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Videochat November 2015

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Hey everyone, here are the results of the videochat for anyone who wanted to take a look at it:




There was lots of rambling, but I went over a lot of things and answered a bunch of different questions. For those that don't want to watch all this, I don't blame you, probably the biggest news in this was that due to such fantastic support from the fundraiser, I plan on continuing Freeman's Mind out of respect for the viewers. Having my back the way people have this past month has made such a difference in my life that I feel like I owe it to the audience. The downside however, is I don't want to let this push aside the movie, so I won't even begin on it until after I've made significant progress on the technical end of things for the movie, specifically establishing my animation systems and having rigged character models. Even after that, progress will be slow, but hey, more Freeman's Mind in the future!


This video is completely unedited and while I'm making this first one totally visible on the Youtube channel, for future ones, I thought I might post them unlisted, so that regular viewers aren't spammed by them each month. They'll still be easily accessible from the site here however. Let me know if people have suggestions for when the next monthly chat should be, I'm leaning towards December 6th, but I don't know what time yet.



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Dammit, I wasn't able to make it. I'll definitely watch some of the video though.


Also, nice to hear Freeman's Mind will return eventually.

"I'm not really the sentimental type, but.... well, no, I'm not."

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Ok, I'm curious. (Haven't seen the livestream yet,) Would Ross make Freeman's Mind 2, or would he make Freeman Across The Universe, (under the pretense that Freeman is getting "jobs" from G-Man or something?)

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Yes, he might be making another Freeman's Mind, but we're going to have to expect months in between new episodes. It'll only be a thing after the movie production becomes stable, which might take a year at least. So, yeah, earliest date for Freeman's Mind is 2017.

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...on the subject of Undertale - it's currently rated the 20th best PC game ever on Metacritic. Regardless of your opinion of Metacritic, that has to count for something.


And it has turn based combat, but only superficially. It's more of a cleverly designed bullet hell.

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Hello Ross!


I just finished watching the YouTube post for your videochat, and I would say it was quite entertaining and swell!


For another option on where to host it, how about Google Hangouts?

As long as you don't mind tainting your hands with the supposed evil that is Google+ (according to the internet at large), it has a system with a lot of useful features for this, I think.


-Watchers can vote on others' questions, and they get presented to you by rank

-You select a question you want to answer as you get to them, and then the end video is indexed by these questions for watchers to search through later.

-There used to be some integration with YouTube, such as a scheduling an event notice, that subscribers would get. (I don't know if this got removed with the retraction of Google+ from YouTube though)


So this way you could get to more desired questions, maybe reduce redundant questions, and still get some sort of notice out to YouTube, since it is the main distribution you are using.


Here's an example, a QnA by the band Steam Powered Giraffe: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c5lthnqme8f07mu6mvg1pml0bh4


How does that sound? What do the rest of Yalls think?


Thanks a lot for existing,


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I'm personally indifferent to you posting the videos unlisted or not, you should probably just make a poll and see where everyone stands on it. (Or if you hear a lot of backlash in the youtube comments) I think you should do your next video chat either early-late at night or earlier in the day, for those of us that work nights or people who are inherently night owls.

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Okay! Long post ahead, but I thought this is something that might make it easier for some of you viewers. I've written down almost every question asked and placed a time beside it to refer to. I've also fully written out any questions that I thought stood out among the rest. I apologize for any mistakes I've made, or things that I was unable to decipher from Ross' ranting. XP If you missed the stream, and you want to know if a question was answered but don't want to go through the whole 2 hour video, this should make it easier for you. Just open the spoilers and Ctrl+F your way to victory.

For the smaller questions, I either wrote out word for word what he said, or a simple summary. Cause, screw writing every single thing. If I wanted to do that, I would have just made some subtitles and taken over Danielsangeo's job. :P

If I've made any mistakes, do tell and I'll fix it up! I haven't exactly checked through all of this, it's like... 11pm and I want to get this out so.


Accursed Farms Video-Chat November 2015 - FAQ


Fully written topics of Accursed Farm related videos and plans:




3:27 - This was one of like the number one questions I get. “How’s the movie coming?”

Honestly, the movies been going slowly, because… I was trying to rebuild my channel a little bit after I finished Freeman’s Mind. And… I tried a lot of new things which ended up soaking a lot more time than I intended. So I’m not as far along as I want to be on that. However, I have made some progress lately. For the movie, again we’re gonna have custom models and everything. But I wanna get as much as I can from existing games so I don’t have to redo everything. It’s looking highly probable now that… most of the custom assets, most of the non-original assets; you know like, grass, fences, trees, that sort of thing - are going to be coming from The Witcher. Probably Witcher 1 and 2. Reason for this is… visually it sorta has the look I want, even though I’m going to be doing my own thing with the lighting and the camera-work. But also, their machinima policy is very friendly. Like, I can put it up on YouTube. I actually got word back from CD-Projekt Red. Read about them. So it sounds like I’d be able to have some communication if there’s any issues with film festivals later. So… a lot of assets are going to look like The Witcher. I mean it’ll be a different engine, it’s still going to be on Unreal. But you know, the bucket textures are going to be the same. Or you know, some candle, that sorta thing. So I’m going to be taking as much as I can from The Witcher. So that hopefully we don’t have to reinvent the wheel too much with that. So that’s the news on that, I’m hoping to get some more script-writing done, I mean a whole lot of it is done, not all of it. Hopefully going to get some more script-writing done this month.

