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Personality type thread

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It definitely fits, although the I don't think it fully encompasses me. The social interactions don't fit me personally, but it's not supposed to.

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@BTG: 97% introverted and 94% assertive. XP Damn. They're some high numbers.

I don't like being around people for any length of time unless I know them, (unfortunately, this prevents me from getting to know people unless I'm forced into it, like at work) and I don't question my own decisions... I'm not in the slightest surprised about those results.


Scoring 100% on feeling means you really need to work on thinking through your actions, not just going on what your feelings are. (middle of the road is the 'ideal' as far as the world is concerned) That said, don't stop feeling!

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@BTG: I dunno though, I like being 100%. Cause usually my partner or friend will do all the logic thinking for me and help me in that regards. XP

I was going to go into detail about defending my 100%ness, but then I realized that's rather funny. Since if I did have some percentage of logic to me, I would know that 100% anything is not ideal in terms with this personality stuff. But I like feeling, like helping others emotionally, I'm a naive little girl and if I make people happy, I'm cool with that. XP That's all I need.

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You know, I thought about this stuff recently. Does anybody know of a personality system/test that actually has something to represent those with a "well rounded" personality, or those who just copy/reflect people in the immediate vicinity?

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I know lots of people who are really well rounded and it's extremely hard to fit them into anything (I've tried). X3 So I kinda gave up on that and just supported the fact that they're too unique. XD But some people's personalities change a LOT. I think the only real personality system is either the Myer Brigg's test, or... http://temperaments.fighunter.com/?page=test

There's also this if you're really keen into trying to find the most suitable Myer Brigg's type for you: https://www.16personalities.com/articles/unsure-about-your-personality-type


I myself have been thinking about stuff too though... I had a thought; what does the bad side of our personalities look like? I mean like, what do you do when you're EXTREMELY pissed off? XD I can talk all day about how accepting some personalities are, or how much the INFJ personality type is a good listener. I want to know what ya'll are like when you just kinda... snap. :P To see if how you react depends on your personality, or if it's just different with everyone. As far as I go, if I snap, I REALLY snap. XD You dungoofed if you managed to make me snap. :P And you better pray to whatever God you worship cause holy snot I'm relentless, and it's TERRIBLE. XD This one girl was annoying me so much, the one time I snapped at her, she cried. Oops. I'm so sorry. I'm so horrible, it's awful. >.>

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Ok, so for real, I'm probably an INTP with a good grasp on feeling+learning to be philanthropic, and also having the experience of being "popular". As far fetched as that sounds, I'd present the evidence of acting like one when I was a child, consistently scoring INTP on tests just a year or two back, and generally being all about ideas and recognizing patterns/oddities, you know, stuff that's fun. Now I most likely get mistyped for having picked up on what others do and still doing it. I guess the J I got comes from realizing what ( I think) is good for people after seeing people do the same thing over and over, and not wanting to just see the story play over again with different characters.


So, with that out of the way, here's how I'd imagine the types when they're REALLY ticked off.

INTJ: Your beliefs/you are inferior and I'm going to make you realize it.

INTP: I'm going to ruin your life over time through a long and intricate plan, and generally fantasize your downfall

INFJ: You remember all that stuff you told me? Because I do, and I'm going to oust you in public.


I also hear that INFJs have a tendancy to drag their feet when they don't want to do something but choose to in favor of not facing conflict. Bleh, thinking about negatives isn't fun >.<


Also, took the test, was pretty fun, got phlegm. A girl I know showed it to me once, and I had fun disassembling it whilst she told me what she learned about it in class.

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When I get pissed, it just makes me 100% introverted, and extremely hostile to anyone that tries to violate it. (over time I grew to be able to control my physical outbursts, so no risk of beating someone to death anymore)

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INTP-A ("Logician")








I can live with that result. I've been described by some as an "Alice" personality (as in "Alice in Wonderland"), in that I'm pretty good at dealing with absurd and seemingly helpless situations with a degree of reason and detachment, and I rarely get fazed by anything or get upset with anyone.

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I got ISFJ-A, "Defender" type.


58% Introverted

76% Observant

60% Feeling

56% Prospecting

71% Assertive (the numbers on this one are hardly true >_> )

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So I've retaken the test, this time taking it a little differently and focusing on things I'd do in the now, rather than things I've already done (which could be years in the past). And of course, instead of the usual INFJ, I got ISFP. But I'm finding it actually quite accurate.

- Imaginative

- Passionate

- Curious

- Artistic

- Fiercely Independent

- Unpredictable

- Easily Stressed

- Overly Competitive

- Fluctuating Self-Esteem


At least, accurate for now... I don't know how long that will last until something else weird happens. But I only realized just this morning... it's the same personality type as my character that I've been strangely relating to recently. >.> I can't find my post, but I was showing the similarities between his backstory and my recent weeks, and how weirdly the same they are. And now suddenly I have his personality...




