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  1. Hey guys! Can you recommend me brouser games like Anno and spor games? Like this http://www.kizigamesxl.com/luigi-stunts.html Thanks!
  2. Boycoott, I think, connects with our principles and has ideological reasons may be
  3. "Tunnel of Ego" Mitzenger is one of the best work about Ego IMHO
  4. I think that person must be happy despite on his age or job or male!!
  5. "Mediator"! Good result!I agree with it!!!
  6. What the critics say about it??Give me some examples please
  7. Can you advice me a good book about political problems?
  8. People say, everything has his own end. And it may be good if you are good and it may be bad if you are bad. But I can argue with it...
  9. I believe that good people meet good ones. And if you have problems in your mind, people wiil be fucked for you !
  10. I am afraid of machines. I think that they attack our lives. It`s so dangerous to develop them.
  11. Your explanation is very original, but.... Is it useful?
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