8:50 - So here’s my general plan, again this is not like - “I promise it’ll be this way.” This is… general plan. I’m not even going to start on this until I have all my core assets I need for the movie. That means like, character models, almost all of them- RIGGED character models, so the animations move the way they should be. And animation systems set up for body motion, and facial animations for the movie. The less animation help I get, the more motion capture there’s going to be on my part. But I want, manual and motion capture back up systems or for certain scenes, that sort of thing. So, just all the hard intensive technical stuff out of the way first. Basically, I want to get the movie to the point as soon as possible, that if I have to, I can finish the whole thing myself. And I can’t do that with really complicated models and I still need time to figure out what I’m doing with the animation. I have messed around a bit with Unreal before, so I have a clue.


Related: 1:13:52 - “Question: Do you need people besides animators for the movie, such as modelling environments, physics simulations, etc.”

Summary: “We’ll find out!”

If you know stuff about the Unreal engine, an email to him wouldn’t hurt. He’ll figure it out.

Related: 1:18:33 - “When did you start with the script for the movie?”

Summary: A year or two ago. But he’s had his idea as far back as 2004/2005.


Freeman’s Mind:


6:50 - There’s another big question I’ve seen a LOT, and I guess this is the big announcement for the stream here. You know, you guys can spread the news of it later. A lot of people are still, I thought I cleared things up in the announcement video but it’s not dying away. The big question I get is… “What’s the story on Freeman’s Mind?” I keep seeing this over and over again. Okay, here was my original plan when I stopped it, cause I was just so incredibly burnt out at the beginning of the year. It was really no exaggeration, every spare moment pretty much was spent on that. My original plan was that, well it’s like… I don’t know if I’m going to go for the full thing or... everything… but I should do SOMETHING. Because you know, there’s a lot of jokes I have in my head for Half Life 2. I thought I’d do like sort of a highlights reel where… I would just go to moments where I know I have specific jokes that would go in. And just have… might have one scene at the lab, and skip ahead like twenty minutes of the game, have another scene. Just have a big montage of it together. But, seeing as how the donations went, that you guys REALLY have my back! It almost doesn’t matter what YouTube does now. Because, it’s just keeping me afloat, which is an incredible feeling. I feel like Mark Hamill, I read recently, when he was asked about being in the next Star Wars, that he said he felt like he kinda had to. That’s kind of what I’m feeling about Freeman’s Mind. Now, before people get too worked up about that… there’s going to be a few conditions. The biggest thing is I can’t let Freeman’s Mind push aside the movie. The movie has to take a certain priority over that.


10:05 - The movie doesn’t need to be done or anything before I start Freeman’s Mind, but I need to be REAL comfortable with my foundation before I even START Freeman’s Mind. So, we’ll be lucky if that’s next year. That’s all I’ll say.


Monthly Video-Chats:


1:01:17 - I thought I should put this video up public on YouTube, but I thought for future ones… I don’t want to kind of spam the viewers who just want to see the videos. I thought for future ones, I should… put them up on YouTube, but put them unlisted. And then have a listing of all them on the main website. If you guys have better ideas than that… let me know. I basically just don’t wanna bombard people with these chat things on YouTube. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. Any advice you have on that, you can email me. @[email protected]. This first one will be fully public, second ones may just be unlisted. I mean they’ll still be public, just… you might have to be a little more dedicated to get to them, that’s all. I mean this is who it’s for, the people who really want answers and everything, and want to know what’s up.


Related: 1:50:42 - Discussing possible future plans for video-chats.

Related: 1:59:45 - Twitter messaging.


Civil Protection:


19:40 - It’s a juggling act. I actually have an animator interested in helping on that. Look, I am DONE with animating in Source. I’m not animating a damn thing in Source again. If anything comes out in Source with my name on it, somebody else did the animation pretty much. And, what we sorta decided on is… even now Source Filmmaker, you’d think it’d be the big replacement for what I was doing in the Source SDK. I still think it’s like a yin-yang relationship. If Source SDK does something well, Source Filmmaker does an awful job at it, and vice versa. Like camera work is a lot better in Source Filmmaker, physics are not… walk paths, AI related stuff is not. So what would have to happen for Civil Protection to come out soon, as in before the movie... I think what we decided was, we were just looking to porting a lot of the assets from Half Life 2 over into Unreal. And maybe we could get shorter episodes maybe, because I have a lot of ideas. This probably isn’t what you want to hear but, I don’t think I’ve gotten to my best ideas in Civil Protection. I’d say ‘The Tunnel’ sorta came close to one of them. But that’s just sort of like, a scary episode idea. That’s not like all these other kinds of ideas I have. I definitely haven’t given up on Civil Protection, it is kind of having to take a backseat into. Look, the movie’s been delayed for years as it is. I have to start… jettisoning something if I want to get it made. I could totally see Civil Protection resuming after that. Or… it might happen before then. There’s an order of magnitude difference between making an animated machinima versus something like Game Dungeon, where I can knock it out within a week or two, or a few days if I’m going insane, depending on the episode.


Related: 1:46:05 - Source SDK talk.


