even have PR/media/marketing people? I have a feeling they didn't, that's why there all these "failed promises" which in a lot of cases were just super vague responses from the dev. In short - they were way over their head on this one.
  22. Regarding Deus Ex (and the newer games as well) just saw this video:
  23. An overhyped indie game that shouldn't have been a AAA game.
  24. 1) Is it possible to see who registered such a trademark? As far as I understand - no... Could be just a spoof or get rich quick scheme - people have been doing it with domain names since internet was created; OR since nuka world is the last DLC, bethseda might do it themselves... Or just registering ideas and no guarantees of an actual game development... 2) I'm quite sure the guy from Obsidian (maybe in another interview) said quite clearly - yes, he would be interested in another fallout game, but there is nothing planned/going on in that direction (read that quite recently, can't find it atm). Oh and that article is from 2014!!!!!
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