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    Games You've Finished Recently

    Has anyone finished any games recently? I just finished Planescape Torment and can summarize my experience in three words, barmy as fuck. I'm even more bewildered having finished PST than I was halfway through it. PS:T IMO is the best written game ever made and it's batshit insanity all the way through. I'm almost certain PS:T has broken my brain in one or another and I consider that to be a good thing. I hate it when I can see a video game story coming from a mile away and that never happened with PS:T.
  2. Heliocentrical

    Discuss Your Philosophy

    I've been wanting to talk about philosophy for quite sometime. I've posted these ideas in The Discuss Your Opinion thread but it didn't seem appropriate for the questions I was asking. Because of this I've decided to start a philosophy thread. Please feel free to ask about and/or discuss whatever philosophical topics interest you. Philosophical Topic #1: Pain One of the many discussed ideas within philosophy is the notion of pleasure and pain. But I'd like to talk about pain specifically. Pain exists in a physical sense when you say get a cut, bruise or a migraine. But it also exists in a mental sense in the sense of you choosing to acknowledge the pain your body is experiencing or not. So If you choose to utterly dismiss the mental half you'll never experience pain and thus never be touched by pain. You'll be utterly impervious to pain because you chose to not let it touch you. You've chosen to dawn the most impervious of armor or built the most of invulnerable of castles. A mental armor or castle. This also applies to the external pain of say the heartbreak of a bad breakup, the loss of a loved one or friend. But you'll never be mentally pained or obstructed by these things if you choose to dismiss the inherent physical pain that is derived from them. This also doesn't mean you must give up pleasure in return. Just block out all the pain and let in all the pleasure. It's as simple as that. The notion that one must experience pain in order to truly appreciate pleasure is quite frankly an absurd one. You wouldn't stab yourself each time you eat a piece of cake or ice cream. The fact that you stabbed yourself after eating the piece of cake or ice cream doesn't add to the experience it ruins it. So what is the point of experiencing pain if all it does is serve to obstruct us, torment us and causes us to succumb to such terrible illnesses such as depression? We'd be better off without it.
  3. Heliocentrical

    Fallout 2

    I think I've narrowed down what it is exactly that I don't like about the Fallout 2. It's how wildly inconsistent the tone can be. To me it's on the similar level with the Warcraft games in that both series try to be silly and serious at the same time but warrant neither. I really don't think those tones juxtapose well together and would work much better if they were separate from each other. Most of Fallout 2's soundtrack is eerie and depressing so when something that's suppose to be funny comes along it feels wildly inappropriate. I don't exactly feel like laughing in presence of Moribund World, Khans of New California, Industrial Junk, City of Lost Angels etc. Those tracks seem better suited for a horror game than a comedic RPG as they evoke fear and desperation. Ron Perlman isn't exactly humorous either when he's describing how desolate the wasteland is. This is absurd, what is going on here? The Fallout 2's tone seem wildly out of focus and when tries to act all serious like with the aforementioned Ron Perlman descriptions it doesn't warrant any emotion from me because it's dishonest. In Fallout 2 I remember a specific point in the game that just broke me and not in a good way. I got to the Central Council area in Vault City and went into the parlor room. Inside the parlor room there's a vault citizen peeing that will not shut up about the fact that he's peeing. That's the joke, that's literally it and when I found him I let out a long sigh and then shut off the game. I mean what am I supposed to make of something like that? It's not funny, it's not clever and the brow of the game's "humor" tunneled it's way to China for how low brow it was. If I wanted to listen to absurd pee jokes I'd go watch one of the Scary Movies, ughhhhh. Anyway, I think it's fairly safe for me to say that neither Fallout 1 nor 2 are for me and quite frankly I don't get why people like them. Their mechanics are janky, color palette is bland, combat takes forever and the world didn't interest me in the slightest. Since the game was beyond me at this point I began looking for reviews of Fallout 1 & 2 to see if anyone else had a better idea of what made them great. They didn't provide any good answers either and overall were pretty mixed. Outside of pure nostalgia I can't find a good reason to play Fallout 1 & 2. This is a surprise to me since I loved and adored Planescape Torment which was released a little over a year later after Fallout 2. I guess Black Isle Studios wasn't quite there yet.
  4. As of late I've been noticing a particular habit in my posts/what I say in a conversation with my friends. I've noticed that some of my posts/conversations I unconsciously turn into essays. if I have extensive knowledge on a given topic I feel compelled to explain it in full and gratuitous detail. I always wonder if this gives people the impression that I'm a smarmy asshole and/or someone who obsesses over video games too much. I'm pretty sure I've scared some of my friends due to this. I won't go into full detail but basically at some point during several different conversations I've had with my friends they would give this sort of look of "Why can't you just enjoy the game for what it is?" or "Are you okay? It's just a video game". I know they mean well and they're nice people deep inside. But I feel like I've become disconnected from them as a whole and can no longer communicate effectively with them. Just one day(don't know exactly when) all of a sudden my vocabulary became much more complex. I honestly can't remember what it was like before. All I know is it wasn't as immense as it is now and oh look I've typed up yet another essay. Anyway if I can't relate my issues to you then I thank you for your time nonetheless. At least I always feel better when I express my problems then when I keep them bundled up.
  5. Heliocentrical

