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Birthday thread: Art

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All of these are from Morrowind because I'm a big softy towards this game. :D

















Except this one



Speaking of Morrowind, there's a lot of great concept art for that game made by a guy named Michael Kirkbride. He's part of the reason designs in the Elder Scrolls 3 looked like this:





While designs in the Elder Scrolls 4 looked more like this:





You can find the entirety of TES 3 concept art here.


But I know you wanted painted pieces which is why I'm referring you to the Elder Scrolls Renewal Project (better known as Skywind). Not only are they doing a lot of awesome paintover and 3d model work with Kirkbride's designs, but they've contributed a TON of completely new designs in a similar style. The whole project is to recreate the Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind using Skyrim's engine and completely new assets, and while I don't know for sure that they'll ever completely reach that goal they HAVE made some amazing art assets in the process. I swear the whole thing has become kind of a dick measuring contest for some really talented concept artists, 3d modelers, and even sound designers. Keep an eye on it.


Here's a sample:





And if you don't want to dig through the forums for an hour, you can check out a nice selection of pieces on their DeviantArt page.

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I found this picture while looking for Desktops one day. I found it absolutely gorgeous. I have two major regrets with this picture however. I don't have a Monitor wide enough to hold all of the picture without shrinking it. Secondly, I'm pretty sure a starry night like that isn't possible with a city that lit up, it's a real shame.

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I found this picture while looking for Desktops one day. I found it absolutely gorgeous. I have two major regrets with this picture however. I don't have a Monitor wide enough to hold all of the picture without shrinking it. Secondly, I'm pretty sure a starry night like that isn't possible with a city that lit up, it's a real shame.

I have a 1920 x 1080 screen and some of the pictures in this thread (e.g. SWTOR) are too big for my screen on the "fill" option on Windows 8.1. I'm using stretch right now but I feel like that might ruin some of the pictures. If I use "fit" it has a black bar on the top and bottom, so it's a struggle to choose which one works best.

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Hi Ross!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, this is perfect! It just so happens, with my graduation nearing, I was looking for ways to give something back to the internet content providers that have kept me entertained ( and by extension sane ) throughout university. For free no less! And not only is this a great line of thinking for gift ideas which I'm totally going to steal, but we have very similar art tastes to boot! Not to mention I'll no doubt be walking away from this with a bunch of new art myself, which feels appropriate as my own birthday is but hours away itself. ;)


Now bear with me here, as some of what follows may be a tad overbearing. It's just that, given the purpose of the thread I'd rather show and tell too much than too little, you know? :shock:




First of all, here's my current collection. Make sure to grab it while you can, I don't know how long these links remain functional.



2908c8455397348.jpg 7bdae7455397370.jpg 354809455397376.jpg 6b91c9455397379.jpg f9652e455397386.jpg 59d0b3455397390.jpg a8b21a455397404.jpg 9281e1455397409.jpg 808167455397422.jpg 3927a2455397445.jpg ad98e4455397472.jpg d9fd0a455397485.jpg 1242dd455397503.jpg b1bd27455397521.jpg 2b8441455397537.jpg 55f9e4455397542.jpg 2badce455397560.jpg a70e06455397569.jpg c4768c455397583.jpg 8e3b90455397590.jpg 456890455397602.jpg ce33a8455397625.jpg cbba93455397636.jpg 81f724455397653.jpg ab26a9455397673.jpg 2c380c455397691.jpg 4fd9d7455397720.jpg 8d010b455397747.jpg 85b97f455397767.jpg b9bb4f455397831.jpg d6a800455397843.jpg f7b2a6455397857.jpg 9e4f04455397871.jpg ac19f3455397888.jpg 9119ff455397908.jpg 812725455397922.jpg afac2d455397937.jpg a7ea39455397947.jpg d971a4455397964.jpg a476cc455397973.jpg 2f6218455397986.jpg 6a8068455398015.jpg 28b4bd455398056.jpg 26b90d455398075.jpg f19c94455398098.jpg 97aab7455398118.jpg 7ddfd5455398125.jpg 2b22e8455398132.jpg ba2675455398139.jpg 7980d2455398157.jpg 5f1997455398162.jpg 296aa3455398232.jpg ec1fb4455398253.jpg e71102455398287.jpg 165a57455398321.jpg ce59aa455398342.jpg d0fa79455398361.jpg 7c20bc455398375.jpg 1c53db455398393.jpg 93507e455398455.jpg 0733bb455398476.jpg 167fa2455398489.jpg 805e1d455398507.jpg 368a81455398531.jpg 0270ec455398548.jpg f0791e455398559.jpg f1430e455398581.jpg 03ac07455398595.jpg 4f470e455398608.jpg



Secondly, here's some games which's official and unofficial art you might like.


