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Rate the song above you

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The video id always ends before the & symbol. Fixed in the quote.

As for the song, 9/10. Great band. :)



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oh thank you, i thought so, i tried different variations of the code and it didn't work so i posted a different one, i'll change it back.


for your song: 7/10


a funny song, american's or anyone from Cleveland will get how true this is.


meant as a joke. :D


i just realized it's disabled for embedding, oh well, going to youtube to watch it is worth it..

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Not my type of music, but I can see why someone, like you, would like it so, my personal choice is 2.5/5, but that's just me.





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1/10: Takes too long to start and is just too... unpleasant. This is coming from someone who likes every genre I've ever heard.



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6/10 - No originality, mediocore melody, mediocore harmony, mediocore overall...





Youtube crap quality as always :)


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