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  1. I wonder if Ross has ever heard of Kaiserreich... It's a pretty cool mod for Hearts of Iron 4/HoI:Darkest hour. Its basically "What if Germany won WW1?" set in 1936. While the mod is still in alpha, its already much more fun than the base game with many cool scenarios (Socialist France and Britain/Civil wars with up to 8 secessionists or more/Mongolia with Genghis Khan II/etc.) and flavor events to it. But what is the most interesting aspect of Kaiserreich isn't the game itself but the community. Most of the community are at /r/kaiserreich but there are some in the Paradox forums as well. I don't think I've seen a community with extremist left and right, as well as centrists and monarchists discussing memes and the serious plausibility of each scenario in the lore, without falling apart in seconds. The community is one of those rare gems that brings true diversity and works better with it. There are even people who sometimes mistakenly believe they are in the Kaiserreich timeline (though probably jokingly). I'd love to see Ross's thoughts on this (unless he isn't a fan of alternate history) because Kaiserreich is probably one of my most favorite video game mods I have ever played. I can't imagine a life without this game. Here's the map of Kaiserreich (though not up to date as the South America rework update was recent) Map
  2. Judging from what I seen in the invitational tournament, there's a lot to be improved on but I believe Sakurai will fix the Bayo problem and the weird knockback issues where it flings you at infinite speed and then immediately stops you at the blastzones. I would love the story mode, mainly because my favorite parts of subspace emissary were the cutscenes and the bosses. If I had control, I would add boss challenges every month where you would have to beat a boss as quick as possible while not dying. The rewards probably just some achievement and maybe even cutscenes of characters just interacting with each other. Or just make Subspace Emissary 2.
  3. Well, I was right. This is even worse than Fallout 4. -Always Online (MMO) -Experience only better and easier with friends -Same Engine, most likely more bugs with all this content -Base building that would be forced and buggy as always -Vague storyline that will most likely as boring and half-assed as Fallout 4 The only thing I like about it is that it looks much nicer with the environments, it doesn't look all mush like 4. Funny cause we already have a Fallout 2 MMO in Russia that is probably thousand times better than this crap.
  4. I'm willing to bet its gonna flop like Fallout 4, probably worse. Bethesda hasn't improved 4 from 3 nor New Vegas other than the minimal combat mechanics that is sluggish and boring to play. I'm not saying this because I'm a hardcore Fallout fan, I will go as far and say I hate Fallout 2 despite the popular opinion. I just lost faith in Bethesda as a reliable company that provides fun games. Fallout 3 was somewhat fun, New Vegas was fun too (even though that was developed by Obsidian) and the Elder Scrolls franchise had some ups and downs. Fallout 4 was uninteresting and had conflicting tones that was all over the place from the artstyle, to the story, to the gameplay. Maybe I'm wrong and people really did love Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 might even surpass it. Nevertheless, I'm not hyped at all for any Fallout game and I will be waiting in the corner for STALKER 2 to hopefully come out.
  5. vUZYKX8dFlE A 3 hour video on how to use the Source Engine for Machinima narrated by Ross Scott. Description from the video as follows: Also my favorite part of the video is at 17:43.
  6. Dat vomit swep Very good episode! Its like the greatest christmas present I got so far.
  7. It won't. Your optimism is cute but its clear Valve knows Half Life 2: Episode 3 or even Half Life 3 would waste too much money producing it compared to selling skins on CSGO, games on Steam and having more micro-transactions on the latest DOTA card game. The old valve is dead, the employees that cared about Half Life left the company to pursue other projects, and those who stayed are making more money than they could think of, consolidating their future with their families.
  8. If anybody needs a version without codenames: https://github.com/Jackathan/MarcLaidlaw-Epistle3/blob/master/Epistle3_Corrected.md
  9. When I first saw the thumbnail I was like "GABEN??!?!?!"
  10. Probably a lot of people heard about this, but if you haven't heres a couple of info that will help with the discussion. Jon Aryan Jafari, AKA Jontron, a famous youtuber game reviewer, https://www.youtube.com/user/JonTronShow said comments that majority of people found repulsive in a discussion with another youtuber . Playtonic Games, the spiritual successors to Rareware games and developers of the recently released Yooka-Laylee, in response to Jontron's comments, removed his voice in the game, which also caused backlash from the community, like . There are many speculations behind this controversy, whether Jon was serious and meant in his comments, was it a business or personal decision by Playtonic, and was it Jon's attitude that caused the same controversies in the past (Leaving Game Grumps, Broken Friendship with PeanutbutterGamer/Austin, PS4 Retarded Twitter Scandal, etc.)? I wanna ask you guys since many of you seem reasonable and logical. What do you think of this scandal and is there more you can add from it?
  11. I think a really cool country that if Bethesda/Obsidian could tackle either be Canada or Mexico. If I remember, both of these countries were annexed by the US and had rebellion against the occupation (In the Germantown Police Station, there was a prisoner who was arrested for having a bomb and a "Pre-annexed" Canadian flag). There could be nationalistic factions who want to revive Canada/Mexico and be isolated to the US. The antithesis to these major factions could either be the NCR in Mexico, or the Enclave in Canada. The NCR would want to expand to Mexico, as they did with New Vegas, and are more generally advanced with tech and supply, but have a imperialistic attitude to the tribes within Mexico, which could be the reason for the revival of Neo-Mexico. The Enclave could still have survived, even if their base of operations got nuked, as they might have more bases in Alaska, as Anchorage was an important role in the war. So while weakened, they could continue on occupying Alaska and move to the south through the coast, say the British Colombia. British Colombia wouldn't be nuked as much, maybe as much as 5 nukes, as they don't have much resources that could've been useful, probably all of east Canada would be nuked as they have major cities and resources. So Neo-Canada would be in BC and protecting themselves from the Enclave. Anyway, just a shower thought that I wanted to share.