  • Guild wars 2
    Homeworld: deserts of kharak
    No man's sky.


And finally, here's some related tips and ideas I picked up over time.


  • Google image search has a reverse image search function accessed by dragging an image into the search box. It'll usually not only tell you where the art came from, but also find comparable images. This is a nigh endless source of more art: reverse search your favourite piece, find similar ones, reverse search those, repeat at infintum. It of course has filters for image sizes too. Also works great for merely finding higher resolution versions of pieces you already have.


  • Do not ignore pixiv as a source of art. Yes it's Japanese deviantart in all but name and therefore unreadable unless you speak moon runes. But it's got good stuff and is still pretty navigable as long as you have an image to your tastes to start with. Say,
this one. From there all you need is the "works" link near the top for more works by the same artist and "recommended" section to the right for similar art by other artists. If you can stomach the occasional catgirl, there's works on there well worth the hassle of making the account they force you to.


  • Given your plans on making posters, I figured you might be interested in these things called wall graphics, mural posters, or a variation thereof. They are posters so large, they serve as wallpaper. This greatly increases their immersiveness ( in so far as a still image can be immersive of course ), especially when they fill a wall corner to corner. Unfortunately pre-designed ones of fictional scenes are rare (
Though not non-existant. ), with designers favoring the safer nature scenes, beaches, city skylines, etc. But luckily many of the companies producing these also offer a design-your-own service: as long as you have the image you want in a high enough resolution and there's no copyright issues with it, you're golden. Obviously they're a lot pricier than a simple poster, but it's worth it in my opinion. A word of warning should you get one though: strongly consider having a professional hang it for you because they come in large sheets that need to be aligned perfectly or you'll see the seams.


That's all I've got for now. Happy birthday and thank you for doing what you do! You've got great ideas, keep it up! :D

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Happy birthday Ross!


[update]Compiled you a nice batch of almost 300 1920x1080(mostly) stuff. It weights 207mb.


There's a few duplicates(watched too many at once and started getting confused on which I've selected and there's a bunch of dupes in there), few misc that got there by accident(couldn't tell if image fit theme, due to miniature not clear enough) and a bunch of not requested but (maybe?) fitting your tastes- mostly space stuff, exceptional/PS'd nature/landscapes and some post-apoc themed as well.


Anyway, I hope I didn't put in too much you won't like and have to filter through.



Can you PM me on how to deliver them to you?( my first choice would be pack them in parts and email them, but I need to know if you have a limit on received email size.)



His name may have been posted already or you just know of him yourself, but bizarre landscapes + painting = Zdzisław Beksiński (around 10 of his works are in the compilation)


Happy Birthday again! Enjoy!

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right off the bat, the works of Bob Eggleton definately match your tastes. he draws a mix of sci-fi and medival style paintings.


http://www.infectedbyart.com/contestpiece.asp?piece=1686 this only shows so much, youll need to look up more yourself.


http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/323944/No+Mans+Sky+concept+art+and+screenshots+surface/ this is assorted screenshots and concept art for the game No Man's Sky.


http://en.spaceengine.org/photo/ screenshots from the "game" space engine.

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I have two recommendations.


First there is Alex Ries, an Australian artist who specifies in science fiction. He has done book covers but also works on his personalized franchise, centered around the Birrin, an alien race with a well-written lore and culture. Here is a link to his website (http://www.alexries.com/) and DeviantArt (http://abiogenisis.deviantart.com/).


Second I recommend Wayne Barlowe. He was the art director for many films including Hellboy, Harry Potter and Avatar. He draws his paintings first and writes novels for them second. He has two novel series: Expedition, published in 1990, that revolves around humans exploring alien wildlife on planet Darwin IV; and Hell, written in 1998, about its namesake. His art styles are truely unique and original. I have found no other artist come close to his diversity. Here's a link to his word-press (https://waynebarlowe.wordpress.com/)


I hope you have a happy birthday and a happy new year. :D

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Ok, I didn't see anyone post about him but if you're looking for some classic art that has huge massive landscapes with human civilization. I reccomend the works of Thomas Cole. He does these massive landscapes that are incredible. I know he's a classic artist, but I feel like his work really fits what you're looking for.

100% is going to be a cut-rate clown

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