Moon Gaming:


1:25:20 - For the foreseeable future, okay, Moon Gaming is a DIRECT result of the YouTube treadmill of trying to get more out, more, more, more faster. If you want to make - at least in my experience - if you want to make the same amount of money from YouTube that you were last year, well you better be producing twice as much! Almost doesn’t matter what it is. Just more, more, more. So I thought, “Okay… maybe I can get this done. Just sort of bide myself some time for the movie.” Thankfully! To you guys, that is irrelevant now because… between the two… even if things went really badly, I think SO much time has been bought that I can just do this for a really long time. And hey, I would absolutely rather have to answer to you guys than whatever the winds of some YouTube algorithm is. And that’s what video chats are about too! So if I’m REALLY screwing up, you guys can let me know. I mean, it was split kinda 50/50 whether people wanted to see it or not. Actually, I think more people didn’t want to see it. So to me, that was just too toxic. Put it like this, if there was a video I LOVED, and the audience didn’t like it, I’d put it up anyway, I just wouldn’t care. Cause I’d think; “Oh my God, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever made.” But… Moon Gaming wasn’t really in that category. I thought it was enjoyable enough to watch, like if you wanted to watch something whilst you were eating or something like that. But it wasn’t just like… it’s not like the movie or some of the other ideas I have. There wasn’t like a huge passion behind it, even though, I thought it had some potential to get a little better, but not a LOT better. So… let’s say, I didn’t have to worry about audience or money or anything, I ultimately would rather just make more original videos. Like Civil Protection, or just kinda weird shorts, or the movie. I’d rather stuff that gives me a little more creative freedom, that’s one of the reasons why I’m not like… to do more Freeman’s Mind is because… I KNOW how Half Life 2 ends. There’s only so much deviance from how it goes. But… it would not surprise me at all if Freeman’s Mind is the most popular thing I’m ever going to do. Which is fine! My goal really isn’t even like massive popularity, just… gotta make awesome videos. Like, the ones that I think are cool, or - just my ultimate goal, I make a lot of ones that are just kind of… enjoyable, rather than awesome.



Fully written topics of the most common/interesting questions:


“Why are you in Poland?”:


13:40 - The primary reason by far is… my girlfriend is Polish. She contacted me because she was a fan of the videos, I was making my income online at the time, I didn’t have a whole lot keeping me where I was cause all my friends sorta spread to the four corners of the Earth anyway. So… I came to Poland! And… it’s been alright, I mean it actually kinda worked out because the cost of living in some ways is definitely lower than USA, like food especially. Food tends to be a third or half the cost. I did come back for a period in 2012, that’s when I did the fan meet up. Came back again. Can’t really afford to be going back and forth all the time so… hey, this is why we have the video chats here!


Related: 54:24 - “Can Ross speak Polish?”

Summary: “It’s embarrassing, but very little.”

Knows basic phrases, not a lot though.


“Alyx Romance” (And Freeman’s attitude in general in Half Life 2):


18:05 - I did this with Half Life 1, I’ll do it with Half Life 2. You’re going to see a lot of my own personal thoughts when I first played Half Life 2. And also first played Half Life 1. I’m going to re-act in pretty similar ways. In Half Life 1 that’s what I was thinking; “I WANT to get out of here!” That’s the goal. “I’ve been underground so long!” “I’ve want to escape!” I don’t know what’s happening! I’m sure super Half Life fans know the whole story as much as [uh, something, sorry, no idea!]. But if you by with JUST what the game gives you, it does NOT give you much. It’s confusing, you can tell there’s an alien invasion. I remember when I first played, I had like… zero confidence. “Am I REALLY able to stop this? Is there any sort of plan here at all? I mean they’re talking really vague about all of this.” I mean, of course it is because it’s a game. But if you just take it at face value, they really don’t give you a lot. And that’s going to continue in Half Life 2. I will work with what they give me. I will work with what the game gives me. Freeman is not going to be operating with any sort of... special knowledge beyond what the game gives you. I think that’s the way to look at it. You’ll get a lot of my attitudes about Half Life 2 with that.


“How do you like the Ethnic food?”


25:20 - Well um, it’s alright. One thing I noticed when I came to Poland is… in general, food tastes fresher here. It really does! Although it spoils faster too… so it kinda makes you think a little bit about food from USA. Like… cheese, I remember, in USA, you can put that in the fridge, it’ll be fine a month later if it’s open. No way, in Poland, like… makes me think it’s more real? Compared to whatever we’re doing in USA. As for traditional Polish dishes, I dunno, a lot of it is pretty bland for me. I mean, there’s some foods that are okay. I’m generally not too picky about things. I’ve gotten used to; “Whatever you order”, it’s almost like… certain you’re going to get potatoes and cabbage with anything. It’s healthy, not particularly... wonderful. But you know, it’s food.


“Are you going to keep releasing Game Dungeon videos regularly?”:


45:53 - I’ll try! It’s kind of my life blood while I keep going on with the movie. I don’t think I’m going to be able to top something like ‘Bip Bop’ where I saved the game from extinction and won an ending nobody’s seen before. I’ve got some ones that’ll… there’s some interesting ones, still coming up. Probably not this year. They’ll be a little more tame for this year I think.


