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Supreme Commander Birthday

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Hey everyone, this is just the recorded livestream feed of me attempting to beat Supreme Commander for my birthday this year. I think this is first year I haven't been working straight through my birthday in about 5 years trying to get a video done on time, so it's definitely a welcome change this time. Anyway, the game session had some surprises for me, but I think it was relatively entertaining as far as my livestreams go. More real videos coming in the future, but not for 2016!



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Ross you need to check out Mental Omega. It's a complete overhaul of Red Alert 2 and it's campaign missions are brutally unforgiving. Not to mention it's physically impossible to save or load as the functionality hasn't been implemented into the engine. So if you want a challenge I highly recommend it.


This is latest trailer for Mental Omega.



Happy birthday Ross.

I'm not saying I started the fire. But I most certain poured gasoline on it.

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Happy Birthday, Ross! I love Supreme Commander (and Total Annihilation) and I'm bummed I didn't get to watch this live, but late is better than never.


Since you were asking for recommendations at the end of the video I thought I'd toss out a few I would have made had I been in the Twitch chat today.


If you haven't seen these already...


...for movies: A Fish Called Wanda - an action/comedy movie with Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis. British heist movie made in the 80s. Kline won an academy award for best supporting actor for his role as "Otto" in this movie and HOLY SH!T did he deserve it. A lot of people say villains make the movie fun to watch and it is so true with this film. Kline was born for this role and it is nothing like any of his other roles. This movie makes fun of a lot of things it would probably be crucified for online if it were made today. This is the movie I show to new friends and dates to make sure they actually have a sense of humor.


...for Youtube series: I've donated to only two content producers in my life. Ross, you are one of them, and the other is a guy called SexuaLobster. The name can run people off, and yes the guy is weird, but the level of detail he puts into his animation, the absolutely terrific writing and one liners he puts into his cartoons have always kept me very entertained. If this is your first time watching his stuff, I'd recommend starting off with one of his earlier cartoons like The Body Count. Yes all of his videos are strangely erogenous, but that's kind of his brand. I highly recommend him.


...for Sci-Fi: Black Mirror. It's on Netflix. Watch the episode titled "White Bear" and prepare for the mind f#ck that follows.

...but time flows like a river...

...and history repeats...

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Judging by the Twitch and YouTube comments, it seems that quite a few people (including me) really enjoyed this stream. So, here's a thought... maybe this is exactly the format you need to keep your channel alive while working on The Movie and spending absolute minimum time on anything else? It's funny that this is

https://www.youtube.com/watch?start=1494&v=BMSCAlv4ZsU you don't want to do, but this LP turned out just so interesting and fun to watch that you don't have to "edit it down" at all. As someone said in the YouTube comments, "it'd be better if this stuff was uploaded to the main channel". (And to quote another person, "This is not junk, Ross. This is not junk!"). Watching you just talking to yourself while playing a game you like is really entertaining. I don't think the "entertainment/time spent on production" ratio will ever be this high with Moon Gaming, no matter what guest you invite there.

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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