    Games That Haven't Aged Well

    So lately I've been playing old games. Some hold up, some don't and I would like to talk about the ones that don't Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion I've been going through the old Elder Scrolls games, namely Morrowind and Oblivion. While I can say Morrowind still holds up Oblivion does not. Which is funny because Oblivion is younger than Morrowind. Oblivion is like Morrowind except with significantly less freedom. You can't kill everyone, there's invisible walls, Levitate, lock, mark and recall spells are gone. Customization was a huge part of Morrowind for me but what's the point of making your own custom spells and gear when you can't do whatever the fuck you want with it? Most important of all is you can't break the game as you're far too tied down by balancing constraints which kills another large portion of my enjoyment for a game like this. Overall Oblivion is just a generic, linear, slog which is sad because there are some aspects of it that are really good like the soundtrack and the subtle atmosphere. But unfortunately that isn't enough to save the game IMO.
  6. Heliocentrical


    Since Ross has brought up the topic of Linux I figured it would be a perfect time to talk about my experience with it. I've played around with various Linux OSes like Arch, Debian, Fedora etc. Out of all the Linux distros I like Arch the most because it is rolling release and this is a very minor nitpick but I just like Arch's command line syntax more than the others. Most of Arch's commands are very short making it very easy for you to rapidly execute a series of commands in one go. I also think that Arch's commands just look cleaner. I wish it was more stable but Manjaro Linux https://manjaro.github.io/ has got me covered in this regard and it's the one I use to get Arch's syntax and rolling release without the hassle of instability. I plan to expand my technical skillset with Linux as I'm smack dab in the middle when comes to experience. Not a master of Linux but definitely not a rookie either. Though I'm not really sure which direction I want to go in. System admining looks like fun but I don't like the fact that their function is stabilizing servers. Pen testing looks promising as I love the idea of using exploits to gain access into a system(legally of course) and just breaking things in general. People have told me I'll want to move onto playing with VMs of Arch Linux and Debian Sid so I can gain general technical knowledge while I'm deciding. I'd like to pick a career that works with unstable/bleeding edge Linux OSes. But I'm not sure if that exists or not. I've got Windows 7 on one HDD and I've also got another blank HDD for which I'm going to use for installing Manjaro and then installing VMs in the Manjaro HDD. So what is your experience with Linux?
  7. Heliocentrical

    Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2

    I have a particular taste in obscure video games. There's one Playstation 2 game that comes to mind by the name of Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2. I don't hear people talking about it that much. Dark Alliance 2 is one of my favorite hack and slashes. It isn't a combat powerhouse like Diablo 2 but one of Dark Alliance 2's strengths is it's atmosphere. When I played Dark Alliance 2 I felt like I was actually there in the Forgotten Realms setting. The art style has aged considerable well. Though that may have to do with how to the camera is positioned but I digress. The soundtrack is phenomenal. Some of the tracks send shivers down my spine every time I hear them. 3BvB5iAkl1s R_75OJd-mWQ In terms of atmosphere Dark Alliance is on par with or even above Diablo 1's atmosphere IMO. I have two gameplay videos to give people who've never heard of Dark Alliance 2 before an idea of what it looked like. UzCM5D-ESGE criWmc6RAqo But viewing the gameplay videos on their own doesn't do the game justice. You need to play it to truly appreciate it. If you happen to find a Playstation 2 or 3 with backwards compatibility dirt cheap I would highly recommend getting that along with a copy of Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2. I'm quite saddened that Dark Alliance 3 was cancelled and those types of hack and slashes aren't made anymore.
  8. Heliocentrical

    Gaming Sales Thread

    So I figured this thread would be useful for everyone. Please feel free to post sales on GOG, Steam, etc. GOG just started their Monstrous Winter sale and for it they're giving away copies of NWN 1 + all it's expansions for free. Get it now while you can https://www.gog.com/ .
  9. Heliocentrical

    Broken Stuff

    So what kind of broken stuff are you currently having to deal with? My monitor's display went all sorts of wonky on me today. The old bastard currently displaying numerous vertical bars and and segmented text. It'll be amazing if I can post this without any typos as I'm still using the monitor .
  10. Heliocentrical

    Should we be a little bit less serious?

    @Rocket Propelled Gordon Oh look it's the "I'm not racist but." guy. Well you know what you were totally right all along. The US, Australia, New Zealand and countless other fucking colonies should totally go right back to where they came from and give back the natives their rightfully deserved land. That would be just wonderful and I mean that sincerely. GEE I WONDER WHAT FUCKING DOESN'T WORK WHEN THE BRITISH EMPIRE ESTABLISHES COLONIES THAT ARE 200-300 FUCKING YEARS OLD AT THIS POINT AND FUCKS OVER ALL THE NATIVE INHABITANTS IN THE PROCESS? Surely it wasn't the massive super power like the British Empire's fault. Oh no, they never could something terrible like that because their fucking white as snow. You're not just a pathetic, mentally, defective, degenerate, racist sack full of cum you don't fucking understand how history works do you? Don't think of using the "I hate white people." card on me like you used last time. Apparently Russia killing millions of it's own people via mass starvation during the collapse of the Soviet fucking Union didn't happen either. I mean if some fuckface like yourself doesn't know about it apparently it never happened. *Slow clap for Rocket Propelled Gordon.* *Slow clap* BRILLIANT, GOLD FUCKING STAR TO YOU, BUDDY. * So tell me how is being a mentally defective degenerate scum of this fucking earth doing for you? Do you enjoy that little, tiny insignificant white person safe space you love and have failed miserably to defend so much? Do you still insist that some people are significantly better than others based on how much melanin said person has? Because that's fucking fool proof metric if I've ever seen one. I'm guessing you believe the Earth is flat to don't you?If you're ready to go as you were when I metaphorically beat the shit out you last time then it would be my absolute pleasure to tear you another fucking asshole friend. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND GOD HELP YOU IF I SEE YOUR SORRY ASS HERE AGAIN. FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! AND FUCK YOU!!!! God, that felt good, like really fucking damn good. Quite frankly I don't care that I just had a Christian Bale moment here. He deserved everything I said and this is considerable mercy for someone like him.
  11. Heliocentrical

    What are you listening to?

    uoUCyrg5Syo After going to The Asylum in VTMB so many times I had to figure out what that chick was saying.
  12. Heliocentrical


    You tell him Jeb, kick his shit in.
  13. Heliocentrical


    I still wouldn't exactly call it good either. But honestly who cares when kicking the absolute shit out of someone who's wronged you feels so damn satisfying? Retaliation is one of my favorite pastimes. Chaotic Neutral for the win.
  14. Heliocentrical