“Do you have plans to do more Ross Rants?”:


46:34 - Yeah, definitely. I’m behind on that… I have a lot of topics I’d like to get on… You know I realized, I’m not really the best at like… getting angry when it’s funny, but I’ll still try to like it. But yeah, there’s a lot of topics I could cover. One thing I remember that would… help that a lot… is if I can have a steady sort of music source for that. That sorta gets the tone, just sorta chilled stuff you can talk over that’s not too melancholy or too fast or anything like that. Yeah, any musicians watching this you can go ahead and email me. If you have stuff like that, just sorta upbeat. Like, what would you play while this is running? I mean, yeah I can re-use stuff but if I figure it’s better to have stuff that’s fresh if I can.


“Have you settled on Unreal 4 for the movie?”:


29:17 - Yes, pretty much. I did a lot of editing in, well not a lot, messing around in Unreal… the UDK which is sort of an offshoot of Unreal 3. And… I almost did it for “Stranger in Need”, I almost made it in that. But I ran into a few barriers that I just didn’t have time to deal with. It struck me roughly as sort of the best of both worlds, in between Source SDK and Source Filmmaker. It had a WHOLE lot of functionality. I remember the animation system was the main thing that I needed to REALLY get nailed down so I’m good for any scenario. Which might mean more third-party software. I mean, Unreal 4 is free now so I can’t beat that. What it comes down to is… making Machinima… animation is THE SUN. And things like the lighting quality and you know… textures… and camera options, because my camera work tends to be a little more conservative. These are all like planets orbiting around it. Animation ease of use, or functionality, that is THE most important thing. By far. So I have to look at that in the engine. Cry engine looks great, Unity looks pretty good, although Unity sorta knocked itself out of the running pretty early on for me because to the best of my knowledge… they don’t have frame by frame exporting of… like a cut-scene or something. So you have to record it real time. And screw that. I want to throw as much detail in as I need to and not have to worry about how fast my computer is in order to have smooth footage. Also a friend told me that Unity tends to nickle and dime you when it comes to functionality. So if you need to do this? Okay, pay another $20. You need to do this? Pay another $20! I don’t know how much truth there is to that or not, but just hearing that I couldn’t do frame by frame rendering, no, forget it. That’s a pretty core feature for me. Unreal also has a lot of public use and support so, if I run into problems, hopefully I won’t just be completely on my own. So that’s why I’m pretty much going to stick to Unreal. It seems to have everything I need and… it’s free. So it’s sorta the stars aligning with that.

Related: 1:46:05 - Source SDK talk.


“How’s the internet in Poland?”:


32:08 - It’s the fastest internet I’ve ever had and I’m not paying as much as I could. Right now I’m paying about $15 a month for 20mb per second down, 15mb per second up. And before that, I was paying about $5 a month for 5mb per second down, 4mb per second up. And I could pay a lot more and get a lot faster. I feel your pain for everyone in USA which is probably the majority of you because you know, I had dial up until I got to college. It makes USA look bad, I’ll say that. Because that’s the insane thing… I think about USA. I mean, I guess I sorta need it now with streaming stuff like this, but traditionally I haven’t needed super fast speeds because I’m pretty patient. But… everywhere I’ve lived, the cheapest broadband internet, like the lowest broadband internet has always been at LEAST $40 a month in USA. At least for me. Twenty years ago, $20 got you dial up. Today… $20 gets you dial up. It’s kind of insane we don’t have real affordable internet, just… better than dial up… cause dial up is just awful.


“Any advice on how to feel more comfortable expressing yourself as a voice actor?”:


37:44 - I guess, try not to have an audience around, like if… that was a thing I learned from Civil Protection, first episode. Sometimes… you need to get loud! I did some practice recording and I was like; “No, no, there’s just not enough emotion in this.” Especially the part where I’m going; “DAAAAVE! STOOOP IT!” You know, I just really had to belt it out for that. The episode would not have been the same, so. I mean… for voice acting especially… don’t have an audience. Just keep doing it until you get something good. I do LOTS of retakes. Craig too, for Civil Protection. That’ll be a requirement for anyone auditioning for the movie as a voice actor. You better be prepared to do a lot of retakes, because sometimes… it takes a whole of time to just get the right line for some parts. Just... Imagine you’re in that state, you know.


“Are there any plans for European fans meetup?”


1:05:29 - Uh, no concrete plans. It’s definitely something I could try in the future. Once I finish the movie, I may want to do like, sort of a world tour almost! Sort of. Probably just Europe and USA. I don’t know, we’ll see how much money I have, to you know, for flights and everything too. But… I’m going to promote the hell out of the movie once it’s done, so. That’d be cool to meet fans in different cities. European meetup is definitely a possibility beforehand. I don’t have a car, it’s definitely easier to get around because I can just take the train. So…


“Why don’t you post videos on Machinima anymore?”


