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Great video as always Ross. It really is amazing that you have been able to consistently make interesting videos like this, introducing me to new games every video. I look forward to see how the movie ends up!

It's best to grab it out of someone's hand on the street. Because they'll chase you, but they won't file a police report over a stolen hotdog.

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The green maps reminded me a bit of the 1993 God of Thunder game I used to play.






I like that, I wish more people would compare and contrast the game dungeon games.

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I downloaded the file with the idea to mess a little with everything.


Forget the game! Out of ~500MB of the disk content the win game occupies ~80MB and the dos version of game ~90MB. And in each case about 50MB of them is the single file which looks like a video.


Everything else is nice collection of some ancient software, like netscape navigators 3 and 4, directx 4.0, acrobat reader 3.0 and some weird educational materials about the late 90s internet.




OK, I had a little fun with the dos version of the game. Just as I suspected, the savefile format wasn't very complicated. Just a bit of hex edit magic, and I have all the levels available. And guess what! This game has a shitton of bonuslevels! I have no idea how to enable them legally, or even if you can really play them at all, but at least knowing they exist is a start.


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Oh, no, I'm not worried about legality in a, well, legal sense. I meant "gameplay means". How are you supposed to unlock them without, you know, hex editors :)


As for providing the save - sure. But keep in mind that this is for the DOS version. The windows version seem to not go well with wine, and I don't have a windows box I can screw with right now.


If anyone can send me a sample savefile from the windows copy, I can try something with it too.


Unpack the content of the file into the GAME folder, rewriting everything. This should create the player "morse" with no password and every level unlocked.


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Also, fun fact: the MIDI files containing music are not actually supposed to by all piano! The tracks inside the files are marked like this (world2 midi file as an example):

Sequence: twinkle1

Track name: twinkle2

Track name: flutes

Track name: bassoon

Track name: clarinet

But the instrument is indeed set to be "grand piano" for all (which is the default for midi). It shouldn't be hard to actually modify the instruments to the ones the track names suggest. It won't make the music less sombre, but it'll at least be less piano :)

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