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Favourite Movie Soundtracks

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The Sting

Saving Private Ryan (what little there is to speak of)


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I have a lot of soundtracks that I like, so this list is pretty much what I can recall from the top of my head in no particular order...


Latitude Zero

A Nightmare on Elm Street (All of them, except for the 2010 Micheal Bay remake)


Destroy All Monsters


The Transformers Animated Movie

Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: GMAOA!


Hannibal quadrilogy (not including Manhunter)

Harry Potter movies

King Kong (James Newton Howard)


I guess in general, I like the soundtracks included with Toho movies from the 1950s to 1995. The rest from there on were all hit or miss.

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Yeah, I'm a really big Newman fan.
I recently acquired a copy of the soundtrack to The Man With One Red Shoe if you're interested. This one is rare as hell, you can't even buy it; I have no idea how the guy I got in touch with got a copy of it.

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1. The Lion King (Hans Zimmer)

2. Inception (Hans Zimmer)

3. Pirates of the Caribean 2+3 (Hans Zimmer)

4. How to Train Your Dragon (John Powell)

5. Harry Potter (Various)

6. Finding Nemo (Randy Newman)

7. Dinosaur (James Newton Howard)

8. We're Back! A Dinosaur Story (James Horner)

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Danny Elfman)

10. Rango (Hans Zimmer)


That's sort of a sad list because they're pretty much all kids movies. I suppose I'm a kid at heart ;-D



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Oh man, I have a lot of them. Better if I pick my favourite compositors:

Danny Elfman, Christopher Young, John Williams, Clint Mansell, Hans Zimmer.


And my best of the best Soundtracks:


Sherlock Holmes (By Hans Zimmer)

Stardust (By Ilan Eshkeri)

Sindbad (By Harry Greggson Williams)

Bettlejuice (By Danny Elfman)

K-Pax (By Ed Shearmur)

Planet Terror (By Robert Rodiguez)

The Moon (By Clint Mansell)

TThe Shipping News (By Chris Young)


I like when soundtrack is dynamic and has a memoriable tittle theme (like in Indiana Jones or Star Wars). Actually in Sindbad and Stardust every song is diffrent. It's a variety of diffrent emotions in them. K-Pax and the Moon are more slow, but deeper in some tracks for example. Beetlejuice is crazy. I like it. It's femiliar to The Triple Du Belleville theme. And I have no idea, Why I love Sherlock Holmes OST. I think it's because it's femiliar to Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack.


I'd like to add the

The Kingdom Of Heaven (By Harry Greggson Williams) One of the best movie score ever. I can't really explain why, but I'm totally in llove with this music.

New Sherlock Holmes OST, (By Hans Zimmer) Even better the first movie

How to Train Your Dragon, (by John Powell) similiar to the Kung Fu Panda, but better 'cause more celtic

The Dinosaur, (by James Newton Howard) This is a perfect example for what I like in soundtack music. Sindbad and Stardust are as well.

The Dark Knight (By Hans Zimmer) esspecially the main tittle and Harvey's theme.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (By Danny Elfman) entire album rocks.


But I can't rally decide which is the best - those are my very, very favorite ones. I usually like a serval songs, not the entire albums.

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Any of the Star Wars films, Napoleon Dynamite, pretty much any Disney film...hmm...might add more later.


EDIT:Oh, TRON and TRON: Legacy, of course, too.



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Bob Roberts. A cult classic political horror film about a (fictitious) Pennsylvania Senate Race of 1990. Bob Roberts is the titular character, a devious, scheming politician played by Tim Robbins. You would not want to campaign against him. Part of his repertoire involves seducing the populace with a number of vapid musical numbers (he's a folk singer, see):



They're catchy enough, but just listening to the lyrics reveals how crazy Bob is. Robbins refused to have the songs published on an accompanying album, since the songs work much better (and aren't nearly as offensive) within the context of the movie; he didn't want to hear that crazy gibberish on the radio from some DJ who took it seriously.

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I can't believe I forgot to mention "Moon"...

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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I can't believe I forgot to mention "Moon"...

Oh dis iz bad!

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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Many Astrid Lindgren movies, the first two Cube movies, the tv series the virgin Queen, Metropolis (1927), Stinsen brinner-filmen alltså, one of the original Pirates of the caribbean, and one song from a movie called der Kongress Tanzt. Uhh yeah. :?

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The Usual Suspects, Wall-E, the first Sherlock Holmes film, Corpse Bride. There are almost certainly others that I haven't immediately thought of for this post. I'll add them as I remember them.

Feel free to PM me about almost anything and I'll do my best to answer. :)


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Alien (Jerry Goldsmith)

Alien³ (Elliot Goldenthal)

Star Trek OSTs (Jerry Goldsmith (I, V, VIII, IX, X), James Horner (II, III), Leonard Rosenman (IV), Cliff Eidelman (VI), Dennis McCarthy (VII), Joel Goldsmith (VIII), Michael Giacchino (Star Trek 2009, Into Darkness))

Star Wars OSTs (John Williams)

I Am Legend (James Newton Howard)

The Matrix Trilogy (Don Davis)

Blade Runner (Vangelis)

The Thing (Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter)

Labyrinth (David Bowie, Trevor Jones)

Hellraiser (Christopher Young)

Jurassic Park (John Williams)

The Lion King (Hans Zimmer, Elton John, Tim Rice)

Ghost in the Shell (Kenji Kawai)

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Howard Shore)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Patrick Doyle)

King Kong (2005) (James Newton Howard)

Repo! The Genetic Opera (Terrance Zdunich, Darren Smith)

Avatar (James Horner)

TRON: Legacy (Daft Punk)

Pacific Rim (Ramin Djawadi)

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I really really like both the movie and the soundtrack.


I can relate to the film since I live only about a couple hundred miles from the filming location, and live in a climate and landscape almost exactly the same. I can just sometimes play this in my head when I am out on my bike or hiking.

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