1:06:35 - What a great question! I recommend you - if you want the long answer - I recommend you look up a post I did on my website called; “Escape from Machinima.” There’s TWO parts! Be sure to read the second part, cause the first part… I was a lot more forgiving cause I didn’t know everything that was happening. Now I gotta be careful with what I say here… so I don’t get any legal trouble. The short version is… my pay dropped tremendously; I wouldn’t say they withheld… but they certainly didn’t inform me of this… for a few months after the fact…

I couldn’t release new videos on their channel until I agreed to a contract that I couldn’t see yet… when I did see the contract, it was TOTALLY not what I agreed to. I can’t really reveal what was in it but I was… look up “Machinima Leak Contract” or something, I’ve seen that online if you want to see, and that’s probably similar to what I had? I discovered money that they just didn’t pay me, for like, two years for some of the videos. When I finally tried to leave they tried to assert that I couldn’t. Yeah, they ignored protections and my existing contract. Everybody’s saying; “Oh, well you should have read the contract!” I had protections IN my contract! From 2009. They were not honoring them. They were just NOT honoring them. And they LOST their copy of the contract. It was kind of incredible. I’m probably forgetting something else. The whole experience was hell, and I would say it’s the most extended stressful period of my life. I’ve had higher short-term stress but not just month, after month, after month. My girlfriend said my face started looking better once I had that resolved… and it wouldn’t have happened without that kind of legal assistance. So yeah, I’m not releasing things on Machinima YouTube channel ever again, it’s bad blood, is a way to look at it. And I mean there’s still some people there who are cool… like I met…Matt Dannevik and… I’m drawing a complete blank on his name. He does all the inside gaming hosting stuff or he used to. He’s pretty cool. I’m not trying to damn individual employees, but oh my God, the company, the way it acted is just… it’s such a relief not being with them.



Smaller questions asked (games, personal life, video plans, etc):


Personal Life questions:

35:08 - Ross was asked if he smoked cannabis or not.

Summary: No.

36:35 - Ross talks about his bike getting stolen.

Summary: Landlord said it was okay to chain it to the railing, the railing itself was disassembled to get to the bike. Ross blames himself.

44:25 - “How much do you usually spend on food and rent per month?”

Summary: Girlfriend says no disclosing that information.

Paying less than half of the rent for a one bedroom studio apartment in LA.

54:24 - “Can Ross speak Polish?”

Summary: “It’s embarrassing, but very little.”

Knows basic phrases, not a lot though.

1:04:44 - “Is Ross really too poor for ramen?”

“No but… ramen isn’t exactly the most nutritious food in the world, you know? At some point you sort of have to balance how good food tastes, versus… not putting yourself in an early grave.”

1:30:37 - “Ross, what kind of work does Magda do?”

Summary: Translation work, office jobs, helps him with his videos.

1:34:36 - “Which Polish city do you live in exactly?”

“I’m in Gdansk”

1:36:48 - “How much do you get from the regular monthly donations? Is it enough for monthly expenses?”

Summary: “We’ll find out!” He doesn’t have a good system for tracking it fully yet, but with YouTube + donations, he’s EASILY clearing those expenses.


Videos/Career work questions:

39:27 - Did the most recent video streak take toll on you mostly physically, mentally or socially?

Summary: “Physically, I recovered in a day or two. Mentally it kinda lingered.”

43:20 - “How long have you been into voice acting and animating?”

Summary: Animating started with Civil Protection, from 2006. “If I can get out of it, that’d be great!” Voice acting, fiddled around with it for school projects. The real first video he did of it was in Civil Protection. No earlier than high-school or college.

1:00:56 - “Will you be making another announcement video at the beginning of 2016?”

Summary: Probably not, seeing as he’s considering doing these monthly video-chats

1:12:20 - “Just curious, any ideas on new shows?”

Summary: He’d like to do some more comedic shorts. Perhaps even 2D animating if he can get an animator. More Ross rants. He can take suggestions into consideration.

1:21:22 - “So why did you get a bunch of hell jobs even though you got a degree?”

Summary: Most of his jobs were before getting his degree… he did some computer repair jobs but they weren’t ‘hell’ jobs.

Ross’ description of a hell job: A job you go to in the morning and think - Oh my God.

1:52:36 - “What happened to Blip TV?”

Summary: Was extra source of revenue. Went dead. Also talks about downloadable copies of Game Dungeon -> Too large.

1:59:13 - “I would love to see you do an iTunes podcast that I could subscribe to.”

Summary: He only has so much time to do things.

2:13:38 - “Do you ever plan on making a video about games that will never be released?”

Summary: Not familiar enough with it.


Game Dungeon related questions or suggestions:

53:26 - “Any chance for multiple Christmas themed Game Dungeon episodes?”

Summary: “I’m going to try for two.”

He warns one might be a bit ‘intense’.

56:20 - “Are you planning on doing a Game Dungeon on Pathologic HD?”

Summary: Still needs to play it. Not fond of depressing games, unless it ‘goes somewhere’. Will give it a try.

59:45 - “Ross, do you read all your email suggestions for Game Dungeon?”

Summary: Yes, and they’re put into a category for him to later paste into a giant ‘requests’ list. Replies are not always given, but they’re seen.

1:48:57 - “Will you do a Game Dungeon for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines?”

“Probably eventually. That’s probably one of the more requested picks I get.”



1:13:52 - “Question: Do you need people besides animators for the movie, such as modelling environments, physics simulations, etc.”

Summary: “We’ll find out!”

If you know stuff about the Unreal engine, an email to him wouldn’t hurt. He’ll figure it out.

1:18:33 - “When did you start with the script for the movie?”

Summary: A year or two ago. But he’s had his idea as far back as 2004/2005.