...and I swear I didn't do this on purpose.

I think there's something wrong with me. Me changing my avatar wasn't on purpose either, I changed it cause I really liked that shot of my character.


Perhaps I'm being too 'Oh, I'm unique!', but I don't know. I'm sure it's something weirdly psychological that's deep in my subconscious but hey, I'm not a psychologist.

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Fresh retake of the test, here are the results...


Still INTP-A.


92% Introverted

64% Intuitive

52% Thinking

78% Prospecting

100% Assertive


No significant change.

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Introverted by 84%

obServant by 91%

Thinking by 60%

Judging by a staggering 99%

What can I say... I adore organisation.

Assertive by 86%


Thus making me an ISTJ. The statistics of Personality Types fascinate me quite unbelievably much.

The 16 personalities site describes me as;



The lack of indentation made me so mad I photo-shopped myself a tab system. The above is actually a picture.


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Last time I took this test, I was INFP-T or a Mediator. Now I'm an INTP-T or a Logician. I don't think so, but oh well, I was as honest as i try to be for this


Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers - I call bullshit on this.

Imaginative and Original - Not so much. I lost most of my imagination long time ago.

Enthusiastic - Like my temper now, it's short. Not as short as my temper though.



Very Private and Withdrawn - I'm usually a loner at home or school

Insensitive - Unfortunately, I have a tendency to be an asshole

Absent-minded - I'd lose track of what I should be doing sometimes

Condescending - Same with being insensitive

Second-Guess Themselves - I always feel like I can never be as good as my classmates in anything, be it social life or academics, and that I can never consider my work as good. It always looked like a clusterfuck to me, even if I pulled a lot of work in it.

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I'm still an INTP-A...


Let's go with the flow and give a nice rundown of their strengths and weaknesses compared to my own perception of myself.



  • Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers: I can fully confirm that I do have this.
  • Imaginative and Original: When it comes to getting a job, this is actually a weakness, not a strength. (I do have this one)
  • Open-Minded: You better believe it!
  • Enthusiastic: Only on the inside. I've learned the hard way that enthusiasm should be reserved solely for pizza.
  • Objective: Yup. That's me. Everyone that knows me says it comes across as a lack of feeling, but it's not.
  • Honest and Straightforward: To a fault.



  • Very Private and Withdrawn: I like dark corners and walls... Basements are awesome!
  • Insensitive: Not really, I just refuse to be dishonest. Most people incorrectly assume it to be insensitivity.
  • Absent-minded: Only when th... Ooooh, shiny. What was I saying? (just kidding)
  • Condescending: Same as the "Insensitive" comment.
  • Loathe Rules and Guidelines: Unless I can see the good in following them, I absolutely agree.
  • Second-Guess Themselves: Nope. Not even in the slightest. I decide something, and live with the decision. If it was wrong, then it was wrong. There's no point in second guessing something that can no longer be changed. (this one is fully countered by my 100% assertiveness)


Assertive (-A) individuals are self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. They refuse to worry too much and do not push themselves too hard when it comes to achieving goals. Similarly, they are unlikely to spend much time thinking about their past actions or choices – according to Assertive types, what’s done is done and there is little point in analyzing it. Not surprisingly, people with this trait report more satisfaction with their lives and they also feel more confident in their abilities to handle challenging and unexpected situations.


In contrast, individuals with Turbulent (-T) identity are self-conscious and sensitive to stress. They experience a wide range of emotions and tend to be success-driven, perfectionistic and eager to improve. They are also more willing to change jobs if they feel stuck in their current one and to spend time thinking about the direction in which their life is going.


However, while the Assertive variant may seem more positive on the surface, that is not always the case – for instance, Turbulent individuals perform better in certain roles as they push themselves to achieve superior results, while Assertive ones do not care about the outcome that much. Always feeling the need to do more, to have more, and to be more, Turbulent types often forget how exhausting that can be to both themselves and the people around them – but it is entirely possible that this desire to always push themselves just a little further helps many Turbulent types to achieve what they seek to achieve.

I 100% agree with my 100% assertiveness result.

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Breathing life into this thread cause this stuff still fascinates me, and if I may subtly urge... I heard a little SelfSurprise and Helio hasn't taken this test yet. (At least I don't think they have...) *nudge, prod, poke*

Here's a cool site for more personality tests.


And I redid the test recently...




Comparing to my previous results... I'm more introverted, more intuitive, less feeling, more judging, and less turbulent. Thus I have concluded I'm slowly turning into a judgmental piece of edgy shit. XD

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