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Anybody else think Barney's Mind kinda sucked?

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Don't get me wrong. I think Ian made a lot of great addition to the minds by bringing their creators together and endorsing cooperation between them. But his works standalone don't really stand that great next to the other ones in my opinion. Most of Barney's dialogue was taunting his enemies with simple words like "Ha ha thought you could get one over on me?" "Ha ha you thought you were gonna sneak up on me, did ya?" and things like that whereas Freeman's Mind and Shephard's Mind had their characters talk about their life experiences or give their thoughts on things that went around them and whatnot. I feel like Barney's Mind could've been much better.

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Well, he does a good job in speaking like a black mesa security guard would. I like the contrast of the other mind series seriousness and Barney's cartoonish escape. Also it had the best ending of any mind series.

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