Global news/politics/issues:

47:55 - “Are you afraid of possible Russian, not alien, invasion of Poland?”

Summary: “I don’t think it’s a BIG issue.”

48:45 - “I want to hear Ross expand on his feelings towards oil reliance and non-renewable energy.”

Summary: “Oh boy.” Lots of ramblings. Ross says they should bring a railway system back up.

1:34:54 - “When will Ross talk politics?”

Summary: Ross talking about talking about politics (not a typo). Ross announced he wants to cover Deus Ex on a Game Dungeon episode.

1:40:40 - “Ross, you should stream yourself taking the political standing quiz.”

Summary: More politics. Says we need to do a hell of a lot of fixing of our current political system.


Game questions:

48:13 - “Nightmare House 1 and 2, have you played them?”

Summary: No, but he means to.

1:00:17 - “I’m curious if you have tried out ‘Chickens’?”

“No I haven’t. Maybe I can look at that later.”

1:00:27 - “Hey Ross, after hearing your complaints about Doom’s maze-like layout of the maps, I’ve been spending the last 3 months working on a Doom map pack that is only just open enough that if you get lost, you’ll still end up where you need to go.”

Summary: “Do what the Doom community wants!”

1:02:46 - “Hey Ross, are you interested in Undertale?”

Summary: Doesn’t know a lot about it. If he ever gets to it, it’ll be 2 years before he does. (Continuing a minute or so later…) Not a fan of turn-based combat, calls himself the wrong audience for it.

1:05:15 - “Have you ever played Advance Wars?”

“No I haven’t… Sounds familiar though.”

1:10:05 - “Hey Ross, you interested in Fallout 4? Or Fallout in general I guess...”

“I guess so… I mean… I’ve played the other Fallout’s. I dunno, just from what I saw, it looked like a nicer looking version of 3. I really haven’t looked into it that much. Again, I’m on lag time from new games.”

And then he goes on about Bethesda games in general.

1:19:35 - “Play LSD dream emulator.”

Summary: Gotten a few requests. He doesn’t want to bombard people with too much weirdness…

1:31:25 - “What’s the worst video game that you’ve ever played?”

Summary: He has a Game Dungeon planned for it next year, all he’ll say is that it’s an FPS. And that it was “very bad”. Hard to judge these things.

1:36:05 - “Ross, have you ever heard of the text adventure game, Amnesia?”

“No I haven’t, and honestly, even back in the day, I was never a fan of text based adventures. I do appreciate graphics. They don’t have to be realistic, they can be extremely simply. But I do like having graphics in games. I’d rather just read a book than do a text adventure.”

1:38:12 - “Ross, what are your thoughts on the Fallout series?”

Summary: He liked the first one a lot, he’s tempted to say that he likes Fallout: Tactics the most. But is unsure of the progression of the series so far.

1:51:55 - “Would you consider doing a mind series on FEAR?”

“Uhhh… I’d rather not! I mean, geez, I’m going to already be doing Half Life 2. So… sorry.”

1:57:43 - “How would you compare the quality of Half Life to its sequels and spin-off games?”

Summary: Game-play wise; Opposing Force ‘had the most going on for it’. He thinks Half Life is still his favourite out of all of the games though.

2:04:49 - “Ross, what do you think the opening scene for Half Life 3 will be?”

“Well, I would ASSUME it takes place after the end of Half Life 2 Episode 2. Yeah, hey, if Valve wants to PROPERLY troll people… they’re going to release the next Half Life game and it’s going to be called; “Half Life 2 Episode 2 Part 1” If they do that. That’ll be impressive.

2:05:25 - “Have you ever played a game called Eversion?”

Summary: No. That’s it.

2:05:36 - “Ross, what are your thoughts on the Dead Space series?”

Summary: “Kinda mixed.” He might do a Game Dungeon on that eventually. He loves the atmosphere. But he felt it wasn’t scary enough for him.

2:06:59 - “Ross, have you ever played Tremulous, Unvanquished, or Natural Selection?”

Summary: “No I haven’t. For any of those. I’ve read a lot about Natural Selection though.” He prefers the SP experience over the MP, but he’s not against MP.

2:08:16 - “Ross, what are your thoughts on the Mass Effect series?”

Summary: “Kinda mixed feelings.” Says they’re solid games, but didn’t get pushed as far as it could.

2:09:45 - “Ross, have you ever played Killing Floor?”

Summary: Yes. Then he gets too excited over the chat to say anything else. Good job Ross. Then onto sudden Resident Evil 4 discussion.

2:11:43 - “Would you watch a Half Life or Portal movie?”

“I guess it’d be kind of mandatory for me considering what I do.”

2:12:24 - “Ross, is computer gaming really so important for you now?”

Summary: You got him confused. He’s gotten pickier though.

2:13:10 - “Ross, what do you think of Silent Hill?”

“Really solid. I’ve only played the first three. I started playing the fourth one but I didn’t finish it because an invincible ghost was coming out at me through a wall whilst I was trying to solve a maze.”

Second game is his most favourite of the series.

2:13:56 - “Have you played the Thief games?”

Summary: No. He doesn’t really like stealth games.

2:14:36 - “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?”

“Pretty fun, only played the first one.”



41:45 - “Do you like Pink Floyd?”

Summary: “They’re alright.”