    I'm proud of you Jeb, you've taken your first step into the dark side. Feels good doesn't it? In this world there are only two kinds of people, people who use fear and the people who fear. I was in the latter for a long time. It was just in my nature to be a "good boy who does what he's told.". Then I realized I needed to start making people fear me in order to gain some form of a foothold or be destined for lifelong servitude. Then on a fateful day a disgruntled person yelled at me in a rather spiteful tone and then oh boy did I have a field day with him. Before I screamed straight back at him I felt a shift or more like a snap in my head. Then Not only did I let him feel the full brunt of me shrieking back at him I made sure it stung, like a branding iron to his ass cheek. Before I knew it he was on the floor trembling as I starred at him in the dead center in his pupils. eventually he started he started crying and to this day I still relish the moment when I had broken a man whom had broken me countless times before. My writing's getting pretty good don't ya think? I should start writing novels. I think I'd be pretty good at it.
  15. Heliocentrical

    General Chat

    Well what do you know, AS actually has a good show to air. I don't know how much has changed with AS. It's been years since I ditched cable but back when I watched AS their lineup was at best mediocre and at worst downright garbage. My memory is fuzzy in terms of what was airing but I remember it being pretty bad. IDK if I want to get cable again just to watch Samurai Jack again though. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see Samurai Jack again but is there any other way I could watch it when it airs?
  16. Heliocentrical


    It has to do with the irregular GD posts. Ross is trying to put as much effort into The Movie as physically possible. This means he can't give The Movie as much attention without compromising on GD and vice versa. For the sake of The Movie he's chosen to compromise on GD. This means fewer GD videos less often which in turn means less viewers as there are now less new GD videos to watch. It has also been long enough since the last new GD that the average new person could conceivably believe Ross stopped doing GD or just got sick of his irregular video schedule. However Ross's more dedicated fans are probably still there though. Wow, I feel like I just gave a lecture on the economy of focused effort and video viewing. I'm not blaming Ross just to be clear. He's welcome to do whatever he wants. I just wanted to point out the current state of things since you seemed confused.
  17. Heliocentrical

    Funny pictures/videos etc

    Fuck, I'm going straight to hell for laughing at that. Aren't I?
  18. Heliocentrical

    Last Game You Played

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines This game is phenomenal, I absolutely adore the atmosphere, world, characters it's all good stuff.
  19. Heliocentrical

    Questions for February 2017 chat

    Ross what's your opinion on participating within politics? Right now I believe politics amount to little more than screaming and pissing contests between asshole extremists. On paper it's supposed to be one of the most important things to participate in as a citizen. But I disagree and I've refuse to participate out of protest for better treatment and respect all around. The toxicity, polarization in politics is utterly intolerable and I won't tolerate it. I think many others feel this way as well if the statistic that 80% of Americans didn't vote is anything to go by. I've had people call me out saying that either I'm being childish or a coward. But I believe this is the only reasonable thing to do at this time.
  20. Heliocentrical


    LBrEmDSy5sk Well, I feel sick to my stomach. I've made a concerted to stay out of politics. Participation is pointless and I don't care to be apart of what amounts to little more than pissing contests amongst extremist ideologues. But now its affecting gaming and that's my fucking wheelhouse. I didn't ask for any of this... fuck.
  21. Heliocentrical

    Post what you're doing right now

    When you say "learning" what exactly do you mean? Are you just trying to get acquainted with the controls or are you trying to do something specific?
  22. Heliocentrical

    Q & A Thread

    Either Jak 2 or Crash Twinsanity for the PS2. Jak 1 was alright but Jak 2 turned into a shitty GTA clone for edgy teenagers. Twinsanity was abysmal in terms of it's platforming. Both games however were absolutely rage-inducing so both of them are in my shit book. I almost broke a controller with Twinsanity. What is the most underrated video game you've played?
  23. Heliocentrical

    Last Game You Played

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines I've literally just started the game and already I've got the impression that this game is gonna be great. The intro music makes me happy. I'm gonna go with Gangrel since that seems to be a clan recommended for beginners and I like werewolves. So vampire-werewolves sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
  24. Heliocentrical

    Games you got recently

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  25. Heliocentrical

    Funny pictures/videos etc


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