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On 10/7/2019 at 1:54 AM, Psychotic Ninja said:


I thought it might make me laugh a little, but no... It was just to lame...

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Not just "some". This time Blizzard was especially awful, because they banned and financially punished player for voicing his support for freedom and human rights protest.


This is especially bad as more and more western entertainment is being created with Chinese censorship in minds, meaning media we consume is being effectively censored by Chinese government.

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ah sorry, i've been so busy to the point where i honestly started to filter these things out, i just end up forgetting all about them anyway in the end


anyway what they did sucks, i mean from a basic sportmanship point of view, that's pretty low already, but i don't really have much to add to be honest, i think the internet has already said, pretty much anything i could come up with

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5 hours ago, Im_CIA said:

Ross only attracts mold because he is such a fungui to be around




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Are ya just gonna scroll past ol' cap'n pyro without saying "ahoy, matey"?

Edited by Annie

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I was thinking about how Warhammer 40k doesn't need to be set in 40k. From m2 to m20 or whatever it's a formless gap. Just shuffle it down and crunch it down so it's 5k. Language still evolves; technology still adapts, earth still rises and falls; the Imperium can have 10k years of history in 1k. It's basically Rome anyway. 

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