  12. This man is my TF2 Spiritual guide now. Also, Valve does care about TF2, they just managed to VAC out most of LMAOBOX cheaters a days ago and are focusing hard on making competitive. If that doesn't show you that valve cares, then only the release of HL3 will get your attention.
  13. Play it. Trust me, Tropico 4 is one of my favorite games on PC, every hour playing it I enjoyed it (112 hours on record). Its also one of the most common games to be on sale, I got mine at 80% off, so you might be lucky to get it even at 90%. But even at 22$ with all DLC, it still worth it, (Though I might be over-hyping it, depends on how much you prefer strategy/management games) Heck check out the reviews on steam, they're all accurate on how the game is. I still play it from time to time, even more than other games I consider better than it, like Cities Skylines and Simcity 4.
  14. I played all of the franchise since the first Tropico game in my childhood. Tropico 5, in my opinion, is the worst game in the franchise, maybe worse than Tropico 2. It still has the humour and the whole aspect of mind-controlling your citizens and country, but comparing it to Tropico 4, you have less options and the game can become stale after you finish the modern era. There are still cool gameplay aspects like the upgraded eras and the AI, but it feels very lacking and leaves you wanting more. I don't know if you played Tropico 4, but its basically a better version of both 3 and 5, it has more buildings, more freedom of control, more edicts, more customisation options for you dictator, more of everything, EXCEPT graphics, 5 has better graphics and art style.
  15. I've got a somewhat russian accent if you need that, but I have a not so decent mic but since its half life the quality shouldnt matter right?
  16. For me, I have a repeating cycle of loving and hating Maplestory for a couple of years. When I first played it, I was like 7, and it was the best game ever. The graphics were great, the style of a 2D platformer made the game fun and easy to understand for any noob, the community was friendly enough, there was no shitty story to follow just you being on an adventure, THE PEACEFUL MUSIC, AHHHhhh... Maplestory was pretty fun, then I grew bored of it, mainly because there were other games, but when I came back, I realized that Nexon (The creator) ruined the game by making it more grindy, the community became more antisocial and full of hackers, they added a shitty story that you had to follow, and shit classes that they called "Heroes", that were basically a stylised class that had overpowered stats, the game was ruined for me. I still hopped on and off until my account was deleted because it was too old (If you lived in Singapore, you needed to put your ID in to play), so I stopped and felt like Maplestory was ruined forever. I just hopped back in 3 months ago with a new account HELP ME I MIGHT BE ADDICTED
  17. I remember hearing that Russia in the Fallout Universe is basically Metro 2033
  18. So Eddie is a garbageman tortured by toys? Actually that could make sense, Eddie probably met Gordon while he was knocked out drunk in the dumpster. MAKE THIS CANON
  19. Alright guys, TF2 Classic is back on! You can download the full game at their site tf2classic.com. Glad the mod is back and running again!
  20. Who has tried the expansion pack Rising Tide, for Beyond Earth? I dont know if I should get it since a lot of people have mixed feelings for it. Is it good? Is it worth the price? Is it game changing?
  21. I would love Ross ∞ times more if he does a review on Cossacks Back to War. I think he would find this game interesting as it is technically better than Age of empires, you get a cool map editor thats more extensive than the Civ 5 map editor AND it comes with an encyclopedia about the history of the nations. Thats 500 dollars in a 10 dollar game (Since college textbooks are so god damn expensive). Its also my first PC game I ever played but I don't know if that reason would change Ross's mind. Maybe this game will help him dive into other problems in videogames like why some games or consoles that are better and fun have lower sales than the inferior games and consoles (Gamecube/Dreamcast with PS2, CSS with CS1.6, Binding of Isaac, etc.)
  22. Undertale! I think a lot of you guys have at least heard of it, or played it. But if you haven't, its basically an RPG with VERY innovative and mind blowing mechanics (Well Not MIND BLOWING, but still pretty damn cool) added into it. Its one of the first games where it deserves a 10/10 on any review. I don't know if it will cater to those who never ever played an RPG before but the story is really good and the "combat" system is easy enough for anyone to understand. So why am I talking about this on Accursed Farms Forum and not anywhere else like reddit or with my friends? Warning Spoilers from "Freeman's Mind and Undertale" VERY VERY MINOR THO, LIKE ALMOST NONE Tune in next time! As in look below if anyone replied. Also Morse Code for this text.
  23. I think you can find a website in their steam group, someone has their own download for it. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TeamFortress2ClassicTF2C Note: Its really large, like >2 GBs, but it only requires the SDK 2013 and not TF2 itself
  24. Freeman could be a psychopath, but he's definitely not a sociopath. From my experience in my neighborhood and WebMD, sociopaths have a conscience that is very weak and when they see something new, there not really fazed by it. Because this show is Freeman's "Mind", we don't hear anything from Freeman saying "I don't like killing this guy but whatever", we just hear "Whatever" with most of the people he kills like its a normal afternoon. Also when Freeman enters Xen, he FREAKS THE FUCK OUT. A sociopath, I believe, would be like "Eh, not so bad, I sorta been through this". Actually could Shepard, in Shepard's Mind, be a sociopath? He isn't fazed of being in an alien world last I remember and has a conscience that he generally ignores.
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