My friend asked me…

“Hey, Ross. You were sober and everything… what was I doing?”

“Uh no, you’ve just been lying on the couch listening to Pink Floyd for three days.”

“Oh… Really?”

“Yeah… Really.”

58:57 - “Are you still in contact with Craig the voice actor?”

Summary: Yes! He’s a friend from college. He’s still down for Civil Protection.

1:23:36 - “What is Dave from Civil Protection up to? He’s a great voice actor, does he create his own material?”

Summary: Not really. He once a YouTube show called; ‘Good Beer, Bad Beer’ where he reviewed beers. Craig has a degree in political science Ross thinks. He also says that Craig has a role in the movie!

1:28:34 - “Ross broadcasts, physical or digital?”

Summary: “TRICK QUESTION” - Talks about CD rotting and DRM.

1:30:20 - “Do you read Polandball?”

“I don’t know what that is, sorry. So I guess no.”

1:42:06 - “What do you think of Valve focusing on hardware more than video games?”

Summary: Might be something he covers in a later Ross rants video. Respects a lot of Valve’s choices in the hardware

1:51:26 - “What’s your favourite poem?”

Summary: Richard Cory. Not a huge poetry fan.

1:58:38 - “Ross, whose one of your heroes or role-models?”

Summary: “Uhh… Teddy Roosevelt.” Teddy Roosevelt.

2:00:56 - “Ross, beer or spirits?”

“Okay, well, to be honest, I don’t drink. I'm sure it’s a big disappointment. I remember, I did an experiment a while back, where I tried to get sorta drunk… took a lot of rum. What I remember is that… I remember thinking this was kinda dangerous, because if I had a good thought in this state… I had zero confidence whatsoever that I’d be able to retain that thought, or like retain a train of thought. I dunno, yeah, it relaxes me, but it just… didn’t like the effects so much. The only liquor I drink is like, to flavour some other food, dessert or something. I’m a complete light-weight with that. Sorry!”



1:19:52 - “Ross, are you a fan of David Lynch movies?”

Summary: Some of them. He loves Twin Peaks.

“My goal in life is not to find the weirdest stuff possible, but… You know with Game Dungeon, sometimes I find it!”

1:43:45 - “Are you interested in the Krampus movie?”

Summary: Didn’t realize there was one. He likes horror movies, but not every one. Favourite horror movies are the ones that aim to scare the living hell out of you! Wants to make a top 10 underrated horror movies list made.

1:46:48 - “What is your opinion on Star Wars?”

Summary: “Could be good?” He liked the originals, but he’s sure that the new movie will be better than the prequels.

1:54:14 - Bunch of movie/video talk.

Ash vs Evil Dead.

Monster Madness series.

The Thing.


Star Trek.

2:02:12 - More movie talk


Despicable Me

Adam Sandler movies -> Grown Ups


And more Star Trek!


Event Horizon



Ross's Ramblings/Just random parts that don't mean a whole lot:


13:08 - Ross talking about the ‘dick chat’. The offenders were banned.


17:48 - “Somebody loves me…” *nods*


23:43 - Beans update.


26:52 - Something about Half Life’s Xen part?


27:50 - Ross has a degree in criminal justice.


57:46 - Source 2


1:03:44 - Ross talks about a human tooth in a Swedish fish (not his own experience). Literally just him going; “That sucks”. Isn’t he caring?


1:11:45 - Ross talking about Twitch.


1:32:39 - Ross went back in time.


1:32:56 - Sorry. That was a surge of spam. Daniel, Magda and I cleaned it up eventually. Sorry Ross! There was so many. ;_; Don’t whine “mods”, that makes me feel bad. XD

“There’s a lot of hearts. So I guess they’re a really enthusiastic fan.”


1:36:40 - Air powered cars?


1:41:34 - Ross doesn’t want to be dictator of the world. And random personality type.


1:48:13 - “You’ll be missed.”


2:00:25 - Random Wolfenstein pronunciation.



The last of it is a bit of a mess of questions so it's worth-while watching the first and last 10 minutes of the video. And also, if I missed anything, tell me! :D

"Ross, this is nothing. WHAT YOU NEED to be playing is S***flinger 5000." - Ross Scott talking about himself.


PM me if you have any questions or concerns! :D

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Jeb_CC: If you wanted to give me timestamps of the more important topics, I could add that to the Youtube description, I was considering having that anyway, but thought there would be too many entries.

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Jeb, you are an absolute boss.


I'll make sure I'm prepared for the next chat. All the best until then :)


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Agree it will probably be too long for YouTube description... Will also mean that people will have to chose whether they have to scroll down to the description or watch Ross' face :P With a post on a forum they can have both on their screen(s) at once! :D But, the times put into a forum post could be linked directly to the relevant video parts. Then the YouTube description can point to the forum post - a bit of a cross promotion...


@Jeb - Oh, wow! You've put a lot of work into this! Thank you!



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I think if you go with December 6th Ross, I think I can totally say yes to that since the 5th is my birthday and I know it would be the coolest thing to see right after I have been plastered drunk

“Error 482: Somebody shot the server with a 12-gauge. Please contact your administrator”

“Caution Laser Caution Laser Caution Laser”

“I can now solve up to 800 problems a minute”

"I got my degree under the tutelage of Dr. Pepper."

