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Birthday thread: Art

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I personally have always been a fan of this artist and he does good work in a lot of things, but he does some really nice landscapes.


http://orig06.deviantart.net/0a3f/f/2015/209/b/c/dkm_bismarck_by_highdarktemplar-d937swv.jpg A good example to start you out.


Then his general Landscape Folder in Deviantart to browse. http://highdarktemplar.deviantart.com/gallery/226626/Landscapes


I hope you like it and happy birthday.

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Happy birthday man!

Here's a Youtube channel that does some pretty cool art, some landscape and some character. Mind you, it's more educational, so just skip to the end or go on the website.


And here is a cool site that does a lot of rehashes/reworks of old games/IPs. It has a very unique style (It's made by the art guy who did Cortex Command). Same disclaimer, it's somewhat educational and very focused on the art/design itself, but it might be a good read. Either way, I find the art intriguing.



Anyway, I hope you like these and your family didn't jip you out of your birthday because of it's proximity to the Steam sale... *ahem* Christmas. Thanks for all your hard work!

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I found this a couple of years ago and it's been my favourite desktop background for a while now. Before you click the link, it's from Chrono Trigger and it's of the Kingdom of Zeal, one of my favourite parts of the game. Unforunately, it's one of those things where finding the source is a bit hard(for me, that is. I remember looking and it's a toughy to find). For those lacking context(play the game! Heretics!), it features two amazing characters : Schala and Janus(Magus). I might have the names wrong.



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Since you're looking for good art, I'll fill you in on something that isn't quite gaming-related.


The web comic Romantically Apocalyptic has really good art, and I'm sure you'll love the story and themes. It's post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy lovecraftian action comedy horror comic, and it's super surreal, funny, scary, beautiful, insane, and all-around strange.


No, I am NOT making this up. It's right here: http://romanticallyapocalyptic.com/archives

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Also, and I know this is sort of a bad suggestion since it possibly requires buying a game but the concept art for Tomb Raider, the reboot, was amazing. Specifically the concept art for the environment. The reason why it possibly requires you to buy the game is that I don't think it's online. The mine challenge got bugged for me so I couldn't complete it, meaning I didn't get the concept art for the beach area. I looked it up but couldn't find it, so I assume it's not on the internet.

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I have been following a couple artists collectively called GTGraphics ever since I got there theme in Windows 7. Really great stuff. Here is the link to there website!

Sort of a stupid question but... Websites like those don't necessarily care about the usage of the picture being a desktop background, right? I'm thinking of collecting backgrounds for the slideshow feature because, why not? It's an iffy situation but I doubt it wouldn't be allowed, right?

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I am going to do my best to have clickable thumbnails that go to the full work. If I can't find a reasonably sized thumbnail I'll just post a link.



by Jakub Rozalski



by Oskar Jakubisiac



by Alexey Rudikov


All three of the above do other beautiful landscapes that are cool as hell. Check them out, linked their galleries.

The next two are less on the beautiful and more on the exotic side. And they're by my favorite artists.



by Zdzisaw Beksiński



Belon by Wayne Barlowe

Who is the only non-Slav artist in this post.

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Here is some cool art from dishonored.










This isn't from a game, but I love this SuperJail Art.






Here's a bit of an odd one, from the Baldur's Gate game box, but I always loved it.






Hope you enjoy them, and Happy Birthday!

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So On the Video you liked old nature reclaiming stuff? Rust is a great survival game altho it sort of is that day z clan pvp raid thing its concept art is great of nature taking over and how humanity is surviving the apoclaypse By Hides of Clothing Homemade Shelter and using scrap from the old world to help them survive Check This Out http://imgur.com/a/U7zM8

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The loading screens for Crusader Kings 2 is pretty good looking.

The ones for the Elder Kings mod (based off the Elder Scrolls series) is even better and looks right up your alley.


The art for CK2 is by Aleks Molchanov: http://imgur.com/a/MWrYQ


I'm not sure who did the art for Elder Kings, if it even was one person: http://imgur.com/a/gmlKT


The one who posts the EK art on the Paradox Interactive forums goes by saffronmar but, that might just be the guy who posts it and doesn't draw it.


Link to the Elder Kings subforum on the CK2 forums:



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Well I for one am not great at 'realistic' styled artwork (my style is more cartoon-y for want of a better phrase) However a good Twitter friend of mine does some really nice artwork and I'm sure he wouldn't mind me plugging him here.


His video game related artwork is all, as far as I'm aware, from the Mass Effect series of games.


His main page is here: http://arvaus.deviantart.com/ (Just click on the "Gallery Tab" and go to the Mass Effect folder on the left-hand side)


Hope this is what you were after!


- Jon

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