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Geez... what I'd never expect to see - the president of a country where a hi-jacked passenger plane with some 60 plus hostages on board has just landed, laughing it off :lol:



And... hey, being sexist about it too! :D


To be honest, he had his reasons...


Apparently, the hijacker just wanted to talk to his runaway missus who lives in Cyprus... :roll:



Still, the most politically incorrect and hilarious thing I've seen in ages (not counting Donald Trump as he is just being dumbly fashist - so, not funny)...



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Although I've never played Team Fortress 2, I can't help reading these in Heavy's voice.




I'm sorry about these icon_lol.gif I hope none of you think I'm a russophobe.

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^ icon_lol.gif I bow to your superior tastes in memes Rarity.


On a different subject entirely, who among you is a fan of bad tattoos? Everyone is, surely?







Where in the world is Lionel Wally?



I'm not sure I want to know what kind of ore these dwarves are hi-ho!ing for.



[/applies for a job. involves working with children.]

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