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That's awesome! Another Freeman's Mind, which will probably take us to the next decade (seeing as HL2 was 1 and two thirds of a game, plus Lost Coast).


Adding timestamps to the YouTube description is a very good idea, if you (understandably) don't want to edit the chat into a more concise form. If neither is a possibility, Jeb, who is indeed a boss, has pretty much done all the job needed. Just slap it on the blog post and you have a pretty accessible guide for the video.


Sidenote: I have yet to see the video, so I can't really comment on anything. But kick ass, everybody.

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Aww... Thank you all. :3

I suppose that a few important time-stamps in the description couldn't hurt... They would just be:


THE MOVIE | 3:27 and 8:50 |

Freeman's Mind | 6:50 |

Monthly Video-Chats | 1:01:17 |

Civil Protection | 19:40 |

Moon Gaming | 1:25:20 |


But having more than that might clutter it all up. These are just more of the topics that your audience would be interested in hearing about. :3


But you could have a link - I don't know if it's simpler to add into the blog post or make a direct link to the forum page - to provide the timestamps for all those who really like to get into the knitty-gritty details, inside the description. :D If that helps some people, Yesss.


EDIT: Oh, crap, almost forgot. Everyone thank Danielsangeo too for helping me a little with this. :D

"Ross, this is nothing. WHAT YOU NEED to be playing is S***flinger 5000." - Ross Scott talking about himself.


PM me if you have any questions or concerns! :D

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Aww... Thank you all. :3

I suppose that a few important time-stamps in the description couldn't hurt... They would just be:


THE MOVIE | 3:27 and 8:50 |

Freeman's Mind | 6:50 |

Monthly Video-Chats | 1:01:17 |

Civil Protection | 19:40 |

Moon Gaming | 1:25:20 |


But having more than that might clutter it all up. These are just more of the topics that your audience would be interested in hearing about. :3


But you could have a link - I don't know if it's simpler to add into the blog post or make a direct link to the forum page - to provide the timestamps for all those who really like to get into the knitty-gritty details, inside the description. :D If that helps some people, Yesss.


EDIT: Oh, crap, almost forgot. Everyone thank Danielsangeo too for helping me a little with this. :D


thank you Jeb for this amazing work. I'll post these time-stamps under the video.

Ross's girlfriend (IRL) Twitter: @AmazingMagda follow me! ^^to somewhere! ^^

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Ok, I'm curious. (Haven't seen the livestream yet,) Would Ross make Freeman's Mind 2, or would he make Freeman Across The Universe, (under the pretense that Freeman is getting "jobs" from G-Man or something?)


I loved Freeman's Mind across the universe, and really hope this is the end result.


Wonderful news, I've been missing my full recommended daily allowance of sarcasm .

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Aww... Thank you all. :3

I suppose that a few important time-stamps in the description couldn't hurt... They would just be:


THE MOVIE | 3:27 and 8:50 |

Freeman's Mind | 6:50 |

Monthly Video-Chats | 1:01:17 |

Civil Protection | 19:40 |

Moon Gaming | 1:25:20 |


But having more than that might clutter it all up. These are just more of the topics that your audience would be interested in hearing about. :3


But you could have a link - I don't know if it's simpler to add into the blog post or make a direct link to the forum page - to provide the timestamps for all those who really like to get into the knitty-gritty details, inside the description. :D If that helps some people, Yesss.


EDIT: Oh, crap, almost forgot. Everyone thank Danielsangeo too for helping me a little with this. :D


I think we could have around 20 really (depending on the Youtube limit), I guess go with questions that I spend more time on answering rather than quick simple ones. Also I don't plan on editing these things, sorry guys. For the amount of time it would take (probably just a couple hours, but still), I'd rather just spend that on one of the regular videos.

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More you say? :D Sure!

These are the most talkative-heavy topics... the rest are pretty straightforward "yes" or "no" questions. And if people want to get those, they can either just watch the whole video or skim through the mess of a FAQ I made. XP

I might make this FAQ thing a regular thing for future video-chats. As long as it helps a few people, I'll be happy to make more! :D It's also helpful for later on I guess... just make a reminder; "Check this page in case your question has already been answered" sorta thing maybe? Saves a lot of hassle for repetitive questions. But knowing how communities usually are, you'll always get repeated questions no matter what. XD So I dunno.



Accursed Farm Videos:

THE MOVIE | 3:27 & 8:50 |

Freeman's Mind | 6:50 |

Monthly Video Chats | 1:01:17 |

Civil Protection | 19:40 |

Moon Gaming | 1:25:20 |


Interesting Topics:

"Why are you in Poland?" | 13:40 |

"Do you plan to do more Ross Rants?" | 46:34 |

"Have you settled on Unreal 4 for THE MOVIE?" | 29:17 |

"How's the internet in Poland?" | 32:08 |

"Voice actor advice?" | 37:44 |

"European fans meetup?" | 1:05:29 |

"Why don't you post videos on Machinima anymore?" | 1:06:35 |


More Movie Info:

"Do you need people besides animators for the movie?" | 1:13:52 |

"When did you start with the script?" | 1:18:33 |


"Ross, this is nothing. WHAT YOU NEED to be playing is S***flinger 5000." - Ross Scott talking about himself.


PM me if you have any questions or concerns! :D

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